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Business Degree Online

Introduction to Corporation isn't only for pupils who are making an allowance for or engaged toward commerce degrees. The program in general teaches correspondence and leadership abilities, valuable decision-making and analogous credentials that can help pupils make it in life. Intro to Commerce can also help train pupils for application in countless fields.

The credentials instructed in in this group in school are in reality some of the greatest sought after skills in the place of work. although every assignment is different and requires individual knowledge, there are some skills that can verify useful in most any position. An article on the website, Quintessential Careers, also lists analytical thinking, interpersonal abilities, cultural sensitivity, difficulty solving and organization among the qualities that employers seek in job candidates.

Communication abilities, as the Quintessential Careers article tells it, comes in at the top of the list. The se credentials include verbal and written communications as effectively as the ability to listen, the article notes. In an Prologue to Business program, students might learn about how, according to the web site 1000ventures.com, communication is used to help demonstrate partnerships, teamwork and promote a capital and labor and its products and services.
Interpersonal knowledge, or the ability to connect with others, are also instructed as part of Initiation to Capital and labor courses. With interpersonal skills, applicationers might more straightforwardly show and maintain relationships, manage, motivate and coach others from diverse backgrounds. Cultural sensitivity, when instructed as part of a contracts curriculum, can help leaders and communicators cross cultural boundaries.

In the textbook, "Prologue to Business 4e," Florida Atlantic University SunTrust Bank Professor Jeff Madura explains how abilities such as these can aid professionals create good decisions in countless place of work settings. Madura also apply oneself toes how areas such as planning, teamwork and technology can assist with decision making. An individual's research and analytical skills, which are on the Quintessential Careers list of positive qualities, can also contribute to decision-making in that they involve, in part, viewing a situation from dissimilar perspectives and collecting extra knowledge when required.

According to Madura, the ability to make contracts decisions can be crucial. When market and economic conditions alter, he suggests, a capital and labor's response can be especially vital if that capital and labor is to be successful. In instructive to appraise a situation from different points of view as efficiently, contracts pupils might become additional functional at problem solving, which is also on the list of Quintessential Careers qualities that employers look for.

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The Expanding Opportunity to Pursue Business Degrees Online

There are more options than ever for people looking to study business. Gone are the days when a person interested in this field simply had the choice of either going to work in sales or pursuing an MBA or settling on another career. An evolution has occurred. In the 21st century, there are more ways than ever to study business and more ways to learn about it.

Here are some of the most popular methods today for learning anything and everything about business:

College: The first two methods are tried and true, and there's a reason they're still in use. They work. For all the talk of regular, Ivy-walled campuses being relics of some bygone age, a myriad number of graduates from these schools still get jobs each year and thrive from there. A bachelor's or master's degree in business from a college large or small, prestigious or obscure is still an attractive thing on a resume, something hiring managers make note of. The schools can be expensive, but for what they can offer for a career, they're often more than worth the price of admission.

Work: Some people avoid the campus and opt for the so-called "school of hard knocks." And that can give people the training they need in business, too. Sometimes, the best business education is an entry-level sales job that can teach more in a few months, through experiences both good and bad, than several years at some university. Many companies also offer excellent training programs that are veritable courses of scholarship in themselves. It may be a little tougher to get that initial job and also to have something to fall back on if that doesn't work, but plenty of business people today don't have any degree to speak of, and it works fine for them.

Online Business Degrees: For those who want the college experience only without the campus, dorms, and athletics, the Internet has brought forth what may seem like a miracle: online education courses. These are the classes ideal for parents and students that work during the day or are otherwise non-ideally situated for attending a physical campus. After all, regular college doesn't work for everyone, and that's where the Internet can come in handy and fill in gaps. There is a range of different programs for everything from sales to international business to MBA. The only challenge is making sure to find the right online school, with so many different ones to choose from.

Alternative Universities or Correspondence Schools: Besides standard accredited colleges and online schools for studying business, there is also the option of attending a non-accredited school or correspondence college. These aren't the most glamorous schools by any stretch of the imagination, places sometimes advertised on daytime television and found in strip malls, and some are just as expensive as regular schools. Still, for people who can't fathom the traditional route for education, these schools can be what is needed to move from a dead end job to something sustainable.

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Why choose a business degree online?

Top reason to choose a business degree online

In this article the Online MBA degree of online business we will be discussing issues Why choose this type of degree is a good idea from participation in college or in college or university local businesses. The goal of this article is to show you how / why a business Distance learning MBA is an idea better than a traditional degree.

Career Advancement

Not far from the stage the better you will do the work career path for you is to experiment. This is easier said than done, for example a Bachelor or Masters degree(Distance Learning MBA, Online MBA) in business is the way to achieve this is simple This is because the degree to earn one of these solid experience as it shows your true character.

Employers want experience, well educated staff and time often chose candidates for the call back than people who do not have a college degree. Earn your college degree will surely boost y our chances of finding your dream job. One of the main reasons for a Online MBA in India. With the online course for your business you will have the greatest flexibility in scheduling open as you choose what to get done in time. You will be able to fit the class schedule online business that exists already, not the other way around. Most students participate in the study of free time, and go tests and extensive class of weekends.
Online Degree Program offers world class education with flexible schedules

In the fast paced society of today it has become necessary addition to earning degrees and qualifications in order to stay informed with globalization and technological progress. You need to protect yourself against outdated. One way to further your education while maintaining a work and home is better to register for an online ms in it. This way you will not have a sabatik and return to school full time. With the online course you will have interactive classes via the net, will receive the online course work, they have a mentor who will guide you 24 / 7, and you can work at their own convenience or fill out at home. Courses offered at the college online at par with the majors offered in the school's program is based on. You can choose the field of study and also the pace at which you would like to complete the course work.
With an online course you have the added advantage of STREAMING lectures and discussions you whenever you are free. It is up to you to set up a schedule for studying. Today, there is youth and adults registered for the course online.

With a program on the Internet you can:

Participate in any time and any place. Work must be done form home, work, or half way around the world. The way you learn is for you to decide. These courses are designed to enable the student-centered learning. Hardware course is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can read and review conferences, Commentaries and discussions. If you choose, you can be a part of the discussion in online and clear any doubts you may have. Ability to teach and research methodology to use File and technology. And, as computers integral to each business environment students develop networks and other critical skills. Online course covers a large spectrum of content and learning without restriction. Students have the right to access the libra ry online as well as course materials. Courses on the Internet to promote team work and integrated learning. Progress of education means progress your career with a pay increase. Degree online gives you the qualifications that will stand in good stead in the industry to choose you. A person can earn a degree, Bachelor or Master, in any field from retirement accounts, an MBA degree from a master of foreign languages. Curriculum on the Internet opened up umpteen opportunities for people eager to learn and earn.

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Manipal University Introduces New Courses and increases the allocation of scholarships in 2010

Manipal University, the leading higher education provider in India, announced that it has introduced new courses and allocate more scholarships for the year 2010 along with additional infrastructures and facilities to its students. The university has also tied up with many new foreign universities for better teaching and learning atmosphere on the campus.

Since establishing Kasturba Medical College in 1953, nineteen other institutions have been set up, and the excellence in higher education that began in Manipal 56 years ago, continues even today with a fresh look each year.


The university has added ten new courses taking the total number of courses in the University to 264. Registrar, Dr G.K. Prabhu, giving details of the new courses, admission details, scholarships and other activities of the university told reporters thatby starting Manipal Centre for European Studies the University took the first big step in the direction of humanities. The university catered to higher education in medicine, engineering and management. So a Masters course in European Studies and Management adds more variety for students to choose from. Diploma in Gandhian and Peace Studies, and also Certificate courses in Public Health and Global Health have already started, he said. The other new courses introduced for 2010 include MS Wireless Embedded Systems, MS IT Management, MTech Chemical Engineering, MTech Environmental Engineering, MSc Pharmacoeconomics, and MSc Clinical Research management.


Manipal University has always encouraged students to perform to their full potential by providing them with scholarships. Meritorious and deserving candidates are given one of the severalfreeships and scholarships that exist in the university. The allocation for the year 2010 is Rs 12.23 crores. It was Rs 7.93 crores in 2009 and Rs 6.83 crores prior t o that, Dr Prabhu said.

