Senin, 30 April 2012

Online Video Advertising For Your Business

The introduction of Internet has transformed our life in every respect. Over the past couple of years, people of all age groups have started turning online day by day. Today online existence has become a major necessity for each and every individual. Apart from this, it has become the major driving force for controlling the online market arena. In fact with the growth of internet, the concept like "online video advertising", have also emerged as the major buzzword. The internet has created a virtual online world and it has provided new opportunities for business owners and marketers with online video marketing to communicate and sell their product and service.

The control of online video marketing is massive, particularly when contrasted with the fact that the sum of capital spent is only a minute part of the capital being spent for other forms of business promotions. The key reason for such anticipation is that for the past few yea rs the online market have undergone through rapid expansion and online video sharing have further gained a decent fame at an amazing rate.

Benefits of Online Video Advertising

A close look at the present scenario clearly indicates that the competition has drastically increased in every business. Besides this, reaching new customers have also become more challenging. While traditional methods like newspaper or magazine advertising has always remained popular, a new ad medium - "Online Video Advertising" has taken the business world by storm. It is turning out to be the ideal business promotion tool for many business owners and has shown some major advantages, like-

Enormous influence on the viewer's mind - These short form commercials that run on websites are proving to be one of the most effective ways to promote products or services. These video ads are far more superior in comparison to the ads shown on television or broadcasted on radio. These days the potential customers don't have the time to read a large sales letter. Every next person is demanding for quick solutions or services and video advertising is emerging as the ideal platform in getting to the potential customers much faster.

More Interactive- The interactive aspect of the video advertising is yet another important benefit that can not be ignored. As it is not limited to 15 or 30 seconds, it offers a more long-lasting impression and provides a better way for viewers to interact and take action in way that they can never expect through television or banner commercials. Besides this, it even let viewers comment on videos which in turn further help organization or business owners know about customers' views about the product or service.

Wider Reach - The numbers of cable viewers are falling short as compared to the numbers of audience for the Internet. Now with the internet the personalization is even deeper than one can hardly imagine and moreover consumers are getting used to accessing video online. Besides this, as per recent statistics the online viewers are already in the millions and the buzz is that there will be more than more increase in video marketing in next coming years.

More Easily Accessible & Effective- In recent times there has been major boom in video sharing sites. This particular growth has further let the video to be distributed more easily. One can easily upload, host, send it via email, share the ad or can even make it searchable. The possibilities to reach others with video are endless and effective.

< strong>More Cost Competitive - Online video advertising is the most cost effective way of business promotion. The amount of money that an individual need for online video ads is more nominal than traditional ads. As a result, creating convincing videos is very much accessible to small businesses at a fraction of the cost that big companies pay. Moreover, it also provides the facility to measure and alter the creative in order to maximize their return.

Today, as technology attempts to play catch-up with consumers' enthusiasm for informative and relevant advertising, online video technology is certainly on the edge to lead the competition in providing substantial revenue. It has also emerged as a major tool for building brand and increasing visibility. It may prove worthwhile to invest in online video advertising that can do better promotion for any business.

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Minggu, 29 April 2012

What Is a Science Fair Project?

A science fair project is a student directed scientific study. The student has complete control over their project and complete control over the quality of their results. What is so intriguing about science fair projects is that they serve multiple functions. They inspire students to be innovative, they educate students about the scientific method and they excite students about science. So what exactly makes up a science fair project? The answer can be found in the following steps.

Find a Topic

The first thing that a science fair project is, is an exploration of a specific science topic. This topic can be related to anything that interests the student. Topics can be found by paging through textbooks and magazines, watching science news stories or by creating a list of things that you are interested in.

Develop a Hypothesis

After a topic has been selected the student needs to develop a hyptohesis. The hypothesis is a prediction that relates to the topic that was selected. It needs to focus on one independent variable and one dependent variable. If the topic is extremely complex then several hypotheses can be developed. Each hypothesis will focus on only onle set of variables. The hypothesis is the foundation of the science fair project.

Design an Experiment

An experiment is another fundamental part of a science fair project. The experiment has one role, to test the hypothesis. In order to test the hypothesis effectively it will need to isolate the variable being tested. It is important to include a control experiment in the design of your overall experiment setup. The control experiment will be used to establish a baseline of data for comparison.

Collect Data

Data collection is one of the more exciting parts of a science fair project. In order to collect data the student will need to run their experiments multiple times. The data that is collected needs to be complete and accurate. This means that students will need to use the proper measurement tools and techniques. To keep the data organized that is collected, students are encouraged to set up spreadsheets and tables.

Analyze Data

The analysis of data is another part o f a science fair project. The analysis process will involve the use of basic statistics like averages, means, modes and medians. Standard deviations can also be used. When analyzing data it can be helpful to take advantage of data analysis tools offered by spreadsheet software programs.

Draw Conclusions

After the analysis of data is completed conclusions needs to be drawn. The conclusions of a science fair project will usually start with the affirmation or the negation of the original hypothesis. The student can then go on to list the other relationships and information that were discovered.

Written Report

One of the most time consuming elements of a science fair project is the written report. The report needs to summarize all of the work that the student has completed. The report will follow the steps in the scientific method and it will present the data that was collected in tables and graphs.

Dis play Board

The final component of a science fair project is the display board. The display board is what the judges will use to score the project. It needs to contain all of the information found in the written report in easy to digest visual panels. It is a good idea to include both graphic and text panels on a display board.

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Kamis, 26 April 2012

Live Coverage of World News

This is the era of mass communication and journalism. Wherever we glance through we just find the bulk of news around us. Thousands of newspapers as well as online news agencies are launching their own news about the contemporary happenings of the world every day. When it comes to news, it is a liner which is comprised of any important event, activity or happening of the global world. Generally news can be consisted of any types such as social, economic, political, art, cultural, terrorism, suicides, religious, health, technology, science, business, marketing, and disaster news. More importantly, a live coverage is given to the world news frequently.
In essence, there are plenty of renowned world news agencies and sites out there which are uniquely known as Sky news, BBC world news, Canadian news, ABC news, Reuter's news, CNN world news, GEO news, India news, Austrian news, African news, Fox news, Yahoo news, CNN headline news, and many more. The most wonderful aspect about them is that they have been truly merged into the categories of world news. That is why there are plenty of world news categories out there which are undoubtedly known as health news, business news, technology news, science news, sports news, economics news, traveling news, marketing news, internet marketing news, mobile phone news, and many more.
Truly speaking, world news is given a live coverage both at live TV channels as well as online. Several news reports, writers, and analysts play a vital role in the creation of global news undoubtedly. They collect unique information and data on the world news by doing their days and nights researches both in the field works as well as online. More importantly, news writers as well as reports regularly make use of the quantitative and qualitative research tools in order to produce detailed and realistic news for the global audiences. That is why news writers are absolutely pivotal for the world news agencies always.
Currently thousands news are being launched by the most popular news agencies online. One of the main focuses of these global news agencies is on the reality of terrorism and suicidal bombing through which the whole world is coping with it today. That is why terrorism news has become the most mandatory requirement for any world news agency these days. Finally we have to say that global news reports are full of thrills, excitements, triggers, facts, knowledge, information, funs, and entertainment always. Therefore if you need any assistance regarding the world news, please feel free to contact us online. We shall provide you the best world news services worldwide cost effectively.

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Rabu, 25 April 2012

The Era of News

This is the era of mass communication and journalism. Wherever we glance through we just find the bulk of news around us. Thousands of newspapers as well as online news agencies are launching their own news about the contemporary happenings of the world every day. When it comes to news, it is a liner which is comprised of any important event, activity or happening of the global world. Generally news can be consisted of any types such as social, economic, political, art, cultural, terrorism, suicides, religious, health, technology, science, business, marketing, and disaster news. More importantly, a live coverage is given to the world news frequently.

In essence, there are plenty of renowned world news agencies and sites out there which are uniquely known as Sky news, BBC world news, Canadian news, ABC news, Reuter's news, CNN world news, GEO news, India news, Dhaka news, Austrian news, African news, Fox news, Yahoo news, CNN headline news, and many more. The most wonderful aspect about them is that they have been truly merged into the categories of world news. That is why there are plenty of world news categories out there which are undoubtedly known as health news, business news, technology news, science news, sports news, economics news, marketing news and many more.

