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Inside Knowledge of Westerners Who Build Businesses in Thailand

What do ninety percent of successful Western business owners in Thailand have in common? Well they have many things in common but the three most glaring and obvious are discipline, patience and the ability to network with people efficiently. Possessing these three skills could be be called common knowlege for any business owner around the world but it's in even higher demand in Thailand. Business in Thailand requires these things from a man, without them success is a long shot.

Why is this and what's so important about discipline in Thailand? Discipline is an absolute desire to get things done and to complete a mission without comprise. The intoxicating snares that life in Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand has to offer can be overwhelming without this skill.

Foreigners coming to Thailand with a plan can quickly lose focus by all the countless bars, nightlife activities, and women that are readily available.

Westerners arriving without a pl an and no direction (thinking they will create a business plan later) will most likely be swallowed up by the relaxed Thai life style. Putting it off until tomorrow can quickly turn into not doing it all. The ones that fit into this category aimlessly wonder the streets of Bangkok, are at every party and gathering or have their elbows propped up on bar table telling stories of bar girls.
Many can overcome the above mentioned scenarios by realizing their situation and doing something about it, either by getting back on tract and remembering why they came to Thailand in the first place or creating a solid business plan.

Second, patience is needed. Doing business in Thailand requires self restraint when dealing with Thai's in positions of authority; especially in a difficult situation. Corruption runs deep in Thailand but holding firm on a business transaction that has obviously gone wrong without losing control takes great skill. When finding one's self in this situation be sure to point out differences in the agreement, got to their manager, let them know that the local papers, police, embassy and even a lawyer may be contacted. Thai's do not like to lose face or have their problems made public and many will back down or renegotiate if confronted with the previously mentioned options.

Lastly, networking with others is just as impo rtant as discipline and patience. Thailand is a very viral community and networking with others is easy. However, using those contacts efficiently to build a business is a whole other story. If a great resource is found, expand upon it and don't let it sit idle. Networking might even mean finding the right woman or trusted interpreter who can open doors and break down language barriers.

In closing, be as serious about business as you would in your own country. Stay away from the pitfalls, have patience, network with others, and successful business in Thailand will only be an experience away.

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