Freeship - Candidates admitted to MBBS course within the first 500 ranks and BDS, BE, BPharm courses within the first 1000 ranks of the respective merit list are offered 100% freeship.

AICTE Scholarship AICTE has introduced the scheme on tuition fee waiver for women, economically backward and physically handicapped meritorious students joining BE, BPharm and BHM courses.

AGE students scholarships There is a 10 per cent tuition fee waiver for students of schools and colleges of Academy of General Education (AGE) joining any course at Manipal University. However, the waiver will be 25 per cent for those students joining Allied Health Sciences or Nursing courses.

Scholarships for KonkaniStudents A similar waiver of tuition fees, 10 per cent and 25 per cent respectively,is applicable for Konkani students also.

Other Scholarships are: GE Scholarship, Harish B Fund Scholarship, ISLE Scholarship, ITC Scholarship, Maulana Azad National Scholarship and Philips Scholarships.


Manipa l University has robust relationships with several US, European and Australian Universities regarding student and faculty exchange and collaborative research. 14 best students of KMC Manipal and Mangalore get to do their one month elective clinical training in Utrecht University and Groningen University in the Netherlands. Similar scholarships are available to students of Media & Communication in
University of Queensland, Australia and Hochschule Bremen, Germany. Students of MIT get opportunities to do their internships in various Universities and industries across the world by being members of IAESTE.


Admissions for all these courses and for the existing under graduate and post graduate courses have already begun. Prospectus and forms are available across the country at selected post offices and State Bank of India branches. Candidates can also visit www.manipal.edu and download the digital prospectus and application or apply online by paying the application fees through Credit Card or Net Banking or Demand Draft.


Talking about the online entrance test Dr Prahbu said; Manipal University is known for its online entrance tests. Considering it to be quite popular and student friendly, the university has decided to start more centers where students can take their test online. The final score are displayed on the test screen soon after the completion of the test. The admissions are therefore, merit based and transparent. Candidates can choose the date, time and location depending on their own convenience.

Presently there are 21 centres and six more are being included this year. They are
Allahabad, Kanpur, Patna, Ranchi, Varanasi and Vijayawada

Last date for receipt of applications:
MBBS, BDS, BE, BPharm, PharmD 13.03.10
MD, MS, PG Medical Di ploma, MDS, PG Diploma in Dental Materials 31.01.10

About Manipal University

Manipal University is the leading higher education provider in India. Spread over600 acres of green expanse, Manipal University is home to 20,000 students pursuing undergraduate and post graduate programs in diverse subjects. The University has a strong alumni network of over 72,000 members.

The University has created an ecosystem of teaching and research excellence making it a universally accepted destination by students. The breadth of disciplines and collaboration among constituent institutions gives unparalleled opportunity to students to cross departmental boundaries and explore different horizons

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Hire Windows Mobile developer for custom Windows Mobile app Development

Windows Mobile is an operating system (OS), designed and developed by Microsoft. Windows Mobile OS consists of basic applications, widely used for mobile devices as Smart phones, computers for automobiles, various portable media centers and others. Also, Windows mobile is carrying popular applications such as Microsoft Office, Outlook mail client, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Windows task bar and therefore it is widely used in business organization, which fulfilled specialized needs of the any kind of business organization.

Today, Many Business owner are used window mobile application in their organization because it has all the capabilities which require in industry standard. It provide great corporate look to users, so Windows mobile app are used to perform different operations of the business. Let's, we see some essential factor about Windows mobile app and its development platform that provide great user experience.
Some key factors of Windows Mobile app and its development Platform:

Easy to use features and functionalities
Enhanced security & reliability
Competitive edge
Flexibility in development platform
Its Microsoft .Net framework gives better productivity

All above factor present importance of the Windows Mobile and because of these reason Windows Mobile app demands are increasing day by day, so obviously we needed Windows Mobile app development services for windows mobile.

Today, many mobile app development companies provide custom windows mobile app development services and solution at most affordable cost. Many companies have professional window mobile app developers who have complete knowledge and expertise to develop any kind of windows mobile apps. They provide hiring services to their client, according to their program; you can hire professional windows mobile app developer at daily, weekly and monthly basi s for complete windows mobile development solution.

They have ability to develop high-end windows mobile app by merging technologies and tools. They provide completely customized services to their clients. They offer complete Windows Mobile Application Development services for bespoke Windows Mobile apps. They are active at all the time for taking new challenges in windows mobile apps development.

If you are planning to develop unique and innovative application for business or personal use then we provide complete solution to you for your business organization.

Hire Mobile App Developers (HMAD) is a leading mobile app development company offers Professional Windows Mobile App Development solution and services at most affordable cost. Hire Windows Mobile App developers from HMAD and get custom Windows Phone App Development solution as per your needs.

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Video production Sydney: how is it beneficial for business organisations?

Video production Sydney is very useful for business organisations, both large and small. It allows companies to promote their goods and services to their target audiences in a much better and effective manner. People like to watch videos more than searching the advertisements in newspapers or reading the hoardings and pamphlets. Also, people are able to retain videos for a longer time compared to audio clips and written text. Video production thus helps a business enjoy better promotion and advertisement results.

Apart from business promotion and brand awareness the Video production Sydney is useful for a range of internal purposes, like training new employees, introducing new organisational policies and rules to the staff, demonstrating about your company to your prospective business clients, preparing welcome speech videos, and many other types of videos.

By having web video production Sydney, a business can improve its online presence. Because se arch engines give lot of importance to videos, by having business videos describing your company, your products, and services on your website, you can improve your search engine ranking and can eventually increase traffic to your website. Increased website traffic in turn improves the business prospects.
It is confirmed that video production Sydney is beneficial for business organisations. But a corporate video can be effective only if it is well finished and of high quality. Your business and profits depend on your market image. A poor quality video can spoil your market image and can give wrong impression about you and your company to your target customers. Therefore, it is always better to get your business video made from a professional video production company.

There are several video production companies in Sydney who possess proper knowledge and expertise in video production Sydney. They have a team of dedicated and qualified professionals who know how to create impressive, entertaining, and high quality videos to grab the attention of your target audiences and to convince them to buy from you.

Companies that offer video production services handle video production, as well as pre-production and post-production. Video production editing is an important part of video production. It ensures that your corporate video is not only high quality, but also memorable and effective. Hire one such corporate video production company to achieve your marketing goals and objectives.

For professional video production services, video production NSW, and video production editing, please log on to http://www.asmedia.com.au/

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Corporate Video Production

Competing for the attention of the public and bringing in new business is every company's ultimate challenge, especially on the internet where there is easy access to far more information than offline. Advertising methods are constantly evolving and without staying up to date, your business could struggle to keep a solid presence on the Internet. There is one well kept secret and surefire way to improve your chances of getting seen and making that sale and that is video promotion. Corporate video productions can take your business promotions to the next level.

Video is eye-catching and can easily keep the attention of the visitor. As if that wasn't enough, putting a video on your website can increase your chances of getting picked up by search engines. Even Google stated that one of the best methods for ranking high in search or appearing on their much sought after first page is by having a video on your site.

Let's face it; there is a ton of literature on the internet. Hours could be spent going from one website to another reading, eventually resulting in a large quantity of reading but very little retention. What if your site had a video that allowed the visitor and potential customer to sit back and with one click, have all of the key points of your business described in detail to them with the help of visuals? This automatically makes it easier for customers to absorb information on what you have to offer them.

A well thought out sales pitch put to video can also create more enthusiasm than written word, and that enthusiasm is picked up by the viewer. Think about radio commercials for a moment, and how just the voice and tone of an excited announcer can draw your attention to what they are saying. Have you ever felt compelled to take a detour to their store? Now imagine that verbal encouragement set to video, showcasing YOUR business.

Corporate video promotion gives the listener visual aids in the form of graphics, words and animation. The combined auditory and visual stimulation engages the visitor. Now this is where you come in. Carefully written and assembled details about what your business offers, how your product or concept can help the viewer, and attention grabbing animation are all set to video. All the while inconspicuously suggesting to the viewer why they need what you have to offer.

We've only hit the tip of the iceberg. Business promotion is just one way to use a corporate video production. Employee training videos, health and safety planning and seminars can all be put on a DVD and used for years to come.