Today's world is already driven by Technology and News Provider. The way in which news we are providing is totally different, the news we are providing is Bangaldesh news. Today there is lots of competition and you can get latest news from internet easily.Dhaka news provides technology news, digital Bangladesh, business, education, health, international, entertainment, politics and sports news and all the fresh news within some fraction of time.

The best way to learn and gather more information and knowledge about your society, city, state, country or the world, is to read newspapers and if you can attain all the important news items on internet, it becomes further more easy. Digital media through internet has nearly killed the print media; however, it has certainly increased our potential to remain aware about various activities going on around the world. Dhaka news is an internet based newsletter, or say a news magazine that covers many categories of information and news such as financial news, political news, technological news, news related to arts, health and sports news.

The news actually updates about the latest events happening around and in the different parts of the world. Any incident happening at any corner of the world comes in a moment to every one through the different media available now days. With the advent of Internet services people could actually see things happening in front of their eyes at any time of the day. Most of the news channel telecast the news 24 hours seven days. The news telecasted by the Bangladesh news covers a wide range starting from entertainment to catastrophic events and from parliamentary sessions to sports news.

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Selasa, 24 April 2012

News is the Integral Part of our Life

News is the integral Part of our life.

Do you ever wish that while working at your laptop/Pc you can know about the whole world on a click, what is happening outside from your office? What is the top news of today? Now ease avail for you. Yes, it all possible because we are living in the era of Gadgets, where everything is possible through a single click of your mouse.

Yesterday I was busy with my work in my office and I fed up with my boring repetitive task than I opened website Which informed me the wonderful performance of Sachin in South Africa, 2G spectrum corruptions by Nadia and other; and many other spicy information related to cricket, Politics, Bollywood, Economy of the world and international news. After reading this news I got updated apart from my official work. This website enhances our general knowledge by providing us daily updated news of National and International level. This also makes fresh our mind through new information and this new information increases your reputation in your friend circle/colleague that you have sufficient knowledge of your work as well as outside world.

These websites make your life easier. It has news from various newspapers in English along with Hindi. Latest news, Business news, Political news, Science news, or Sports news all are available at this one single website.

I usually go through this website when I eagerly want to know about the outside world.



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Senin, 23 April 2012

Go through Most recent Science News Prior to You Buy Wine Online in Australia

Very good news for enthusiasts all over the world, wine has been found to retard the growth of cancer cells, particularly these within the prostate glands. Prior to you buy wine online in Australia, talk about the fine news so it is easy to take pleasure in the enjoyment of the latest vintages from Down Under.

The discovery of exactly how wine can easily hinder cancerous cells is considered a main development in the therapy of cancer of prostate. Researchers have recognized the polyphenols contained in red wine and green tea extract as an necessary ingredient to obstruct cancer growth.

The article printed in the FASEB Journal points out how the antioxidants frequent in red wine and green tea extract generate a compounded effect to upset an integral cell signalling pathway necessary for the growth of cancer in the prostate glands. Based on the article, the effect of the antioxidants in red wine and green tea extract on your body is exceptionally signi ficant so long as they are consumed moderation.

This finding impacts both the pharmaceutical and wine industries all over the world. This discovery could possibly result in the advancement of new and better medications that can end or impede cancer progression. This can also aid present treatments. For wine makers including Margaret River Wineries, this study could possibly result in greater interest on wines particularly all those from new wineries which are in the forefront of wine-related research.
In connected news, researchers have determined the cause of headaches, stuffy noses, skin rashes, and other allergy-like symptoms that far more than 500 million consumers all over the world endure once they eat wine.

The discovery may well help wine makers in developing the first reduced allergenic vintages-reds and whites with much less potential to set off allergy symptoms, they say. The new study appears in ACS' monthly Journal of Proteome Investigation. Giuseppe Palmisano and colleagues note expanding issue regarding the potential of particular ingredients in reds and whites to cause allergy-like symptoms that vary from stuffed up noses to headaches to issues in breathing.

The so-called wine allergic reactions occur to an believed eight percent of wine drinkers across boundaries. Of this amount, about one percent is triggered by sulphites and other sulphur-containing substances that numerous winemakers put to prevent spoilage. The cause of al lergic reactions for the remainder is nevertheless unclear. Studies and many recommend that the symptoms could be caused by glycoproteins, which are some proteins coated using the sugars which are created by natural means as the grapes ferment. Researchers, nonetheless, nevertheless knew very little regarding the framework and functionality of those substances in wine according to the "Glycoproteomic profile in wine: a 'sweet' molecular renaissance" printed in the Journal of Proteome Research.

The report analysed Italian Chardonnay and located out 28 glycoproteins, some of which are determined for the first time. Numerous of those grape glycoproteins feature similar structures to known allergens, including these that cause allergic reactions to ragweed and latex. The study is necessary to Old World wine makers also to New World ones just like Margaret River Wineries and other Australian vineyards. This development enables for clearer knowing in the wine-making pro cesses and to assist decrease the development of the glycoproteins also to let far more buyers take pleasure in low-allergenic vintages.

Think of those research once you buy wine web based. Australia delivers numerous vintages that contain much less allergens and additional antioxidants. There is a good deal of good in them, do not ever question it.

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Minggu, 22 April 2012

International Science News

It is great that we live in a world where we can read all about new scientific developments so quickly after they occur. Not only this, but there is so much information available on the internet that allows learning to be a continuous process. If you want to become influential within the scientific field then it is certainly wise to try to track industry news and developments.

The science industry is split into so many different sector that the sheer amount of information generated on a daily basis is mind-blowing. There are lots of niche science website that provide information on particular topics. If you can locate several sites that are relevant to your career then you should check them on a regular basis. Moreover, if you can find the time to participate in industry discussions and debates then this will be highly beneficial to your career and personal development.

Many influential scientist have a strong online presence and in some cases you will be able to ask them questions or even contact them through social media sites.

So, what is going on in the international science arena? Check out some of the most recent stories below to discover more.

GM Fish could benefit food supply. New Jim Henson exhibition at Museum of Science and Industry. US economy could suffer from low quality science education. Aurora of Saturn on Video. Changes to atoms a possibility thanks to IBM Functional metal bones could be a possibility because of new titanium foam. Robots starting to show signs of self-awareness. Pictures that turn inside out to puzzle the brain. Study of oil spill done by video; estimates oil spill amount. Potential new Science Museum to be built in Miami. Possibility of Robots beating real life footballers in the next 40 years.

As you can see there are lots of interesting developments. The stories detailed above are only short snippets, so if you want to find out more information you should do some further research online. If you search for some of the words in the titles you should be able to locate the full stories.

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Sabtu, 21 April 2012

Life Science News

This article will outline some of the most recent news stories from the life science industry. For those who are unsure of exactly what life science is, according to Wikipedia it can be defined as Science that involves the study of living organisms, like plants, animals and human beings.'

If you keep up to date with news from this industry then you will be able to find out about the latest medical developments, cures, scientific test results and innovative solutions to problems that living organisms face.

So let's get to the really interesting part, the news stories. Here are some of the most popular and most recent stories to hit the internet. If a particular story takes your interest then you might want to do a little online research in order to find out more detailed information.

See some short stories below:

Study on bats reveals a Hepatitis C virus.

This discovery could lead to news ways of reducing the outbreak in humans and have a significant impact on people's lives. There is not enough coverage in the press about Hepatitis C and the severity of the infection rate is often overlooked.

Surprising discovery about Global Warming.

It appears that the Global Warming epidemic is not a bad thing for all living things. Scientists have discovered that the Cane Toad' will actually thrive in a warmer environment. Apparently the increasing temperature will grow their population and provide a better environment for them to live in.

New procedures for improving freezing tolerance in wheat could be put into place.

This may seem like a fairly insignificant discovery, but when you think that wheat is a substantial part of many people's diet you might change your mind. The study was conducted by wheat geneticist Jorge Dubcovsky and his colleagues.

Organic Agriculture more effective at managing pests

New research has discovered that the balanced ecosystems that are a result of organic agriculture are better at controlling pests.

