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Increase your metabolism to lose weight and be healthy!

Increase your metabolism to lose weight and be healthy!

Metabolism is the process our bodies use to change the food we eat into the energy we need to breathe, digest, and carry out all other important life functions. The speed of a person's metabolism or metabolic rate impacts how much food that person will need to function effectively.

Two of the most common ways to increase your metabolism are eating often, 5 times a day or more, and exercise. You can also increase your metabolism by eating the right foods.

The idea behind metabolic typing is that each person has a unique metabolism, therefore the foods that will work to increase metabolism for one person would actually slow it down for another.

Most of the more popular diets tell you to eat at least 5 times a day; this includes meals and snacks, and they encourage you to add some exercise to your plan. I found two top weight loss products that also use metabolic typing as a way to develop individualized meal plans designed to increase your specific metabolism.

The Diet Solution, by Isabel De Los Rios, is a 180 pg e-book which focuses mainly on getting the right foods into your body.

Burn the Fat, Feed the muscle, by Tom Venuto, a 341 pg e-book which also focuses on what foods work with your body to help you burn fat, but adds weight training as part of the program.

I reviewed these two products. I was the most impressed with The Diet Solution and decided to learn more.
"Stop Dieting, Start Eating, and Start Living!" is what Isabel says. This is a plan for a better life overall.

What The Diet Solution is NOT:
A Starvation diet
A One-size-fits all diet
An All-or-nothing diet

The book begins by getting your mind ready for success. Then Isabel lays out 3 steps to weight loss:

1. Determine your metabolic type
2. Create your personal meal plan
3. Choose the best foods

I began by taking the metabolic type test. I read more about metabolic typing. I learned why some people seem to be so successful-at least over the short term- on popular diets while others fail miserably on the same diets.
It's because success with any diet depends on the dieter's metabolism type; in other words, the one-size-fits-all dieting approach simply will not be effective. I also learned that certain foods are ideal for each metabolism type.

There are 3 metabolic types; protein type, carbohydrate type and mixed type. I am protein type.

Protein types typically:
Crave rich, fatty foods such as pizza, sausages, and salty roasted nuts
Don't usually feel satisfied after a snack
Often feel hungry even soon after eating a large meal
Eating too many carbohydrates causes sugar cravings
When protein types eat the wrong food, they may notice energy problems- extreme fatigue or a wired on edge' feeling."

Carb types typically:
Have a weak appetite
Can get by on small amounts of food
Don't really think about food until they feel hungry
Often skip meals
Skipping meals drastically slows down your metabolism

Mixed type typically:
Has an appetite that varies greatly throughout the day
Hungry at meals but not in between
Extremely hungry at times and no appetite at others
Can share characteristics with both protein and carb types

Next I learned about calories. For The Diet Solution Program you need to make sure you get enough calories for your body to function properly, burn fat and be healthy. I used the calorie calculator to get an estimate of my daily calorie requirements. I need around 2744 calories a day.

I found out what percent of what I eat should be proteins, carbohydrates and fats. I printed out the success journal and checked the allowable servings guide to find out how many servings of protein, carbohydrates and fat that I should eat for each meal and sn ack. I looked over the food choice chart for my type and I was ready to start creating my meal plans!

Isabel suggests you eat organic and all-natural foods. She says it's not completely necessary for this diet to work but it will help and here's how;

The liver supports the digestive system, controls blood sugar, and regulates fat storage. One of its most important functions is the chemical breakdown of everything that enters the body, this is crucial to weight loss.

It's also the livers job to filter out the toxins that enter your body. There are many toxins in much of the regular food we eat. This keeps your liver busy with filtering out toxins which makes it less effective at its other tasks. So if you take fewer toxins into your body, your liver can work more effectively.

Isabel makes several suggestions for changing the food you eat. She recomm ends that you make only 1, 2, or 3 changes at a time. This keeps you from getting overwhelmed.

Some changes I was able to make right away were changing the salt, oils, and sweetener I use. Like Isabel says, this is not an all or nothing program, every change will bring you closer to your goal.

I have been overweight most of my life. That's why I like the fact that Isabel has had her own weight issues. She played the dieting "game" for years; searching for a diet that would work for her. She would find diets to help her lose weight, but she always gained it back. Isabel became frustrated with the yo-yo effect that came with all the diets she tried. Through 15 years of research she developed a diet solution that has worked for her and many others.

The Diet Solution basic package includes:
The Diet Solu tion Manual
The Diet Solution Metric Edition
The Quick Start Guide
14 Days To A Sexy Body
Metabolism Type Test
The Success Journal
The Recipes Guide
Completely Done For You Meal Plans
The Top Ten Mistakes Keeping You Fat

I ordered the book online. It was immediately available to me as book downloads. (You can get a hard copy of the book for an additional $20.) I was offered upgrades and other products but stuck with the basic, which costs $47. This is a one-time payment.My account was billed correctly. I received all downloads and emails as promised. I was able to pay with PayPal. So I didn't have to put my credit card information in. It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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