So let's recap. Corporate video promotion through Your World Prodcutions is a highly effective advertising tool that will potentially bring your business to the forefront of the Internet, engage your future customers by offering important details about how you can help them, increasing the chance they remember it all, and quite possibly close the sale. Sounds like a solid advertising plan to me!

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R. K. Narayan’s Attitude Towards the English Language

R. K. Narayans attitude towards the English language:
a postcolonial posture, a utilitarian gesture

This paper is intended to examine R. K. Narayans attitude towards the English language as reflected in his essays. Narayan (1906-2001) was born and grown up in a period when English education was already institutionalised in the Indian Sub-continent. Like other Indian writers in English, such as Raja Rao and Mulk Raj Anand, he received English education and used to write in English from the beginning of his literary career up to the end. However, he is seen to have used the English language and literary form to scrutinise colonialism and depict the Indian society continually under change due to the colonial rule. A part of this endeavour seems to be evident in Narayans attitude towards the English language. Narayans position in this regard is deemed quite ambivalent and complex he is aware that English is the language of the colonist, yet he is found to have accepted it for practical reasons. That is, his attitude towards the English language appears to have resulted from and shaped by the reality prevailing in the postcolonial setting.

Keywords: R. K. Narayan, attitude, English language, postcolonial posture, utilitarian gesture

The study of the English language and literature in the postcolonial context seems to be a densely political and cultural phenomenon (Ashcroft, Griffiths and Tiffins 1989: 2-3) and consequently comes under the purview of the postcolonial writers. One of the fundamental assertions of postcolonialism is that the English language and literature have played a very significant role in propounding colonial ideology aimed at the survival and consolidation of the colonial rule (Walder 1998). In other words, the construction of English literary education is part of the colonial cultural design (Viswanathan 1995). Many postcolonial writers have attempted to address the issue of cultural domination through the English language and literature. For instance, Thiongo (1995) opines that the central position given to the study of the English language and literature in Africa emanates from the assumption of the cultural superiority of the West. This is why, he prescribes that the English depa rtments should be abolished from the universities in Africa. Indian novelist Raja Rao (2000: v) states that English is the language of the intellect, not of emotion; and in India English should therefore be appropriated to the level of a dialect which will some day prove to be as distinctive and colourful as the Irish or the American. Hence, postcolonial writing uses the language of the colonists but adapts it to the discourse of the colonised. It is performed by two processes: abrogation and appropriation (Ashcroft, Griffiths and Tiffins 1989). Abrogation stands for challenging the notion of universality as claimed by the colonists with regard to the language. Appropriation, on the other hand, is the use of the imperial language to express the cultural experience of the colonised. This is a process by which imperial English is made to encounter vernacular languages. Standard English words are used in many new meanings, and, in turn, the English language receives many new wo rds from indigenous languages. Besides, postcolonial literature emerges out of the tension between these two pulls. Ashcroft, Griffiths and Tiffin (1989: 39) rightly maintain-

in one sense all post-colonial literatures are cross-cultural because they negotiate a gap between worlds, a gap in which the simultaneous processes of abrogation and appropriation continually strive to define and determine their practice.

Thus, challenging and overhauling the Eurocentric notion of language become an essential part of literary decolonisation (Loomba 2001).
As Boehmer (1995) illustrates, almost all the aspects of the world of the colonised including the language of instruction and commerce were dominated by the empire. The colonial education of the middle class people then tended to create mental colonization among them: English-language and -literature instruction played a key role in naturalizing British values (Boehmer 1995:169). By the early 20th century, students from the colonies were heavily influenced by the excellence of the English language and literature. This factor seems to account for the syncretic nature of the postcolonial society, which cannot be compartmentalised into either a purely traditional or a purely alien. Ashcroft, Griffiths and Tiffin (1989: 110) contend, The construction of pure cultural value is always conducted within a radically altered dynamic of power relations. Therefore, a postcolonial reading of R. K. Narayans works, especially essays with regard to his attitude to the English language would likely to reveal that he endeavours to formulate a synthesis between the Indian element and the colonial one.

The colonial education that Narayan received might have influenced his views on the English language since in the classroom Narayan had to see English as the first language, his native language being a second language (Walsh 1982). English was the most prestigious subject due to political, administrative, social, economic and scientific reasons. Although Tamil, the language of Narayans province, and Sanskrit, the classical language of India, were taught in the school, they were considered inferior in status and provided occasions for jokes. Narayan (2001b: 464) admits this in his essay English in India-

But in the classroom neither of these two languages was given any importance; they were assigned to the most helpless among the teachers, the pundits who were treated as a joke by the boys, since they taught only the second language, the first being English as ordained by Lord Macaulay when he introduced English education in India.

Besides encountering textbooks in English in his school and college, Narayan extensively read English literature outside his syllabus. His fathers library at home and his school library were crammed with books on English literature (Narayan 2001b). Narayan took the full opportunity of the libraries and enthusiastically read Scott, Dickens, Rider Haggard, Marie Corelli, Moliere, Pope, Marlowe, Tolstoy, Thomas Hardy and others (Narayan 1995). He was also in touch with the current literary scene through various magazines such as Little Folks, Nineteenth Century and After, Cornhill, Strand Magazine, Mercury, The Spectator, The Times Literary Supplement and The Manchester Guardian. The cumulative impact of this massive reading of the English literature was that he became very well versed in the English language. As a writer, Narayan opted for the English language simply because it suited him better than his mother tongue. In an interview, he says-

I never had any idea that I was writing in another tongue. My whole education has been in English from the primary school, and most of my reading has been in the English language . . . I wrote in English because it came to me very easily. (qtd. by Sundaram 1988)

It was then very unlikely that a writer like Narayan who learned the English language to such an extent as to produce his works in it, would reject or censure it easily on nationalistic grounds.

India became free from the colonial rule in 1947, but the linguistic and cultural implication of colonialism still remained operative, serving two conspicuously unavoidable purposes: a unifying linguistic agency for administration and a means of wider international communication (Kachru: 1995). In the mean time, the issue of either the acceptance or the rejection of the English language became one of the hot debates since the beginning of Indian nationalist movement in the 1920s. Gandhis Swadeshi Movement was aimed at embracing all that was swadeshi (indigenous), and hence English being a foreign language came under the scrutiny of this movement. The use of the English language by the Indians was often denounced, and Hindi was seen as a possible substitute. In his novel Waiting for the Mahatma, Narayan (2001a: 27) has made Gandhi declare that he will not deliver his lecture in English because Its the language of our rulers. It has enslaved us. As Leela Gandhi (1998: 147) poin ts out, Gandhis rejection of the English language stems from his belief in the legitimate cultural primacy of the Indian languages. Nevertheless, the attempted ban on the English language created two contradictory positions among the Indian writers. The first group consisting of the writers using the indigenous languages protested against writing in English on nationalistic grounds. The second group constituted of the Indian writers in English continued writing in the English language to express their Indian experience. These polarities existing at the end of the colonial period surfaced with renewed vigour and extended dimensions after the independence of India (Dharwadker and Dharwadker 1996). Indian lawmakers framed a fifteen- year time limit to upgrade Hindi to the position of the official language of India. However, this project of expelling English within a fixed period yielded almost no result. Iyengar (2000) presents sufficient statistics of 1957 to show that there was no spectacular advance of Hindi, and the position of English as an Indian official language remained the same English was still t he language of inter-state communication or the sole lingua franca, the language of higher administration, law courts, education and examinations. Resultantly, parliamentary enactment gave English the status of an associate language with Hindi.
That Narayan (1988a: 14) was aware of the debate on the position of the English language in his country is evident in his essay Fifteen Years-