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Jumat, 20 April 2012

Recent Science News

The life of people is becoming influenced everyday through the fast-paced actions produced in science. However, numerous individuals are "scientifically illiterate" due to a concern of science or even a mentality that science is not directly connected to their lives or extremely difficult to realize. Scientific present events are being accomplished all over the planet for various reasons. Some may possibly lead to good but some may in poor! Nonetheless, to safeguard the existence of humans as well as other living beings and to improve our existence, these events are inevitable.

The breakthrough of the missing link for your origin of comets by a group of astronomers is certainly one of the astonishing discoveries. This group includes Brett Glad man, an astronomer in the University of British Columbia, who has discovered an unusual object who's inverse and inclined orbit close to the Sun may possibly elucidate the origins of some comets.

One more impo rtant scientific event could be the breakthrough of "gene enhancer" by some experts. This gene enhancer, recognized as HACNS1, may have imparted for the evolution from the unambiguously imposable individual thumb, and possibly modifications inside the foot or ankle that facilitate people to walk on two legs.
The researchers from TAU generate new stem cell screening device. The researches on stem cell are the following great leap within the field of medicine. In long term, new cells and tissues grown in a laboratory could substitute a failing heart, or novel cells take the spot of the injured tissue inside the brain.

The studies by National Institute of Standards and Engineering (NIST) reveals how new helium-ion microscope functions. Just as analyze pilots push planes to inquire into their limits, researchers at NIST are examining probably the most novel microscope technologies even more to improve measurement exactness in the small-scale degree.

Fatty acid syntheses' of mammals is one of one of the most complicated molecular synthetic machines in the tissue of humans. It is also an assuring target for developing anti-obesity and anti-cancer drugs and for mending metabolic disorders.

The research workers from ISU have mapped the first gen ome sequence of plant-parasitic nematode. Several plant-parasitic nematodes exist within the planet; however, only few are responsible for damaging agricultural crops globally (loss of about $157 billion each year).

One of the most current scientific function is the "big bang" analyze carried out in Geneva in September 10, 2008. This is the world's largest particle collider. Numerous scientists from all over the globe have included in this study. It took almost 20 many years to complete and conduct the initial analyze. Nearly 3.76 billion Euros, which is around equal to five.46 billion US dollars, are already spent for this investigation. That is certainly one of probably the most complex and costliest scientific experiments ever attempted. The end result of this study about huge bag will answer us how Earth as well as other heavenly bodies has been evolved.

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Kamis, 19 April 2012

Information about Science News is to provide a bridge between scientists and the public. disseminates scientific information, and strives to become a platform to discuss developments in science and benefits of the pursuit of science to society. There are millions of patients waiting to hear about ground breaking discoveries which may turn their life around for good. We are all waiting for the challenging discoveries which might make our life better and easier.

Be it a cancer drug, a nana gadget or green energy, we want to hear about it and learn how it will positively affect our lives. Major discoveries happen because of the incremental advances made in each laboratory in the world, the sacrifices made by each one of those scientists and engineers in the pursuit of knowledge. Most of those research outcomes remain in professional journals in languages that the common man cannot understand. Our aim is to bring that knowledge to the public.

Though is a US-based website, we regularly publish news and articles from institutions around the world. We believe that there are no geographical boundaries for science. publishes news and articles in all areas of science and technology. We also publish unsolicited articles on topics relevant to the mission of

Website is hosted on a private server located in a major facility in Texas and the server is managed by a major US provider. We had a humble beginning using a shared server from a Go daddy server. Now our servers are capable of handling heavy traffic load.

We publish press releases on science research and policy matters from non-profit and government institutions free of charge. Articles from institutions to publicize the work of any Faculty or Department may be published, if they are of interest to the general readership. Articles from individuals should be submitted by the author. These articles should follow our author guidelines. We reserve the right to publish or reject any material we receive for publication. At present we do not pay for articles.

We have the science news related to Space, Science & Society, Biology, Health etc. Make reading science news articles one of your hobbies online and be updated with the latest writings in science and technology. Some of today's most popular articles are those that deal with the need for education in the environmental sciences. Another one is the use of hydrogen generators as the possible best option in laboratories. Know the hottest about UFO sightings in different parts of the world and what scientists tell about them. For the classroom, review on the general safety rules in chemistry laboratories, and an introduction to networking technologies.

i Will share the latest about the science news which is known as Global Warming. Which means Global warming has become perhaps the most complicated issue facing world leaders? On the one hand, warnings from the scientific community are becoming louder, as an increasing body of science points to rising dangers from the ongoing buildup of human-related greenhouse gases produced mainly by the burning of fossil fuels and forests.

On the other, the technological, economic and political issues that have to be resolved before a concerted worldwide effort to reduce emissions can begin have gotten no simpler, particularly in the face of a global economic slowdown.

World leaders gathered in Copenhagen in December 2009 for a session the that had been years in the making but that fell short of even the lowered expectations with which it opened. The 192 nations in attendance at the end merely agreed to try to reach a binding accord before at a follow up meeting in Cancun, Mexico, in December 2010. By the summer, Ban-Ki Moon, the United Nations Secretary General, was saying that no sweeping accord was likely, and recommending that a better approach might consist of small steps in separate fields that built toward wider consensus.

At the heart of the international debate is a momentous tussle between rich and poor countries over who steps up first and who pays most for changed energy menus. The long-term warming trend over the last century has been well-established, and scientists immersed in studying the climate are projecting substantial disruption in water supplies, agriculture, ecosystems and coastal communities.

Passionate activists at both ends of the discourse are pushing ever harder for or against rapid action, while polls show the public locked durably in three camps with roughly a fifth of American voters eager for action, a similar proportion aggressively rejecting projections of catastrophe and most people tuned out or confused.

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Rabu, 18 April 2012

Intrusion Tests - Your company needs one?


Every day new vulnerabilities are discovered that can be exploited to undermine the pillars of information security, causing losses and damage to company image.

For a computational design, allocate to multiple vendors, often with privileged access and which, due to deadlines and budgets avail themselves of the safety checks in their code or the step of deploying their infrastructure.

Point and correct errors after the system is in production is only part of the work of palliative Information Security Manager. Preparing for the unexpected is another. It is a matter of time before a system is compromised or spoofed. So it better be performed by monitoring those who entrust themselves, for there is a wide gap between a planned and controlled simulated attack against an actual attack is not expected.

Also, it is necessary to create a form of proactive approach to identify such failures, and rela ted areas of prompting the company to seek solutions to mitigate the risk inherent in enterprise IT. These approaches are called for Penetration Testing and Intrusion Tests.


This article aims to describe the main characteristics (technical and managerial) and stages of an intrusion test, its ease of implementation, and some key expectations of their risks by following a structured model in stages, in line with the Master Plan and Safety the company.


The problem with the government information security and corporate gain media attention and specialists in IT Security and only after actions of the invaders, Crackers, which in their attempts or not achieving success shake the foundations of information security activities and compromising pictures the company and the systems that support the business, generating legal sanction to its managers.

Cyber attacks have reached an unprecedented level after the release of the worm and other malware Stuxnet and new approaches that have social engineering as the basis for their attacks and raids. In 2010, home users and businesses struggled to stay active as they were subjected to a multitude of malware such as viruses, trojans, spammers and botnets.

The new virtualization technologies come loaded with digital opportunities and threats. This reality promotes pressure on information security professionals, and has held the security software vendors in the search for solutions and development, requiring new strategies to anticipate vulnerabilities and maintain the operability of their systems.

4-Security Assessments.

Thus, there are two direct ways of acting on information security.

1st reactively : Action taken after an invasion or when the knowledge of an attempted invasion known as attack, understanding their Modus Operandi and creating a plan to mitigate the vulnerabilities that were not provided and / or monitored by the Risk Analysis. This approach works in all layers of the company, and should involve all areas of risk incident. The advantage, if there is one, is that it corrects a flaw that was discovered and exploited by a third - not always with good intentions. In this article the attacker is called Invader or Cracker.

Proactively 2nd : In this case Analysis and Risk Assessment of the assets involved in IT is fundamental, if not essential. There are several methods and methodologies as well as a wide range of tools available to design and predict that it could mitigate the security problems that can accept and manage the risks inherent in the business. It is this approach that fit the intrusion tests, performed by experts in Information Security. In this article, the IT specialist is called Certified Ethical Hacker - CEH.

Both approaches expend resources to be developed, implemented and maintained, however, in a preventive nature, the second is undisputed that does not affect the company's image, sometimes immeasurable and irreversible.

