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Genesis PURE Review - Is Genesis PURE A Scam, Or Is Genesis PURE Legit?

You have probably seen a lot of commotion in the multi-level marketing (MLM) business arena regarding a relatively new company called Genesis PURE. Does Genesis PURE offer a valid product? Is the business opportunity that they offer a legitimate one? I will be taking a closer look at these issues in my Genesis PURE review.

Genesis PURE was just recently launched in 2009, and has joined forces with a booming health and wellness industry. Genesis PURE offers nutritional beverages, anti-aging solutions, nutrition supplements, and weight loss products. Their products are manufactured with the highest standard of natural ingredients, and do not possess fillers, sugars, and preservatives.

You will never find Genesis PURE products on the shelves of grocery stores or outlet malls, as their products are distributed exclusively through Genesis PURE Independent Business Owners (IBO).

As an IBO, you will enjoy 7 various income streams that are featured in the Genesis PURE compensation plan. These include:

1. Retail Sales
2. First Order Bonus
3. Revenue Sharing Pool
4. Team Earnings
5. Generation Check Match
6. Leadership Pool
7. Luxury Car Bonus

As you begin your recruiting efforts, and train your downline to achieve success in their Genesis PURE business, you will eventually begin to participate in the full rewards of their compensation plan. It is important to note that Retail Sales is the only feature in their compensation plan that will reward you for your personal selling efforts. All the other components are based upon your ability to grow your organization, and increase the sales volumes of your team as a whole.

For those to desire to become a Genesis PURE IBO, you can do so for an annual fee of $37. With this $37, you will be committing to their Autoship program, which will ship products that you select to your home on a monthly basis. If you do not want to participate in their Autoship program, you can sign up for an annual fee of $47. As a new IBO, you will be provided with a Genesis PURE Virtual Back Office to assist you with the day to day operations of your business.

What kind of training can I expect as a new Genesis PURE IBO?

Genesis PURE firmly believes that prospecting amongst your warm market will be an effective and powerful way to build your business. You will contact friends, relatives, close associates, and neighbors to encourage them to purchase your products, and join your business. The marketing and business building training that you will receive from Genesis PURE will be based upon these methods.

In my opinion, Genesis PURE offers a legitimate opportunity for the right kind of individual. They are not a scam. If an individual had the expertise to utilize more modern methods involved in marketing, they could do very well. For the individual who is going to be limited to their small network of family and friends to grow their business, this may prove to be much more difficult than they might realize. With that being said, if you have a passion for health and wellness products, and possess the skill sets and resources to build this business, Genesis PURE is a solid opportunity to partner with.

As always, I wish you the best of luck in your research for a home based business that is best suited for you and your talents.

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