. . . various causes, practical, political, etc. have demanded the abolition of English from our midst. It is almost a matter of national propriety and prestige now to declare ones aversion to this language, and to cry for its abolition.
There was a time when many people blindly admired English, and the ability to talk and write in the English language earned great prestige for a person. Notwithstanding, at present the patriotic fervour of the people made the language a hotcake for debate. Narayan (2000) depicts the same situation in his first novel Swami and Friends dealing with the effect of the colonial rule on the Indian people. The novel discloses that while people feel antipathy towards the British, they are also attracted to the paraphernalia of the colonial power. As a result, the colonial language has been the signifier of power and dignity. In the Albert Mission School, English is the most prestigious subject. Sankars name is well known because he can speak to the teachers in English in the open class (Swami and Friends 7); and likewise Rajams friends respect him because he speaks very good English, exactly like a European (Swami and Friends 12). In Fifteen Years, Narayan (1988a) takes a postcolonia l view on this issue, showing his awareness that English is an alien language, yet advocating its use in India for practical purposes. According to him, the day-to-day reality has made it impossible for the Indians to castigate the English language.
Narayan (1988a) presents an imaginary conversation between an Indian judge and the personified English language. The judge puts forth the verdict that the English language must leave the country-

When we said, Quit India, we meant it to apply to Englishmen as well as their language. And there does not seem to be much point in tolerating you in our midst. You are the language of the imperialist, the red-tapist, the diabolical legalist, the language which always means two things at the same time. (Fifteen Years 15)

Contrariwise, in reply to the judge, the English language points out that it has been firmly rooted in the Indian soil. In other words, having been practised for two hundred years, the English language has been part and parcel of the Indian society including its education, cultural activities, government machinery, law courts, business, trades, sports, aviation, navigation, agriculture, science, technology and so forth. In the essay, although the judge feels that the language must quit India, he cannot present any solid ground why it should be so; rather he remains confused and his advocacy inconclusive.
Hence, Narayan (1988a) is found to claim that the English language has been an integral part of the Indian reality. In fact, in the Indian context, it has been turned into the Indian English rather than the English of England. Narayans (1988a: 8) position seems to echo the statement of Iyengar (2000): English has become ours, it is not less ours for being primarily the Englishmans or the Americans.

Narayan (1988a) obviously objectively thinks over the case of Hindi, that is, its establishment as a state language within a limited period of time. And in the essay To a Hindi Enthusiast, he suggests that it is impossible to impose Hindi as a state language in a set time limit. Quoting the aphorism from Shakespeare that ripeness is all, he argues ripeness cannot be forced by a government order or by the prescription of a commission. Like a sociolinguist (e.g. Hudson 1981), he maintains that the growth of a language is a natural process, which cannot be artificially stopped. Narayan (1988a: 26) then advocates the cause of English by adopting a postcolonial view-

For me, at any rate, English is an absolutely swadeshi language. English, of course, in a remote horoscopic sense, is a native of England, but it enjoys, by virtue of its uncanny ability, citizenship in every country in the world. It has sojourned in India longer than you or I and is entitled to be treated with respect. It is my hope that English will soon be classified as a non-regional Indian language.

It is thus evident that Narayan (1988a) is not advocating the servile imitation of the English language or the culture represented and spread by it. Rather, his intention is to absorb it into the grand procession of the Indian languages. The English language would be treated as one in the long list of the Indian languages and dialects, and its inclusion would not at all affect the total pattern of the language habit of the Indian people.

While Narayan (1988b: 28) seems to accept the presence of English in the day-to-day Indian reality, he also analyzes the cause of its popularity, commenting in To a Hindi Enthusiast that half the charm of English was engendered by the manner in which its schoolbooks were produced. The high quality print and coloured frontispiece exhibiting some London Bridge, rivers and towers, and the carefully selected contents with relevant black and white pictures have played a significant role in establishing the English language in this country. Narayans experience is consistent with that of Anita Desai (1996: 222) who writes in her essay A Coat in Many Colors-

Hindi texts we were given to study were, in contrast to the English ones, dry, pedantic, unimaginative, and unrelated to the simplicities of everyday life. They were also unattractively printed and published, a not unimportant factor to a child who, at that age, judges by the feel, the touch, and the taste of things.

It is then evident that both Narayan and Anita Desai are of the opinion that the highly sophisticated and impressive appearance of English books is responsible for their popular appeal to the people in India.
On the whole, Narayans position respecting the issue of the English language is rather complex. He seems to say that it could have been better if Hindi had taken the place of the English language in India, but presently it seems impossible to put Hindi to that exalted status and, therefore, it will be wise to accept the position of the English language. Again, when Narayan speaks in favour of the English language, he does not mean the Kings English; rather he means the language that has been coloured with the Indian context and filled with the vocabulary from the native languages and dialects. In his essay A Literary Alchemy, Narayan (1988c: 197) puts forward his idea of the Indian English which, he thinks, is the inevitable outcome of a natural process-

We have fostered the language for over a century and we are entitled to bring it in line with our own habits of thought and idiom. Americans have adapted the English language to suit their native mood and speech without feeling apologetic, and have achieved directness and unambiguity in expression.

That is, Narayan is suggesting that the Indian people should violate the purist conception of the English language and insert some new expressions suiting the Indian context. To Narayan, expressions like Please do the needful and And oblige are very much pertinent to the Indian context. Although inappropriate according to the purist standard of the English language, these expressions are a masterpiece of economy and contribution to the English language (A Literary Alchemy 198). While Narayan is considering the use of the Indian English, he is, at the same time, proposing to reconstruct the universal criteria of the language. In other words, he is abrogating and appropriating the language.
Narayan (2001c: 480) seems to be mocking at the idea of adhering to the principles laid down by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) which, in his essay After the Raj is described as a sacred cow for us in India. He expresses the same attitude in his essay English in India where he asserts that for maximum benefit the English language must reach the grassroots level of India. And here too he is speaking not of standard English but of its Indian variety: the language must be taught in a simpler manner, through a basic vocabulary, simplified spelling, and explained and interpreted through the many spoken languages of India (Narayan 2001c: 468).

Narayan shows his awareness to the complex issues regarding the position of the English language in the colonial India. He is conscious of the foreign origin of the language and its imperial connotation. Notwithstanding, he clearly depicts how the English language has established a firm root in India and become an essential part of its social reality. Thus, Narayans voice is rather polyphonic.
That is to say, Narayan seems to believe that it is impossible to eliminate the English language from the social reality of India. And he pragmatically suggests the acceptance of the language in its Indianized form. Hence, Narayans attitude towards the English language is formed by the postcolonial reality and utilitarian value. To sum up, as Iyengar (2000: 359) comments, Narayan-

uses the English language much as we used to wear dhoties manufactured in Lancashire but the thoughts and feelings, the stirrings of the soul, the wayward movements of the consciousness, are all of the soil of India.

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Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Ideas to Achieving Home based business Success - Business

There are other people working at home today than in the past. There are lots of benefits that can come from this endeavor. You're able to financial and set your own hours. You are able to stay home and work while you be careful about your children instead of putting them in daycare. You are able to work at something you enjoy instead of dreading moving in to operate every single day. And also the list continues. Anyone can find out about achieving home business success if they have the motivation and dedication.

Once you have created a name for your company, registered it and started with all the basic steps, one very important key to take is to create a website for your business.

The initial step to a successful home business is building a strong foundation. The only way to develop a firm foundation is by using an internet site. How you build, grow, maintain and promote this website may ultimately figure out how successful you become and just how much cash you are making online.

If you wish to achieve home based business success, developing a website is crucial. This really is one of the first steps to building a strong foundation. An internet site can help you achieve a reputation for your company online and can bring inside a larger customer base for your company.

Always remember to grow and maintain your site. You should update it regularly, always including new pieces, making updates where necessary and giving you better web site to have it in the most effective shape for the customers. The way in which your website looks sends a message to customers and prospects. The better it looks, the more it looks like you look after your business and therefore are willing to put the effort in.

Guarantee the website is simple to navigate so that customers do not get lost. It should be high quality and detailed although not confusing to ensure that even an Internet novice can make their way through the site and find what they are looking for. If you opt to start your personal site from scratch, you are able to design the website yourself or hire an expert web design company to do it for you.

A website is really a significant part of achieving home based business success. It is one of the best promotional tools any company may use and can help you make significantly more money. It does not have to cost you anything to begin up a website for the business there are even sites which do all the work for you personally and you simply enter in the required information and add in your posts.

Even if your business is already quite successful, you can always are in position to bring in more customers. An internet site helps spread the word about your company while offering convenience and price savings for you personally. Rather than having to pay rent for any building then sell your product or service out of a retail store, that you can do everything online.