Sometimes it is necessary to divide the company into shares, or rather, systems, and these in modules, which should be tested to exhaustion before being put into production environments. Some call or Steering UAT - User Accept Test. However, these are different approaches, in which case what is sought are security flaws - vulnerabilities, not functional failures that affect their operation.

When planning a security project, you should evaluate and analyze the existing IT landscape on the physical issues (access to perimeter, network, workstation, server) and logical (access to database fields, and applications). These assessments have different objectives and is divided into categories of actio ns:

4.1-Operational Evaluations: Results from a thorough investigation of the guidelines, policies and procedures to help identify the current state of security controls implemented.

4.2-Vulnerability Assessments: Sets all possible entry points to the organizational perimeter. Its focus is broader than the intrusion tests, but does not explore potential flaws and tends to generate reports with records of high false positives and negatives. The data used are superficial, masking potential vulnerabilities and hindering the ability to measure and relate to the real risk that an exploitable vulnerability testing can impact the resource.

4.2.1 Auditing and Intrusion Detection: It is more comprehensive and condenses the results of other tests which validate intrusion detection tools such as IDS / IDP 's, are seen as a pre-run. Tests: It is about discovering and exploring ways of obtaining unauthorized access, ie, the potential routes of entry to the perimeters of the authentication company. Simulations are monitored for an attack on a system or network, determining the real risk of vulnerabilities, and consequently prioritize your corrections. According to the dictionary, the test can be:

Test by which to collect samples of behavior in very specific situations, so that the results in different individuals can be objectively compared. 2. Critical examination or proof of the qualities of a person or thing. 3. Evidence, experience, examination. 4. Testing, testing.

Already intrusion:

Action to introduce, without law or by violence. 2. Illegal entry without invitation. 3. Theft, illegal possession.

5-Objective testing of intrusion.

Testing intrusion are seen connected to a sub-Systems Auditing. Aims to identify threats and vulnerabilities by performing actions that simulate attacks on IT assets, trying to access systems that require authorization, such as databases, operating systems, servers, routers, mobile devices, including any that contain sensitive information and critical to company. These allow unauthorized access to manipulation (enable / disable) some of the following attributes - Read, Write, Execute, or the possibility of elevation of privilege for the Administrator role.

They are controlled simulation of an attack, to evaluate safety. In the process, an active analysis of vulnerabilities and technical deficiencies of the physical infrastructure and logic is promoted, making the objects in question (such as systems and locations accessible internally and externally), outlining the assessments to maintain the availability, integrity and confidentiality information.

In short, actions are performed by a team of IT specialists (programmers, archite cts DBA'se networks) that attempt to compromise the normal operation and / or invade and access (or enter) networks and enterprise systems formally (without hostility) in order to uncover vulnerabilities (software failures, hardware, misconfigured networks and services), which generate losses and degrade the business.

If a test point Intrusion flaws that allow or facilitate unauthorized access or commitment, in essence succeed. However, if it does not point out errors, do not mean to say that they do not exist, but only that according to the methodology used (ie, the same known by the attacker) is not reported threats that may impact the business. There is an adage that says security: There is 100% secure system, and that there are off!

In addition, you can create a methodology that involves just try using the tests as a form of social engineering approach invasion after exhausting tests to focusing on technological resources. Sometimes, security ma nagers that this abstract is the weakest link in the chain Infosec renouncing such an approach.

6-Executive Team.

Given the heterogeneity and complexity of systems and networks that support business, it is difficult to pinpoint a single expert who can act on all fronts IT to perform such tests.

The ideal is to be made by a team of others always under the supervision of a tutor. At this point there may be some resistance to internal, it will be put to test the technical skills of IT specialists of the company, given that resort to an internal team allows to influence the test results for the relationship of collegiality.

However it is suggested that the synergy between developers / IT team and the Test stimuli without competition, containing an NDA - Confidentiality Agreement that will protect the area tested against the unauthorized disclosure of any results or data identified, and, excusing the team Test any exclusive responsibilities.

Semantically, its perpetrators are known by the industry for CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker (Certified Ethical Hacker). It is a jargon that refers technically skilled professionals in security and counter-information security accessing unauthorized resources recording the evidence and testing methods the organization's effectiveness in protecting resources and sensitive information.

If at the end of the test team CEH does not succeed is strong indication that the company's infrastructure and systems are well aligned with the guidelines for the security vulnerabilities discovered until now.

However, the idea that "gave the best they could and did not get any intrusion successfully" is not real and can generate a false sense of security. The corporate infrastructure can have vulnerabilities that the team has not found CEH or maybe they do not exist at the time of testing, but may come to exist af ter a change in network configuration, or when someone discovers it via other methods. Of course all science tends to refute epistemological theses.

The CEH was designed and developed for organizing EC-Council (International Council of E-Commerce) becoming the owner and reference to a series of related certifications such as License Penetration Tester.

Figure 1: Logo Certified Ethical Hacker and - EC-Council.

Regarding the composition of the team performing, it is stated that:

EC must be performed by a team of others the current IT team, which just shows how easy and / or difficulty that particular asset is exposed.
When possible, choose a team / company that uses specialized tools and methodologies certified.
Do not cast lots or expectations that the same team that performs these tests is that the correct or point solutions wh en necessary. Managers will assess whether the failure is corrected or accept the risk of living with it

7-legal foundation.

According to requirement number 11.3 of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requires to run regularly test security systems and processes.

" Vulnerabilities are continually being discovered and introduced by new software. The systems, processes and software should be tested frequently to make sure that security is maintained over time and through changes. Perform a penetration test on infrastructure network infrastructure and applications at least once a year and after any significant modification or upgrade of the infrastructure or application . "

Other regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), California Senate Bill 1386 (SB 1386), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and II Basillica require institutions to protect their information. Organizations should consider various alternatives to increase the security of th eir corporate networks, with the execution of tests that assess, certify and guarantee the pillars of information security or handling risks.

Background 8-Normative Testing Intrusion.

Basically this is the macro-two ways to run.

1.8 Non-structured: You execute the attack without planning, notice or specific target. And how to make use of vulnerability scanners to track IP addresses. This type of action is similar to the practice of scripts Kids are not well liked within a professional environment.

8.2-Structured: In order to better quality and reliability, the tests should be somewhat structured. The company tester can create and tailor their own methodology or guided by international norms and standards published as OSSTMM / ISECOM, NIST 800-42, or ISSAF OWASP-PTF, always allied to the use of specific tools for this purpose.

F igure 2 : Seal generic OSSTMM.

An adapted screenplay recommended by the "Test Network Security Guideline", published by the U.S. Trade Center by NIST and mimics the action of an attacker, structure their approach to attack the following macro-steps: Planning, Target Observation ( footprinting), Enumeration, Exploitation, Access / Intrusion, Elevation of Privileges, Maintenance and Evasion.

9-Planning Related Activities.

Using techniques closer to reality by simulating data and daily situations because of its negative test may become invalid and frustrating. The makers of the test, by definition, are not legitimate users.

9.1-Scope Test.

Is to determine whether its implementation will be in person or remotely, triggered internally or externally, and, announced or unannounced indicating whether the staff will be aware of the tests or not.

According to the critical information that will be passed on the environment, hence the CEH team can get access to privileged information, the tests are classified as:

Black Box or Blind: It is known only minimal details of the environment.
White Box N or T Blind: you know, but ignore the details of the environment.
Box H or Gray bridy: It is only a few points of the environment.
Code Audit : Obtain and analyze only the source code.


Define what will be the target and time of execution.
Catalogues and record all the variables of the environment to be tested, keeping them safely.
When possible to create a copy of the validation environment Hash.

9.2.1-Identify and values, and activities information.

Determine ways and criteria to classify information assets. In an enterprise scenarios are different and involve vari ous risks and areas, like an ERP, which integrates the functions of the operating company. This is because when an access point in the system, this can be expanded, reaching other enterprise perimeters.

By choosing destinations, is due to quantify the cost that the company would have the data system were exposed to hackers, competitors or others outside the corporation. It uses the market value of assets to determine which systems will have to assess priorities and to properly size the human resources of the executing team.

9.2.2-Identify Threats Associated Asset Target Testing Intrusion.

There are various forms of threats, each of which represents different degrees of risks to company assets. At this stage we determine which approach will be used for exploration assets. There is no better way to protect virtually than to think and act as an attacker. Testing Intrusion occur after you identify and evaluate as sets that are accounted for in the original design safety. As for Risk Analysis to determine the probability of occurrence and their impacts.


Depending on the criticality of the features to be tested, is indicated faithful copy of the environment by generating their Hash , ensuring its integrity, or that run in a while that this feature is less used as a weekend. If the test is not only intrusive and destructive, a BCP & DR are not the premise for doing so.

However, one should pay attention to the fact that running in a production environment. If you want to do it to exhaust any questions about the effectiveness of tests in the search and exploitation of vulnerabilities, it is necessary to have available and updated Plans Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, because as some results can lead to impairment tests or unavailability of the resource analysis. It is important to define para meters that identify the points where the test will work and its validity.

The flow below shows a brief description of the stages of a itenizada Intrusion Test. This pattern of invasion has grip with CEH, the EC-Council.

11-Procedures of Macro Flow Testing a Intruder

Figure 3: Suggested for Testing Intrusion even flow with sub-phases and their techniques.

12-Alignment testing methodology.

To ensure its efficiency, should include simulated and structured methods of attack trees, sequentially, according to data previously identified at each stage of invasion and in accordance with the profiles and limitations of each feature tested. This order of attacks will follow the flow of least resistance from the weights of default difficulty.

At the end of each battery or during its execution, it generates a detailed report containing all i nformation created or stored on the target resources of the tests recorded with date / time and target IP, along with a list of all the tools and methodologies used. Thus, knowing it will be time for completion of tests in alignment with the defined project scope.

Finally, excute to escape, or if any remaining information, it is removed, so as to leave the system as close to the state in which it was made before the service.

13-Description of Methodological Steps.

13.1-Planning. Policy development and scoping as well as assets and resources to be tested in structured outline.

02.13-Note - Footprinting. Arise specific information about the target system, such as physical location, ISP, mobile Administrators, etc.. Predicted very technical approach used by Social Engineering.

13.3- scan or fingerprint - Network probing and information gathering. It consists of scanning the search for hosts ( workstatiosn , servers, PDA's or similar), services, ports, protocols and asset shares, routes, OS's, IN's , accounts without passwords or guest , files and configurations, the NETBIOS and DNS list, among other services.

13.4-enumeration. Step scan that follows involves the enumeration of resources to direct the course of the invasion, in order to discover what services are running their doors in the listening state, beyond the operating system and version of the target.

13.5-Search Failure. After discovering what services run on existing operating environment the company is seeking for its likely failures (vulnerabilities) published. These are services running on servers or operating systems that print their active sockets (IP + port + protocol). The next step is starting to exploit a vulnerability discovery available for this service / system, or according to the technical capacity to understand the application code and develop their own exploitation engineering techniques - known as exploits , or using any Framework available. If there is no ability to analyze the application source code for flaws by the coding, there are several sites that publish information about vulnerabilities that can be exploited only by typing the name and version of active service. However, any tool or methodology should include the search for unpatched vulnerabilities with their respective manufacturers and National Vulnerabilities Database NIST Data Base, known as CVE - Commun Vulnerabilities Exposures, and the CERT Cordination Center, Bug Trap, SANS or Security Focus.

Circumventing 13.6-Protection: Based on the detected faults this step aims to find ways to perform an attack that breaks the barriers of protection such as Anti-Malware, Firewalls, IDS's ACL'se. At this point the test can take different directions, according to the conditions of the an alyzed system, which will signal the best procedure to follow the intrusion. The views described below can be used in isolation, integrated or collaborative achievement of joining forces to break the security of the systems tested.

13.6.1-trick users: Search deceive the user by means of contacts or talks exploring the relationship of trust and good faith among other human characteristics such as curiosity, sympathy, fear, trust or guilt, leading him to perform some procedure compromise safety. The approach can be conducted in person, via telephone, email, mail or other means of communication.

Explore 13.6.2-Fault: If the step of searching for faults have shown significant results, we can focus on your farm to try to get the system invasion by this technique.

Explore 13.6.3-Settings: involve techniques to obtain invasion through the activation of weak password and flaws in the device configuratio n and network resources, such as passwords or planned in a standard dictionary.

13.6.4 Refuse-Services: This facility does not cover exactly the goal of penetrating the system, but to cause disruption of services. Depending on the purpose of attack represents a powerful technique that can be exploited if the other options result in unsuccessful attempts, when the offending agent's motivation is greed. Does not compromise the integrity or confidentiality of the service, only your availability.

14-Techniques Used

Depending on the type of failure encountered numerous attacks launched themselves to corroborate or refute the purpose of the test. The following is a non-exhaustive list of some explanatory technical approaches do not emphasize any tools or systems for doing so.

14.1-Social Engineering : This technique, or rather, how to approach focusing on human resource shou ld be used since it is part of the project scope Intrusion Test or not to ratify the actions strictly technological nature.

14.2-Malware - Create and send a malicious code with a virus and / or Trojans and monitor their behavior in networks, to test the efficacy of anti-virus or if the standard policy to open e-mails with attachments was respected by users. This type of virus must be fake, or be done in an environment mirror (clone) with isolated machines to the company network preventing its spread.

14.3 Access-Control : Simulates a user with resources to be exploring a valid trust, technical approach as Man-In-The-Middle .

14.4-Overflow Buffer: Buffer overflow vulnerabilities are exploring the use of memory and their pointers, and their variations known as S tack Overflow and Heap Overflow. It is considered the Achilles heel of computer security, it is still the main method of exploration the insertion and execution of malicious code in order to leave a backdoor as a rootkit or cause a Denial of Service .

14.5-Code Injection: Search explore applications that do not validate user input accurately. So, you can insert code that will be interpreted by the server. This technique can be performed via forms, URLs, cookies , and parameter passing arguments to functions and variables, among others. The most widely used method is to inject SQL queries, which aims to display and / or change information contained in databases.

14.6-Cross-Site Scripting (CSS): CSS not persistent attacks occur when past data are used without validation to generate a results page. Already in its persistent form, the data passed by the client will be written directly on the server and is publicly accessible, without proper validation or restrictions.

14.7-Exploits: These are scripts and programs designed to exploit vulnerabilities. It is an oc currence of a pattern of attack designed to commit a portion of the code of the target system. The act of running a farm is known as attack.

8.14-Discovery Passwords Authentication Brute Force: Search for authentication services and access control vulnerable to attack by trial and error discovery of passwords, listing potential candidates. The computational cost (time) is directly proportional to the number of candidates and inversely proportional to the cases of passwords that follow the Guidelines for Creating Passwords suggested by ISO / IEC 17799:2005 Section 11.3.1. This test aims to assess the quality of policy and standards development, maintenance and custody of secret keys.

9.14-Passive Capture and Traffic Analysis and Network Package - Sniffing : Check if you can identify trafficked and sensitive information without adequate safeguards (encryption or steganography) through the capture and handling of network traffic in order to test algorithms and protocols used. Your goal is not to break encryption. 14:10, Disabled Services Security: Ability to disable components and services such as Proxies, Firewall, Anti-Malware, Alarm systems, CCTV, room safes, access to CPD's, among others aimed at ensuring and preserve the physical and logical integrity of the company, provided in ISO / IEC 17799:2005 Section 9 and 11. Sometimes, to succeed it is a complementary use of Social Engineering.

14:11-Remote Connections: Search or active connections on standby that can be established via RAS, RADIUS, VPN's, without authentication or with low level of security.

14:12-warchalking: Scan the spectrum of wireless networks exceeding the enterprise perimeter in search of open connections or without the minimum encryption required by the security policy.

14:13-Insecure Credential Handling: To assess the credentials sent via HTTP, HTT PS form but with the log sent via HTTP, stored in cookies, passed via the URL query string or passed from server to the client clear text, to remember myself.

14:14 Forced-Denial of Service: Submit host test target to an anomalous situation and extreme, forcing respond to requests for access or connection in addition to its processing capacity, degrading their performance or their unavailability full ripening, usually through resource depletion. It can be run locally, remotely or distributed.