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Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

Jewels By Park Lane Review - Scam Or Legit?

For those of you who are researching the Jewels by Park Lane business opportunity, this Jewels by Park Lane review will be providing you with the much needed information to assist you in your decision process. I will be focusing primarily on the business opportunity that they offer. Does Jewels by Park Lane offer a legitimate business opportunity that will provide you with the potential to solidify your financial future? Lets begin my Jewels by Park Lane review.

With their roots dating back to 1955, Jewels by Park Lane is a company that offers high quality fine jewelry to their customers in the homes and living rooms of others. This gives customers the ability to shop for their jewelry items in a fun and uplifting home party environment.

Jewels by Park Lane has chosen a multi-level marketing distribution channel to promote their products around the globe. This gives every day people the ability to build a home based business with an unlimited earning potential, and with a schedule of your choice to fit your needs.

Jewels by Park Lane charges a $39 registration fee to join as a Representative. For this price, you will receive $1000 in jewelry samples for use in your home parties.

What kind of training can I expect as a new Jewels by Park Lane Consultant?

Jewels by Park Lane is a multi-level marketing business that utilizes traditional network marketing techniques. What does this mean for you? Simply put, you will be encouraged to make a list of friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers to begin marketing to. You will contact this list to schedule home parties, and encourage them to invite their family and friends to attend. You will conduct these parties, showcase products, accept orders, and schedule your next party with any willing participants. The marketing and business building training that you will receive from Jewels by Park Lane will be based upon these methods.

In my opinion, Jewels by Park Lane is a legitimate company. They offer a vast selection of jewelry to match any taste or preference, proving that they are not a scam. You only need to take into consideration the challenges of building a business around family and friends. This is not a business that will provide you with an immediate solution to your current financial situation, and the attrition rate in this business is very high. However, if you possess the marketing skills to achieve success in this business, Jewels by Park Lane offers great potential for your success.

As always, I wish you success in your search for a home based business for you and your family.

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Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

4 Winning Characteristics of the Best Home Business Opportunities

Why would anyone search for the best home business opportunities? Why leave the security of the traditional workforce to strike out on one's own? Every year, the number of work from home entrepreneurs grows, and there's a reason for that. Actually, there are four compelling reasons, outlined below:

Flexible Working Hours

Most people, when looking for a job outside of the traditional workforce, will say they need more flexibility than their current jobs offer. The biggest benefit a successful business opportunity can give you is the choice to work when you want, as long as you want.

If you have special scheduling needs, and must accommodate pre-school aged children, an elderly parent, or your own particular conflicts, then a work at home situation is the ideal way to balance work and family. Some other people work better first thing in the morning or late into the night, so the work from home entrepreneur can also arrange hi s or her workday around when s/he feels most productive.
Write Your Own Paycheck

Another reason people leave the traditional workforce is frustration with pay. If you are employed at a job where you are not financially rewarded for your efforts, it's difficult to keep working at 110% all the time. It's also frustrating to see the results of your hard work wasted by an inept boss or lazy coworkers.

So, it's common for the average Joe or average Jane to leave the 9 to 5 world for self-employment, where you can write your own paycheck. When you are working from home, all of your efforts go to enrich your bottom line. That's an empowering feeling, knowing that you are ensuring your own financial success.

Be Your Own Boss

Many people are self-starters who feel trapped in the traditional workplace environment. If you have the kind of dedicated, driven personality that makes you self-accountable, then you really don't need a supervisor watching over your e very move. In fact, you work much more effectively if you can be your own boss.

So there you have it, another reason an employee might actually function better--some would say up to his or her full capacity--as an entrepreneur. Once you have the ability to be your own boss, you will be able to take your home based business to the top without needing much in the way of training or hand-holding.

Seize Control of Your Financial Future

If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that you can no longer depend upon a corporation to protect your financial well-being. How many baby boomers out there expected to retire and found they suddenly couldn't? How awesome would it be to know that your financial future was securely in your own hands?

Once you become an entrepreneur, you seize control of your own financial future. Not just through your hard work and dedication to growing your business, but through your own re tirement planning--which doesn't have to include any corporate stock matches. It's the single best way you can take charge of your future so you can live the life you deserve.

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Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

Best Home Business Opportunities – Work At Home Moms Home Business Ideas

Because of the demand for mothers to stay at their home and take care of their kids, most of them would look for the best home business opportunities that will help supplement the familys income.

So what are some of the home business opportunities that you can start at home?

Do you love taking care of pets that you consider yourself a surrogate mother of them? If this is so then you can try setting up a pet grooming house or sell pet-based products. Pet owners would want nothing but the best for their pets so most of them would definitely find the mean to invest for this kind of service.
Are you fond of cooking? Catering business is definitely the one for you. If you are comfortable of holding events and planning special affairs then there is no doubt that youll progress in this field.

Another home business idea would be to start an internet business. The barriers to entry are low and you can start a home business for less than $100. All you need is a domain and webhosting and you can get started.

Alternatively, you can simply become an ebay seller and sell home made items on ebay. Or you can source for dropshippers who do all the inventory and shipping for you. Many people have a made a full time income just by selling on ebay.

If you dont like the idea of having a home or online business, you can also take on freelance jobs online. They are several freelancer sites online such as elance.com which provides thousands of freelance job listening.

Depending on your skill set, you can become a freelancer writer, programmer, web designer, technical support assistant, virtual assistant or even a marketing or SEO consultant.

To get started, simply browse through the listings on freelancer websites and see which are the jobs you can accomplish.

So you see making money at home isnt that difficult. Whether you are planning to start a home or internet business or looking for freelancer jobs, it is best to start with something you are familiar whether from your past job experience or your passion.

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Jumat, 19 Oktober 2012

Approach one of the best home business opportunities

There are a lot of opportunities to start a home based business online but the quality of each opportunity could depend on how your business runs. Your business could run like a 1990 Buick Skylark or it could be running like a Dodge Viper. Taking the right approach is important in finding the best home business opportunities out there. If you do not take the right approach you could end up wasting your money.

The first approach you need to take is within yourself. Motivation to making it to the top and earning the big bucks is what you must have to be successful online. There shouldn't be a reason not to believe this isn't possible either. Each day thousands of dollars are cycled throughout the internet. Your soon to be competition is tapping into that source right now but theres still time to beat them.

The second approach you need to take is to have faith and believe in yourself until you finally earn the set income you want to obtain. The sky is the limit in this business and your set income will show for how much work you put into it. The best part about it though is once you put in the hard work it pays out very well and could become completely automated once you get things started.

The last approach you need to take is to get started. Time is money and time spent on contemplating whether to start your own home business or not could determine the money in your pockets. Money can be made online in days so you don't want to wait around till the bills have to be paid. If this is your first home business getting started is easy too. A man named Stone Evans, known as the HomeBiz Guy, has set up a proven formula in starting an online business that has been made into a training guide. The best part about it is that this is free with a list of other awesome bonuses. Simply one of the best home business opportunities is the Plug" _mce_rel="nofollow" onclick="javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link/2980192']);" href="http://tpcnow.com/aboutme/About_Me3.htm">Plug">http://tpcnow.com/aboutme/About_Me3.htm">Plug in Profit Site .

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Kamis, 18 Oktober 2012

Are You Looking For The Best Home Business Opportunities For Yourself?

Have you been searching high and low for the best home business opportunities for you to own and operate? Don't fret, there are all kinds of them that you can choose from on the Internet. The first thing to do is to make a list of questions to ask yourself when you consider any work at home business opportunity.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself About a Business Opportunity

How much can I realistically expect to earn?

Do I have the right experience to succeed or would I need to undertake some training?

How much capital do I need to start and run the business until it gets into profit?

Would I enjoy working at this every day?

The answer to the last question is crucial. If you don't enjoy your work, you won't be as successful as you might otherwise be. The most successful people are passionate about their work. If your feelings are lukewarm, this will be reflected in the performance of your business. Don't swap a job that makes you miserable for a home business that leaves you feeling unfulfilled.

Moreover, there are some things that a home business opportunity should provide you with when you join. If they give you these things, it will be much easier for you to start making money.