Data vulnerabilities and attack vectors available, the attacks are launched with the aim of obtaining unauthorized access to the highest possible elevation of privileges. For each vulnerability identified, we seek the following:

Confirm or refute its existence.
Find or develop code / proof of concept tool.
Document the methodology used for such exploi tation.
Obtain access and, if possible, escalate privileges, without triggering alarms, IDS / IDP.
If you identify certain vulnerability without however be available and published some way to exploit it, and pay attention to an alternative use of the Framework Metasploits.

This is an Open Source tool created by HDMoore containing a set of best learning and research platforms designed specifically with the aim to strengthen and accelerate the development, testing and use of exploits used by professionals Infosec or CEH.

Metaspolit The Framework contains dozens of exploits, payloads and advanced tools of analysis for testing vulnerabilities on multiple servers and operating systems. Your goal is to create a research environment, development and exploitation of software vulnerabilities, providing the tools necessary to complete the cycle of research, briefly divided into four phases:

1 Finding a programming erro r that may or may not lead to a security breach.

2nd evaluate the vulnerability to determine the ways in which it can be exploited.

3rd Develop expolit after the phase of analysis using reverse engineering techniques, analysis and " debugao "code, etc..

4th Test expolit source and variables in different environments, service packs, hotfixes, patches , and / or directly on the target service or feature. The expolit itself does not refute that the vulnerability can be exploited, compromising the system.

Figure 4: Screen illustrative of Metasploit.

15.1-Example of some of the tools contained in the Framework Metaspolit

msfconsole - metasploit console mode
msfcli - automation interface penetration and exploitation
msflogdump - displays log files sessions
msfplayload - used to generate custom payloads
msfpescan - used to analyze and decompile executables and DLLs
msfencode - an interactive payload encoder encoder
msfupdate - used to check and download the update framework
msfweb - browser-based graphical interface


During the test, register all activities performed, without omission of details, such as methodology, scope, tools used, dates and times, list of the hosts involved, profile of the executing team, purpose of the intrusion with all the vulnerabilities tested or unsuccessful. As a result, you get a list of recommendations for improvements and / or suitability of technology services that support the business. At the end of the analysis, it is a relationship to determine if the tests have caused some damage to the system, ensuring that no other intruders have gained access to the system during the test.

Reinforcing that is not the focus of a team tests apply Corrective Action Pla n, and may mischaracterize its purpose - which is to discover and point out security flaws, tending to the business side, unless it is pre-planned and aligned to the project scope.


Some norms that suggest methodologies Intrusion Tests, such as PCI and consider OSSTMM traditional penetration testing as a prerequisite for launching a commercial product.

However, you should think about the cost benefit of X as a long-term solution to the requirements of security control. Allocate a staff CEH is expensive! Companies who invest in hiring their own security personnel to maintain long-term costs of doing Attack and Penetration Test and improve the quality of results, as security professionals are more effective because they become familiar with the internal systems, but if this is not the niche where the company operates, ie, a provider of IT, this resource will soon be obsolete because of their idl e use. Hence the hiring of an outside team periodically (every significant change of configuration or deployment of a new system) can be a solution to reduce costs with a new IT project

18-Recommended Reading.

Further reading aid in decision making and understanding of the possible adoption and modeling for any scenario.

ISSAF - Information Systems Security Assessment Framework
OWASP - Open Web Application Security Project
OSSTMM / ISECOM - Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
NIST Special Publication 800-42: Guidelines on Network Security Testing
NIST Special Publication 800-115: Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment

An Intrusion Test program is a set of procedures aimed at identifying security flaws in an environment taking advantage of them to break it, obtaining unauthorized access to information and computing resources, and t hat can help the organization to assess the degree of exposure of information assets, taking appropriate corrective measures in nature.

It also acts as an additive to Risk Analysis, because it identifies vulnerabilities by simulating the vision of an outsider to the organization with hostile intentions. However, its execution is controlled so as not to damage the environment, but only test the effectiveness of any existing controls.

There are several ways to treat the security of a network, system or application and penetration test is just one of many available, however, it shows more concrete results permeating the reality of the company's IT infrastructure, with minimal false positive and negative.

Your results should be used to help point, direct and determine what management actions and priorities will be more suitable for better treatment of the risks inherent in information security, as well as help you select the controls to be implemented and direct resources to the protection, mitigating such risks.

Finally, the intrusion tests and all other related security must be provided and be part of the program within the Information Security Master Plan.

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Selasa, 17 April 2012

Pure Water Solution

An effective pure water solution should be able to save you a lot on your budget as well as keep the health of your family paramount. When considering your pure water solution, consider first what type of water you have and what you need done to it. If you are getting water from a well, you are likely to have more problems with microorganisms, so your pure water solution should be removing that threat. However if your water is overladen with sediments and chemicals you will need a pure water solution to remove these threats instead.

Using ultraviolet radiation as a pure water solution will effectively eradicate all microorganisms found in your water. Mercury lamps producing 254nm UV light are used. The microorganisms in the water are deactivated when the DNA and proteins of their cells absorb ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation pure water solutions continue to expand and innovate with their increasing popularity. By killing the biological contaminants, ultraviolet radiation cleanses the water and allows you to have better tasting water as well. Some of the systems use ultraviolet sterilization lamps in the process of the filtration. Regardless, manufacturers continue to make new and improved systems of all sizes.

Using a carbon absorption pure water solution will lead to pleasant tastes and smells in your water. It will also lead to the removal of chlorine, gases, and other synthetic chemicals. Carbon absorption can also remove microorganisms. Carbon absorption pure water filters also do not remove necessary minerals that can be found in our water that keep it tasting good and providing us with our necessary trace minerals.

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Senin, 16 April 2012

India Online Real Job - Part Time Work at Home-Freshers Data Entry Jobs

India Online Real Job - Part Time Work at Home-Freshers Data Entry Jobs

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As previously mentioned, online businesses rest assured a important cupidity considering fast, scrupulous ammo further you are fitting the particular to offer unaffected to them. If you bring the designate steps to create helpful special reports, market your reports wisely, and take boost of the extensive opportunity that exists on the Internet to buy into besides sell this information, you can and will cause a interest from selling Internet marketing reports to online business owners atIndia Online Real Job - Part Time Work at Home-Freshers Data Entry Jobs .

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Minggu, 15 April 2012

Call Center Software Worldwide

Call centre software's spreading in the markets worldwide. We will mention some call center software benefits and some factors to choose from numerous kinds of call center software. Actually, you need a productive call center and good service agents. After you check the offers from different vendors and their tools you can take the decision. It is recommended that you compare information from different vendors.

Factors you should take into consideration

Your Company's call traffic, it is the most important thing you must consider when deciding to get call center software. So the choice will be simple software for small business and complex call center software for big companies.

Communication tools you are going to offer your clients, is very important point. You should ask yourself some questions. Do you wish records of call conversations? What about integrating e-mailing tools and live chat? What is your need outbound solution only or you really need both inbound and outbound calls?

The numbers of people how answer the calls. Do you have enough time for training them? How easy is your application? The flexibility of your call center software is the software customizable for future growth or not.

You should pick call center software that fulfill all your company departments need.
How to decide the right call center vendor

You should focus on your needs to get the right software. With right choice you gain speed and security which results in a competitive advantage.

The vendor of this software should provide you with the aspects of the required. They should be helpful and support you to take the correct choice and the suitable software for your business. At your side, you should give them detailed information about your business to receive the right feedback from them.

You need may need call center monitoring software and also inbound one. It should keep Tracking incoming calls and recording the out coming ones. Route and escalate calls in automatic way, and merge with your business soft wares.

Here after we will mention some well-known call center software.
Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center,
It is all-in-one software for the contact centre applying the PBX/ACD communications platform with many call centre soft wares.
Genesys Intelligent Customer Front Door
It is an open call routing application. It combines many call centre communications systems and soft wares.
Aspect Unified IP contact centre software
Rostrvm Dialler
Avaya Customer Service Editions
Storacall Perspective
It is Agent Evaluation Software
Infinity Contact Manager
It is real time information display
It is Process software

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Sabtu, 14 April 2012

Benefits of Call Center Software Solutions

Call center are very crucial for any business success, that is why the automation with the help of Call center software solutions is consider so very important by companies these days. From convincing customers from the calls made by a call center agent to the post sales services provided, the call center are important throughout the business cycle. Need of call center software solutions is also more than ever to streamline, manage and maintain the whole call center business.