Things That A Business Opportunity Should Provide You With

First, you should be given your own website. Preferably one that you can customize however you want to. A lot of the business opportunities out there will not allow you to change the website that they give you. That is okay if this is not important to you. However, being able to change your website to anything you want it to look like will give you more control.

Second, they should provide you with the training that you need to help you learn how to market your home business. This is important for anyone to know and have at his or her disposal, especially if you are new. Without knowing how to market your business you will not have any luck making money with any opportunity.

Third, they should give you marketing materials to help you get started right away. You will not have any idea what to put together on your own to market your business if you are new.
Finally, there are also some things that you need to know about a company before you join.

Things You Need to Find Out About A Home Based Business Opportunity

First, is their customer service any good? You want to be able to contact somebody and get an answer when you need help with something. Next, do they provide you with a forum where you can interact with other people who are doing the same home business you are? This can be good when you need help with marketing, ideas, or you just need someone's advice. Next, are there any complaints about the company with the Better Business Bureau?

These are just a few things that you need to have provided for you and need to know about the company before you join. You will be able to tell the quality of the company by finding these things out first.

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Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Best Home Business Opportunities for Stay at Home Moms

If you are a stay at home mom, you may wonder what the best home business opportunities are that fit your situation. Are you worried that in-home child care is your only option? Rest assured, there are many different ways to earn a lucrative part-time or full-time income while still caring for your family's needs. These opportunities are the best way you can balance work and family so you can live the life you deserve.

Direct Sales

Direct sales are one of the top home based business opportunities for stay at home moms. In fact, direct sales have been around since the turn of the last century when it wasn't really proper for a woman to work outside the home. But a few enterprising women started working for direct sales companies while staying at home anyway and thus the lasting success of corporations like Mary Kay, Avon, and Tupperware was born.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of successful business opportunities available in direct sales, pitching products ranging from cosmetics to handbags to stationery. With the range of products available, there is sure to be something out there you will enjoy selling from home.
You can also make and sell your own products. If you have hobbies that revolve around crafting, you can actually turn your passion into a successful home business idea. Hobbies that work well in this instance include: baking, any of the needle arts, scrapbooking, photography, and jewelry making. You can sell items from your own website or on a storefront website like eBay or Etsy.

Network Marketing

Network marketing is another one of the successful home based business opportunities that have been around for decades. It's very similar to direct sales, in that you sell a product for another company. However, you are encouraged to recruit other salespeople to your home company, and you earn a commission on each of your recruits' sales.

Network marketing has gotten a bad reputation thanks to unsavory pyramid schemes which proliferated in the 1980s and early 1990s. But if you find a legitimate organization, it remains a great way to make money from home.

You can also use network marketing principles to promote your own company in the global marketplace. If you have products or services to sell, a network marketing system such as GPT (Get Paid Today) can help you compete against multinational corporations with just the click of a mouse. The principles can be easily adapted to any small business, regardless of size or what you sell. In fact, one enterprising entrepreneur used it to market the pet beds she made at home.

Turnkey Operations/Franchises

Another good option for the work from home mom is a turnkey operation, also known as a franchise. These are prepackaged businesses that you can purchase and then open as your own. Everything, from product development to marketing, has already been done for you, so you can literally just "turn the key" and start running the business. A popular and visible example of a franchise is a fast food restaurant chain, although you can also purchase Internet turnkey operations.

Franchises are beneficial because they have millions of dollars of market research, advertising plans, product development, and brand name recognition going for them. In a sense, they are a fail proof way to make a living. On the other hand, they do require a large investment up front and offer very little room for customization, so if you are of a creative personality you might find a franchise too restrictive.

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Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

Choosing The Best Home Business Opportunities Now

The internet is awash with various business opportunities in all conceivable niches. However finding the best home business opportunities for the new marketer can be a daunting task. But following a few guidelines in making the choice makes this a less onerous task. This article attempts to provide these guidelines.

The starting point in your search for the best home business opportunities is to first locate you niche in the internet market. This may be an area that you possess general knowledge or have had some specialized training in. Your niche may be something that you absolutely love and this is a great niche that you will stay passionate about.

Ones you locate your best home business opportunities, you should then ensure that you target your customers appropriately. You want to speak directly to your audience and if you have an all female audience make sure that you are speaking directly to women and this can make a big difference in the response you get. Building a personal relationship with your customers will help you to succeed and obtain a huge clientele or solid customer base.

When putting up your website for the best home business opportunities,ensure that adequate research is undertaken. This website will be presented to all your customers on your list and should reflect your business correctly and also display your level of professionalism. Most people do not posses the skills to build a good site and instead of trying to do this on your own, you may want to let a professional build a good site for you.

The role of marketing in the ownership and success of the best home business opportunities should understood and appraised right from the beginning. It can be very difficult to get your business out there and viewable to others, and this may be something you want to start thinking about early on.

The ultimate home business opportunities are the ones that match your life style. You may have to search to find the perfect opportunity, but it is out there and it can help you make all of your business dreams come true.

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Senin, 15 Oktober 2012

Information on Best Home Business Opportunities

There are a large number of websites offering the best home business opportunities, and while some charge for the information that they provide, others are generally giving it away for free. These are not the sites for those who are looking for jobs with the thought that they are going to transform them into money making machines.

Simply put, you should not expect to make a small investment, and then sit back and watch as the dollars roll in. These sites offer real and practical home business opportunities. Such opportunities require one who is ready to work hard and learn all of the required knowledge and skills.

There are opportunities that have been projected to be in very great demand in the near future, one of them being home renovation services. Analysts have predicted that there is no sign of this trend slowing down any time soon, something that makes them hot home business opportunities.

The simple logic here is that as the po pulation grows, people age, and then the need for proper housing increases. As such, those engaging in such a business are bound to focus on improving their housing arrangements. Catering services also form some of the promising home business opportunities. This is because such services have now found their way into homes of career couples.

Busy families are slowly turning to food being brought in as opposed to the more expensive take out activities. This opportunity favors those with a knack for preparing appealing and nourishing food and those who are also able to deliver it while it is hot. There are clearly a number of best home business opportunities out there in the marketplace today.

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Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

Best Home Business Opportunities – Are you Overwhelmed on what to do?

Best Home Business Opportunities Are you overwhelmed on what to do? Most people are. It is scary, frustrating and overwhelming to find the best home business opportunities for you. There are many questions that need to be answered. Are you ready to fire your boss and gain the life that you have truly wanted? I truly understand that the process of finding and starting a new business online can seem difficult at times. But I am here to help you understand why all the frustration can be great!

The best home business opportunities are going to seem overwhelming to you. There is no question. And the only way that they are not is if you have been in the industry for many years or you dont have a pulse. But the secret is that is GOOD!! So you are saying Whatever! But let me explain why when you are feeling overwhelmed and your brain is about to explode with information overload that it is a good thing.

First, if you have this feeling of overwhelm your learning new skills to serve you better in your future. When you are not learning something new it is a bad thing. The internet changes so fast that if you dont keep up you will be left behind in a couple of months. You are going through some pain to learn new skills in your new found business, yet you are strengthening your mind and your threshold. Remember, Pain will always teach you more than pleasure will! So understand this overwhelm is because your growing as a human and that is a good thing!

Next, when you feel overwhelmed youre not regressing. Your beat when you feel comfortable in life. Youre in your comfort zone. Its never good to be in your comfort zone in life. I know that this sounds strange but all the top producers in the best home business opportunities are constantly going out on a limb and leaving their comfort zone. Therefore, your growing, not regressing and thats a good thing.

And last you r growing mentally stronger when you feel overwhelm. You will be better served when obstacles come toward you in your business. The stronger that you are mentally then the better chances that you will succeed in best home business opportunities.

So dont let the feeling of overwhelm scare you, when you do feel it just know that you are on the right track to succeed. But when you do not have that overwhelm feeling in life then you need to challenge yourself more. Now go out and find the best home business opportunities for you!

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Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

What Is The Best Home Business Opportunity?

So people are always asking me: What is the best home business opportunityon the web? Unfortunately, there is no secret answer. There are countless opportunities out there on the web and many people are making a tidy profit from them. The key is to understand that the best opportunity for you is actually your situation. When you are at the stage that you have a need to make some extra money you'll be motivated to take action.

This may be because you've lost your job or never had a job in the first place, or you're sick and tired of always looking at the price before even considering a nice restaurant or simply because you want to spend more time with the family. It doesn't matter what it is but you need to have a 'need' and in many cases a desperate need.

So you've decided to start a home business and you're searching the internet for the best home business opportunity. Remember this, there are a lot of good if not great opportunities out there but there are also a lot of scams. A good test is find out what the forums are saving about the opportunities. Here you'll find real people who will tell you real stories and the actual income that can be made from the opportunities rather that a website claiming high profits. You'll also find honest reviews about many different opportunities. I've found the warrior forum to be a great place for this. The key is to find one or two opportunities that are genuine, ligament and truthful, then run with them.

To be honest, it will start slow. Stories of making 10,000 by next week sound great but in truth they are just wishful thinking. Prepare for a road of leaning and making mistakes. These mistakes can be greatly reduced if you have a mentor to guide you through the pitfalls. If you joined a good program this will be the person who introduced you, your sponsor. They should be guiding you on a daily basis to help you achieve your targets. Well this is what I do with all my new recruits. If your program doesn't have this kind of support you'll have to look elsewhere. I've found the warrior forum a very good place to bounce ideas of other people.

So you've chosen the best business opportunity for you, one that you like and can enjoy and now you're on to promoting it all over the internet. Suddenly your inbox grows by 100 per cent. This unfortunately, is not with orders but with other opportunities. What has happened is people recognise that you're interested in starting an internet business and they try to lure you away from you current program with promises of instant money and little work. They are doing this now because you are at your most vulnerable. That is; unsure of yourself, probably haven't made any money yet and thinking about jacking it in. Unfortunately, many people fall for this and they spend their time jumping from one program to the next making no money at all. If you want to be successful, you'll have to trust in your judgement and due diligence. Stick with it and you will slowly find that you've have the best home business opportunity.


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Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

Testing Lead to Preventive Measure

Why testing is important for any product? Everybody knows about it but ignores it intentionally, especially when change is minor. Normally, people assume that for small changes why we should spend so much time on testing. The reason is, we are using so many tools and technologies available in the market without even knowing 20% of its usage and implication. Do we really aware of these tools being passed all the testing hurdles? Do we really understand the limitations? Do we understand internal complexity of it? Do we analyze if it would be fit for our project? Even though, if, it is known to the architect/designer, is this knowledge pass down to the developer level? The answer is NO!!!!!

That is reason why I would suggest having more review & testing time than earlier.

Testing team should be completely different from development team and directly reporting to client. That way, client can ensure correctness and completeness of development. It is a difficult thing to convince service industry, but, client should make themselves aware of these facts.

Software testing is to ensure the business and technical requirement is being met based on the test data and controlled as well as uncontrolled operating conditions.

Software testing is a process of creating test cases based on requirement (both business & technical) and run it under conditions to see the expected results. The result in software testing is either pass or fail. You can compare this to your exams!!!!! It is the examination time for development team.

There various methods that can be used for software product. But, the methods should be chosen based on following criteria: 1. Type of project/product (Development, Maintenance, Support,) 2. Size of the project/product 3. Type of talent in the team Testing is a major contributor in deciding on preventive action to be taken.

Companies normally put good amount of money on quality, six sigma, CMM assessment but one thing that they forget is all these processes will work perfectly when you have strong review & testing team/process. Unless, you understand every possible issue, small or big, there is no way you can prevent it in future.

I remember one incident when we were developing a client based product. This was the time when we were hardcore developers. We have developed it with solid design (using OOPs methodology, those days it was bigger achievement) and used all the robust objects under VC++. The product got developed and I was assigned to do the testing of the product. I did the testing and passed it. However, one of my friends had some doubt on this and sat with me for another round of testing. We have tested this product by running the same application again and again. After testing it 14th time, there is an object in the menu got disappear!! Subsequently, for each cycle of testing objects are getting disappeared

The problem was we release an object which is created by us, however, as per the guideline this object will also get released by compiler as well.

You know, what the preventive measure is for this..Why testing is important for any product? Everybody knows about it but ignores it intentionally, especially when change is minor. Normally, people assume that for small changes why we should spend so much time on testing. The reason is, we are using so many tools and technologies available in the market without even knowing 20% of its usage and implication. Do we really aware of these tools being passed all the testing hurdles? Do we really understand the limitations? Do we understand internal complexity of it? Do we analyze if it would be fit for our project? Even though, if, it is known to the architect/designer, is this knowledge pass down to the developer level? The answer is NO!!!!!

That is reason why I would suggest having more review & testing time than earlier.

Testing team should be completely different from development team and directly reporting to client. That way, client can ensure correctness and completeness of development. It is a difficult thing to convince service industry, but, client should make themselves aware of these facts.

Software testing is to ensure the business and technical requirement is being met based on the test data and controlled as well as uncontrolled operating conditions.

Software testing is a process of creating test cases based on requirement (both business & technical) and run it under conditions to see the expected results. The result in software testing is either pass or fail. You can compare this to your exams!!!!! It is the examination time for development team.

There various methods that can be used for software product. But, the methods should be chosen based on following criteria: 1. Type of project/product (Development, Maintenance, Support,) 2. Size of the project/product 3. Type of talent in the team Testing is a major contributor in deciding on preventive action to be taken.

Companies normally put good amount of money on quality, six sigma, CMM assessment but one thing that they forget is all these processes will work perfectly when you have strong review & testing team/process. Unless, you understand every possible issue, small or big, there is no way you can prevent it in future.

I remember one incident when we were developing a client based product. This was the time when we were hardcore developers. We have developed it with solid design (using OOPs methodology, those days it was bigger achievement) and used all the robust objects under VC++. The product got developed and I was assigned to do the testing of the product. I did the testing and passed it. However, one of my friends had some doubt on this and sat with me for another round of testing. We have tested this product by running the same application again and again. After testing it 14th time, there is an object in the menu got disappear!! Subsequently, for each cycle of testing objects are getting disappeared

The problem was we release an object which is created by us, however, as per the guideline this object will also get released by compiler as well.

You know, what the preventive measure is for this..

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Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

Dinamalar Tamil newspaper

About Dinamalar.com (dinamalar.com): Dinamalar.com is a leading Publication portal from India. It offers various news like political, general, cinema, sports, spiritual, Temple news in Tamil language. It offers textual content, imagery content and video content through round the clock (24x7) update. Dinamalar.com, No.1*, Indian Publication Portal as per Alexa.com ranking. 40% traffic comes from India and 60% are NRI traffic. To cover International Tamilian news we have more than 40 overseas special correspondents.

Dinamalar.com is ranked #2,047 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. The site is located in India. While this site is ranked #161 in India, where we estimate that 78% of its visitors are located, it is also popular in Qatar, where it is ranked #82, and visitors to the site spend roughly twelve minutes per visit to the site and 59 seconds per pageview. Approximately 22% of visits to Dinamalar.com are bounces (one pageview only).

About Dinamalar.com (dinamalar.com): Dinamalar.com is a leading Publication portal from India. It offers various news like political, general, cinema, sports, spiritual, Temple news in Tamil language. It offers textual content, imagery content and video content through round the clock (24x7) update. Dinamalar.com, No.1*, Indian Publication Portal as per Alexa.com ranking. 40% traffic comes from India and 60% are NRI traffic. To cover International Tamilian news we have more than 40 overseas special correspondents.

Dinamalar.com is ranked #2,047 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings. The site is located in India. While this site is ranked #161 in India, where we estimate that 78% of its visitors are located, it is also popular in Qatar, where it is ranked #82, and visitors to the site spend roughly twelve minutes per visit to the site and 59 seconds per pageview. Approximately 22% of visits to Dinamalar.com are bounces (one pageview only).

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Rabu, 10 Oktober 2012

Is Abolishing Tamil Schools the Solution?

In the last couple of weeks there have been a good deal of interesting and important comments made on the Tamil/Indian Malaysian community. The guiding thread in all these comments has been the problems faced by the community, the causes of the problems within the community and suggestions of corrective measures. Watson Road Tamil School, Port Klang.

The most dramatic problem that took a lot of space in the mainstream media and caught a lot people's attention recently was about the menace of gangsterism in the community.