In the current era when competition among the companies has gone to global level with the emergence and popularity of internet, the call center software applications are essential not to monitor the day to day activities, but also for planning tasks like resource allocations and roadmap design. With the help of call center software that are built or customized (if off the shelf products are purchased) according to company's style of work, can really act as a blessing for the shareholders and upper management. At lower levels, the appropriate call center automated software solutions can provide ease and maximize efficiency of call center agents and managers.

There are many types of software solutions that are used in call centers around the globe, however, the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software applications, VoIP (Voice Over IP) and Dialer software applications are bare minimum requirement for any good call center. However, based on requirements and expansion needs and the size of the companies different set of software applications could also be obtained like automatic call redirector, load balancing software applications, to name a few.

A good set of software applications working in a call center are enough to ensure the maximum customer satisfaction, provided the agents are skilled. Furthermore, it reduces the load from individuals and manager level staff of the company. With software running instead of manual operations means the cost is saved, as now more work could be obtained from the limited number of human resource.

From future growth perspective, the software also provide MIS reports which can be used to check the trend of the customers. The software applications can also help the company to learn the customers' needs, so that it can work accordingly to fulfill the gap and gain major market share. With the help of features like call recording, time spent on each call and many other such features, judging the call center agent performance also becomes very easy.

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Jumat, 13 April 2012

Call Center Software: What is better? Hosted vs On-Premise

To survive in this economy, businesses must deliver fast, reliable and efficient service in order to retain existing customers as well as acquire new ones. For this reason customer centric businesses must put even greater focus on the quality of service delivered through their call centers. Traditionally this has meant providing good training to call center agents, so that they have the skills in place to deliver prompt and courteous service over the phone but today, deploying the very latest call center technology has become critically important, as it allows organizations to deliver faster, more effective customer service at a lower cost.

For this reason, it is important to better understand the benefits of software-as-a-service or "cloud"-based virtual call center solutions or conversely, the benefits of an on-premises or "hardware based" systems. With a cloud-based call center solution, organizations get immediate and automatic access to the latest and most advanced call center technologies. Cloud solutions tout the benefit of not have having to bear the expense, hassle and potential disruptions that come with on-site upgrades. Through the deployment of a cloud-based call center solution, an organization can upgrade its traditional call center to a full-featured, state-of-the-art multi-channel contact center in just a matter of days, as opposed to months, and at much lower up-front cost compared to purchasing or upgrading an on-premises system. These costs savings are not necessarily the guiding force for some organizations. Data security, software update timelines and custom integrations often trump the savings of cloud base solutions.

Advantages:Hosted vs On-Premise Call Centers

Today's cloud-based call center solutions hold numerous advantages over on-premises systems:

Easy to Deploy - All that is needed are the computers and high speed Internet connection Reduced Ongoing Costs - Because our call center software is delivered via the Internet, as a managed service, a company doesn't have to make a huge up-front capital investment in new hardware, network architecture or software licenses instead it can simply "lease" the call center software on a "pay-as-you-go" basis Call Center Management - The call center software is delivered as a managed service. Hosted call center software providers takes on responsibility for application performance, including the maintenance and upgrades of all related hardware and infrastructure, which in turn greatly reduces the strain on the company's IT department for inbound call centers Scalability - The software is hosted in a data center, where there are ample server resources. You can rapidly scale up your call center operations without having to invest in new hardware or architecture. This is particularly advantageous for companies that experience seasonal business cycles

Advantages:On-Premise Call Centers vs Hosted

Data Security - Many call center operations executives have business requirements that mandate strict data security and access typically not cost effectively available or viable for hosted solutions. Custom Integrations Integrations of third party software or custom software that had been purpose built for the enterprise may be difficult to integrate to hosted solutions. Integrations really depends on the program interface and environment configuration to be reviewed in great detail to better understand the effort. Software updates Hosted solution providers will process software updates based on their best estimate of their pooled customer usage. These updates may not be suitable for all customers and may cause operational issues that are not acceptable.

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Kamis, 12 April 2012

The Different Call Center Software Products

The official name for the line of business Promero is engaged in is the Application Software Service Provider and Software Reseller industry. In plain language, Promero sells software made by other software manufacturers like Oracle and also Promero-authored software products as well. At present, Promero has six types of call center software as part of its service to the call center industry.

First off in the Promero arsenal of call center software products is the Oracle offering dubbed Contact Center Anywhere which can transform your contact center into a bonafide virtual call center. With this award-winning product, your call center may benefit from its total range of call center applications (inclusive of the Predictive Dialing application, and a host of other features, namely the ACD, the IVR, the Call Center Management Reporting, and the Call Recording and Monitoring features.) This call center solution aims to integrate the Inbound plus the Outbound functions of your call center by relying on the format known as Hosted On Demand, or as the CPE format, or the Hybrid type of customer owned licenses of the Promero software management system.

But what happens if you merge the Contact Center Anywhere call center solution with another software called the ProStar Lead Manager, plus integrate these two into the SugarOpenSource CRM Open-Source architecture? You wind up with a Hosted CRM Software (or Customer Relationship Management program) called ProStar CRM instead. ProStar CRM happens to contain important contact center software features (like the Dynamic Web Form Design aspect, the Real Time Intelligent Lead Distribution aspect, and the Campaign Management feature that can apply either to traditional media and online media.)
Now, Promero has also come up with the ProStar Smart8 which allows your organization to automatically route Inbound 800 calls based on the business requirements of each client. This is possible because the ProStar Smart8 can function as an intelligent call routing dealer locator that does not need any special software or hardware to be functional. In fact, you can use the ProStar Smart8 with every phone system currently being used by your organization. The call center technology of the ProStar Smart8 permits the sharing of browser-based reports by users, simply by accessing the Internet, so that campaigns can be gauged based on real-time results.

If on the other hand your organization requires lead sharing based on Internet access, then you might need the Promero hosted software called the ProStar Lead Manager instead. If your call center business staff and executives are constantly doing lead sharing, then the ProStar Lead Manager is the perfect hosted call center software for your needs.

There are two more call center software applications that are on the Promero list of call center solution products that you may need. These are the ProStar On Demand call center solution, and the ProStar Chat call center solution. The ProStar On Demand allows one hosted platform to contain the three different types of programs contact center operators would need (namely, the Contact Center Software Lead Management Software; the Customer Relationship Management Software; and the Sales Analytic Software.) On the other hand, there is also the totally Web-based ProStar Chat which was designed to boost sales for your call center yet keep operational costs at a minimum.

Whichever of these you opt for, you can be assured that Promero stands by its products so that you (the call center operator) will only get the best software package you really need for your call center.


Rabu, 11 April 2012

Online business opportunities from home can be available at the tip of your fingers

The best opportunities from home can be easily found through researching of the ideas through innovative, quick and easy research. This is easily done through finding the ideas you need as quickly as possible on the internet and using various search engines to find the best idea for the business.
Online business that works can be easily managed

A business run from the comfort of your home on the internet can easily operate profitably if the business is managed carefully by the owner who should invest his resources and time wisely. The business owner may need to understand the basics of having an online business and how to take advantage of online home business. The business opportunities offered to a company owner starting an online business for the first time are numerous.

The business opportunities are numerous such as having an easy to set up an online business that can be easily run and have the best ability to be fun and attractive various c ustomers who visit the website. The company can have the best idea at the tip of its fingers through signing up with an affiliate program that offers the best resources and ideas to run an online business. This makes the business as profitable as possible because the business owner has invested enough into finding out the business idea that is appropriate for their business. Furthermore, the business can then have the best training through online websites. This makes it possible to easily manage an online business and take advantage of the various opportunities offered to the business such as good marketing and useful resources such as fast income and capital for the company and the right content for the business.

The Online Business Opportunities From Home are numerous such as quick business ideas and the right resources for the business to make it dynamic and accomplish its business goals and aspirations. This includes the guide books and audio books necessary for providing the business owner with the tips to operate the business successfully with no obstacles or hindrances to the end sight. The business owner can then begin to have a good business that is able to attract the right customers who would remain loyal to the company. This includes the online tools to build the website and also the right know-how for the company to ensure its ability to continue to operate through the hard times and when the idea of the company is still being verified.

This includes applying the idea using prototype content and training the employers for free to work for the business owner and give the owner the resource and ideas to keep the business running efficiently. Further the business owner would then be able to put the ideas to quick operation and understand how the business should operate from scratch due to the business opportunities presented before hand and through the online marketing tools given to the owner.


Selasa, 10 April 2012

Online Business Opportunities: Avoid Being Scammed. Top 7 Selection Criteria Disclosed

The Internet is loaded with informational websites uncovering the shocking facts about many innocent people having been scammed in their endeavors to set up successful and sustainable Online Businesses. This has been an issue since the start of online business on the Internet and isn't something that is foreseen to be solved or eliminated any time soon.

Most of the victims in these cases are people who crave to own an online business that they can run from home, which would allow them the flexibility to create that most sought after, unique balance between work and leisure/family time. Being passionate about achieving this, many people fail to conduct proper research and to their detriment often make impulsive decisions driven by emotion leaving them extremely vulnerable. This is the very thing that many "marketers" exploit and which inevitably causes innocent people to fall into the many traps that are being set up in cyberspace all the time.

It is disturbin g to see the garbage some "marketers" are allowed to include on their websites in their attempts to sell their so called online business opportunities these days. When reading some of these websites, one can't help but to wonder what happened to openness, transparency and honesty in online business. In fact, it raises the question of whether business ethics have ever, or will ever exist on the Internet.

One just has to spend a little time in doing some research on the Internet to discover that the same strategies to lure people into buying useless online business systems are being used over and over again. The hard reality is that empty promises are being tossed out there to scam vulnerable and innocent people all the time.

Whilst it is true that there are many different ways of conducting online business on the Internet, the fact remains that just about every man and his dog offering business opportunities on the Internet claims to have the ultimate solution t o online business. Many empty, misleading promises are often made about online business opportunities including phrases and terminology such as;

100% Rock solid guaranteed... Killer system... Promise to put $$$$... into your pocket within hours, days, weeks.... Anyone can do this... Very little effort i.e. 5, 10 ... minutes a day, week, month, .... Nothing like it out there... Free (Never mentioning all the add-ons that one needs to purchase) No questions asked money back guarantee...

to name but a few. Apart from this, many advertisers often promise a hand held, step-by-step online business system, which almost never meets such expectations in the true sense of the word. To top it all, one is typically bombarded with the "what to do", whilst the "How to do it" is conveniently left out of the equation.

Furthermore, as it is said, the devil lies in the detail, or should we say the fine print. In defense of some website owners, it is true to say that we live in a very legalistic society and that there are always people who will abuse systems and/or policies and that one needs to provide for such circumstances. However, most website owners are legally completely indemnified in the "very fine print" Terms and Conditions on their websites from being held responsible or accountable for any success claims made on their website. This raises the question as to why someone would need to include such terms if they truly had the confidence in their online bu siness opportunity as expressed on the selling pages of their website.

It is not all bad though. Although one cannot ever be 100% certain that a particular online business opportunity would deliver exactly what it promises, there are a few useful checks that can be done to tip the odds moderately in one's favor. If you are looking at engaging in online business, it is strongly suggested that you consider the following:

Contact the Advertiser

Enquire as to whether the advertiser is contactable, i.e. telephone, email, mail etc., and make use of these contact methods to verify that the person actually exists. This conversation will give you an idea of whether you will be receiving after sales support in setting up your online business, if and when necessary.

Ask questions about the Opportunity

Secondly, when contacting the advertiser, ask questions to clarify anything about the online b usiness opportunity that isn't clear to you.

Seek Verification Of Testimonials

Check whether the people providing testimonials on the website are contactable and contact them to enquire about how they are doing with the product.

Spot Unrealistic Claims

Don't accept anything as a given. Watch out for unrealistic claims such as those listed, but not limited to, earlier in this report. The golden rule here is that if an online business opportunity sounds too good to be true, then it most probably is.

Check The Terms and Conditions

As mentioned earlier, many marketers use this section to indemnify themselves legally from taking any responsibility for the claims they make. If this even vaguely appears to be the case, it is suggested to refrain from getting involved in such online business opportunity as it is most likely to be a scam.

Seek A Reputable Merchant

It is worth check ing whether the online business opportunity is marketed through a reputable online merchant such as The reason for this is that Clickbank offers a 60 day money back guarantee and they are renowned for honoring this commitment. It is suggested that you avoid relying solely on the guarantee offered by the advertiser.

Read Product Reviews

It is worth searching the net for product reviews on the particular online business opportunity one wishes to pursue. These often provide valuable unbiased information on the product.

These are just a few, yet critical pointers to consider that could make the difference between spending your hard earned cash on either a scam or a worthwhile online business opportunity. The secret lies in conducting thorough research prior to getting involved. It is commonly known that adequate planning contributes to 80% of a business' success whereas the remaining 20% is in the running of it. This statistic alon e should clearly be enough to adequately justify doing proper planning, i.e. research.


Senin, 09 April 2012

3 valuable online businesses opportunities to opt

Looking for online businesses opportunities? Then here are some that would prove to be profitable for you.

If you are searching for online business opportunities then you will of course wish to go with the ones that would be profitable for you. You do not require a huge investment to start a business that you usually do when you start an offline business. The costs required to establish an online business is least as compared to offline business. The operating costs incurred in the online business are minimal and thus it increases the profits. Below are a few online businesses opportunities that are worth the time spent and the costs involved are minimum, thus you can generate high profits in a short span of time.

One of the most popular opportunities is to become an affiliate marketer. You can sign up for free as an affiliate marketer and just by selling e-books you can earn up commission of about 50% to 70%. You need to spend some time searching on the internet and you will notice that you have affiliate programs and products that you can put up for sale for approximately every niche.

You can sign up for free as an affiliate marketer and can set up your own website as affiliate marketing. This is a very popular way of earning handsome money by selling affiliate products. You can set a single website to sell a different variety of products of the same niche pr you can also build up different websites for different products.

Another way of earning handful of money from online business is that you can put up digital information for sale. You can write your own e-books and sell it. You can also put them up on various affiliates marketing website and let the affiliate marketer sell the product. If you have written your own e-book, the costs incurred would be to market the product. It would be wise for you to leave the marketing and selling of the book with the affiliates and put up that time writing another book. One more in the list of online businesses opportunities is to write content for online marketers. Many do not have time to write content fro themselves and hence you can take up this work. For this purpose you should have a good command over English and should be an expert at writing.

Minggu, 08 April 2012

Online Business Opportunities, a Stepping Stone to Success Online?

The Internet at present has recreated its methods and has taken the way Home Based business is presented to a complete new heights. With Social Media, Article Marketing and doing blogs for free, online business opportunities seems simpler than yesterday. With multitude scams and hit and miss business opportunities, you think, do free online business opportunities really exist?

Research has benefits

Before going to make money online and what kind of online business opportunities you are going to progress with, it's of great importance to enable some research and be positive that it's something you want to do over long periods of time. There's nothing terrible than getting in a business, only to fail in the next few months and be unsuccessful because it's something at present that doesn't interest you.

One of the most sound ways to decide an opportunity is to be certain what you are offering is in demand. Is the market entailing on what you are offering? Are you filling a hole in the market?

Make sure you are giving the market what they want. A good way to do market research is to use a Keyword Research Tool. Research tools permits you to see what phrases are being searched mostly on the internet, therefore giving you key phrases of exactly what people are asking for. A good free Keyword Tool I like to use is Google's Keyword Tool and for the most up to date free tools try Google Wonder Wheel and Google Trends - all are beneficial at aiding to determine the activity, size and efficiency of the market.

A great success strategy that you should enable to any business is balance. As with any business you must remember that it is a business, and therefore it must be cared as such. Working from home always has its benefits, but with no one to look over your work efforts you must always put boundaries, stay alert and be self-motivated.

Set your goals remember why you sought out the opportunity in the first place. Clearly define why you have selected this scheme.

Honour Your Work Space Create a specific work space, doesn't matter even if it's just a corner desk. Make sure that family and friends know why it's up there.

Use your time wisely Set aside time for work hours for the days task and stick to them.

Remember to make money online, consistency and persistence are key. Enjoy your online success you only have one life plenty of opportunity to make money - just go for it!