If one surveys the various comments carefully, three causes for the problems of the Tamil Malaysian community come to mind. These causes are economic and political marginalisation; Tamil cinema; and Tamil schools.

No benefits

Many middle- and upper-middle class Tamil/Indian Malaysians hold a view that Tamil schools are practically useless. Students in Tamil schools do not benefit either educationally or economically. And, worse, Tamil schools have become a hotbed for nurturing and sustaining vices and gangsterism.

So why maintain an institution that does not do any good for the Tamil Malaysian community and generally embarrasses the Indian community. Their solution: Get rid of Tamil schools.

On the surface this seems like a reasonable proposal. But is it? The proposal is based on the assumption that in comparison to Tamil education, putting Tamil Malaysians in the national type schools will solve the educational and economic needs of the community and that the community would eventually gain.

On what basis is this assumption really made? If the national type schools are doing better, why are they doing better in comparison to Tamil schools? To make sense of these questions, we need to look at some basics.

What is education for? What are its goals?

Simply put, education must be able to prepare young people in terms of cognitive, affective and motor skills so that they are prepared to meet the needs of the economy (which is the economic agenda of education).

Secondly, education must be geared towards producing youth who are informed, sensitive and critically responsive to one's social and natural surroundings (the "active citizenship"/political agenda of education).

Lastly, it has to groom young people to actively sustain and live a cultural form of life (the cultural agenda of education).

In a multi-cultural environment, all these inter-related and inter-dependent aspects are really much more complicated.

To continue with the questions, what is the basis of the "abandon Tamil schools" argument? The Tamils are asked to dump Tamil schools because the critics perceive that the national type schools are better equipped to achieve the economic agenda of modern education. Or, it is assumed that students going through the national type schools seem to be able to perform well economically later on in their life.

Really, the critics of Tamil schools only have this to sustain their arguments. Because they feel that Tamil education gets us "nowhere here" (read: does not give young Tamils in Malaysia bargaining power in the labour market), Tamil schools need to go.

In other words, Tamil schools have failed in their economic agenda and therefore have no right to exist. (Of course, some even feel that they have failed in their cultural agenda, having become a breeding ground of, say, problems like gangsterism.)

As one recent critic suggested, Tamil education is useful perhaps only in Tamil Nadu, India, from where Tamils come from, but certainly not in Malaysia. Though seemingly plausible, this position is really practically shortsighted, culturally suicidal and politically nave.

Cultural agenda

We need answers to many critical questions before we can even start thinking or understanding the consequences of doing away with an institution. It is easy to do away with an institution but difficult to build one.
In fact, I don't think the critics have even thought about the sheer practical problems that will ensue if the Tamil schools are closed down. Education even in this form for many Tamil children will become practically unavailable. And what will happen to all the teachers? This suggestion looks like another recipe for further marginalisation.

There are more questions. Have we done enough longitudinal investigations to show whether the majority of Malaysians educated in Tamil schools are doing well or not given the social, economic and political odds faced by Tamils and their institutions?

In fact, if the above question is answered affirmatively, there will be nothing to criticise, and therefore no critics, within the present framework. To prove that this will be so, we need not look very far: just take a look at Chinese education in this country.

Have the critics really explored why the Tamil schools are not doing as well as the national type schools in relation to the economic agenda? In this context, people like to compare Tamil education with Chinese education and ask an unreasonable question: "Why can't the Tamils/ Indians organise their education like the Chinese?"

In fact, it is behind such kinds of questions that the focus on the responsibility of the government in a multi-ethnic society is lost. The comparison is really insensitive to the distinctive trajectories of the histories of the Chinese and the Tamil/Indian people in Malaya, and later Malaysia. Of course, the leadership of the Indian community is also certainly to be blamed.

To continue, have we studied the career path of students in the national type schools for purposes of comparison with those who are being educated in their mother tongue, in this case Tamil? How many students from poor Tamil/Indian/Malaysian families remain in the national educational system till they reach secondary and tertiary levels of education or benefit from the system beyond the secondary level of education?

What are the types of career paths available to young Tamils/Indians? Does ethnicity influence different career paths? Is the different educational stream (Tamil stream or national stream) the primary reason that affects a young Tamil/Indian's career path and economic well-being within our ethnically charged socio-cultural environment?

The critics seem to be unaware of an important goal of education: the cultural agenda of education. In considering this, have we done our homework to find out which stream helps greater self-development and culturally stronger identity formation? Have the critics considered the impact of education through non-mother tongue medium on children?

What is the status of ethnic/mother tongue education in this country? What is our commitment to multiculturalism and educating young Malaysians in multicultural competencies?

What is our commitment to a culturally diverse and active national community? Is mother tongue education the responsibility of a particular ethnic community or the national government? What is the Malaysian government doing for the education of the Tamil minority - and other minorities - in their mother tongue?

Government's business

I think there is a need to evaluate the extensive research available relating mother tongue education to intellectual and emotional, and consequently, the self-development of a child. Yes, there are practical and governance problems about realising mother tongue education, the goals of multicultural education or nation building. However, burying our head in the sand like an
ostrich will not certainly be helpful in resolving them!

Is it really difficult for a society and its government - if it only had the political will - to make the Tamil education stream sufficiently productive by upgrading the schools and its facilities and by improving the standard of its teachers and their performance?

In attacking Tamil school and Tamil education, critics are careful to overlook or avoid an in-depth reflection on the responsibility of a government in educating its citizens in a multi-ethnic society or on the cultural goal of education. There seem to be little realisation about the direct consequence of this on the economic agenda of education.

In fact, some will even tell us that we should stop demanding the government for everything. But education is not just anything. It is about creating the "soul" of a community and the nation. It is perhaps not the interest of "this government" but it certainly must be the business of "the government".

There are in fact more areas in which we do not have sufficient information. For instance, how do our teachers deal with ethnicity in a multi-ethnic classroom? It would be nave to believe that all our primary and secondary schoolteachers are ethnically neutral and imbued with multi-racial/ multi-ethnic wisdom. There have been many cases of cultural and ethnic insensitivity and abuse in Malaysian schools. Has anyone considered what would have been the impact of this on students'

Many cases reported in the mainstream newspapers involved Tamil/Indian children in the multi-ethnic national educational system. While such events
have been reported in the daily newspapers, I have not read much on how teachers have been taken to task or made accountable for their ethnic insensitivity. Such a kind of situation certainly affects the performance and morale of Tamil/Indian children, as it must children of any other ethnic community.

Ornamental reason

A critic of Tamil education recently suggested that Tamil language be taught in a casual and not in an institutionalised way. There is great danger in this. This is a sure recipe for loss of mother tongue in the long run. Language teaching needs to be institutionalised, transmitted and used inter- generationally. There must be social avenues to keep it a living language not just left to the interest on this or that individual or this or that parent. To preserve a culture for ornamental reasons is to insult it. The suggestions of the critic are a sure pathway to the "extinction" of a language (at least from the Malaysian environment).

The Malaysian national educational system is hardly multicultural in content and/or practice. Our cultural policy is hardly clear or precise about its approach to mother tongues - certainly more than just Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, or Tamil - in Malaysia or about paying attention to building multi-ethnic/cultural competencies. Even in areas of stated intentions to introduce, at the tertiary level, courses on civilisations, civilisations other that the Islamic one has not been adequately addressed.

Thus, the national educational system is an utter failure in terms of education's cultural agenda. Our national educational system is hardly the place to look for an active and informed support for ethnic cultural diversity in this country. The market, mediated by the national educational system, influences a national consumerist cultural outlook. A subterranean theme of the national educational system is to create more of the same, to standardise. There is an Americanisation of a public.

In Malaysia, ethnically compartmentalised thinking and action in relation to what I think are national issues, systematic long-term official neglect of ethnic cultural institutions, suggestions of legal difficulties to take corrective actions to improve or upgrade Tamil schools, poor leadership and untimely political intervention have the direct potential of killing Tamil schools and education eventually. We really don't need critics.But there are hardly any good reasons for dumping Tamil schools or mother tongue education. In fact, we will be going against an important social current of the present millennium - the active protection and promotion of enlightened ethnic cultural diversity.

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