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Corporate Speed Reading

Corporate Speed Reading: Overview

The written word is everywhere. In todays fast-paced, get-it-done-yesterday world, being able to speed readand remember what you readis nearly a matter of professional life or death. If your reading speed is more tortoise than hare, perhaps its time to look into a new way of reading.

Learning to speed read actually involves teaching your brain to read in a new way.

"But wait!" you say. "It took years to learn how to read before. I just dont have that kind of time."

Never fear! With our Speed Read Complete Corporate edition, you will be able to double your reading speed in only an hour in the privacy of your own home or office! This time-tested method of teaching your brain to speed read has been taught in live seminars for decades all around the US and the e-books have been translated into five languages.

Are you still unsure about signing up for an online speed readin g course? Have you handed over hundreds of dollars before, only to read a few words a minute faster? With our Speed Read Complete courseincluding three e-books as well as supplementary MP3 audio files which you can take anywherewe guarantee you will be reading noticeably faster and comprehending more or every penny of your money back.

Start our Speed Read Complete Corporate course (a minimum of a sixth grade reading level is necessary) with the book Speed Reading in Only One Hour. Move on to our Complete Speed Reading Program: Corporate Version. In our course you will learn not only how to speed read, but also how to learn to control sub-vocalization, vary your reading speed, batch process, and important techniques for positive thinking.

Not only will you double your reading speed in just one hour, using our time-tested Speed Read Complete course, youll be able to increase your memory, recall, concentration, note taking, and more. In less than three we eks, you could even see a promotion at work due to your new-found love of learning.

The Speed Read Complete was written based on a 3-day lecture course by Dr. Jay Polmar, an accomplished author and university and community college professor who has written more than 100 books. Dr. Polmar has helped hundreds of thousands all around the world read faster and get ahead. Let him help you improve your life!

Benefits to Business with Speed Reading:

Words are everywhere. No matter where you go, you cannot get away from the written word.

Being able to read and comprehend faster will help you not only when you want to read for pleasure, but it will help you in business even more.

The ability to speed readreading more than 600 words in a minute with at least a 80% comprehension ratewill help you immensely in the corporate world. Read over corporate reportsyours and your competitorsin half the time, giving yours elf time to work on other projects. Read other books more quickly to increase your knowledge on other subjects you can use to get ahead in business. Keep the peace at home by reading that book your husband or wife has been nagging you about in only an hour or two!

With our Speed Read Complete Corporate course, improve your reading speed, memory, reading comprehension and recall, concentration, and note taking. You will be climbing the corporate ladder in no time.

In less than one hour a day for a month, we guarantee youll be reading significantly faster. After the one-hour beginners course, follow it up with our second book, the Business Speed Reading Success, a course specifically designed for business people and MBA professionals. With our book: How To Get Things Accomplished In Less Time, you will learn over 100 tips to manage your time wisely. Include with that the daily exercises and learning to read in a new way, and youll be reading more in less time than you ever thought possible.

Supplement your study with our audio add-ons, to ensure rapid success. These MP3s, which can be downloaded to your favorite device, follow the books and include subjects such as memory enhancement and speed reading comprehension. We have also included audio courses on relaxation techniques and stress relief, developing self confidence, and eliminating the negative inner dialogue.

Written by Dr. Jay Polmar, a former university instructor and author with over 40 titles to his name, Speed Read Complete Corporate has been used by professionals in all areas from government to education to the corporate world. Used by corporations, teachers, and government officials in over 25 countries, Speed Read Complete has been translated into five other languages to help people learn to speed read in their native language.

Who Can Learn Speed Reading:

The corporate world is dominated by life -long learnerspeople who take the time to learn everything they can about their chosen field and everything they can about corresponding subjects.

But when you have a family and a life outside of work, carving out the time to read all those books can be difficult. New books on every subject are being published every day. How is one supposed to keep up at work, and keep up at home at the same time?

You know that learning to speed read is the answer. Cutting your reading time in half or even more would give you the ability to simply devour the books you always wanted to read, the books you know you should read, and the ones you need to read to get ahead.

You may have looked into 1-day or multiple day speed reading seminars or "home courses" before, only to be turned off by the price. One-day live speed reading seminars can set you back anywhere from $200 to $700, and their results are far from guaranteed.

So what is a lower-level ma nager with aspirations of advancement to do?

With Speedread.orgs course for the corporate man or woman, you can double your reading speed starting with our best-selling Speed Read in Only One Hour, which offers techniques to help you break poor habits learned when you were first learning to read. With our supplements for business professionalsBusiness Speed Reading Success, which focuses on Business and MBA professionals, and How To Get Things Accomplished In Less Time, which teaches smart time managementyou will learn not only how to fly over the pages of corporate reports, you will also learn new techniques for note taking, concentration, recall and, with our Think Right course, you will also learn positive thinking exercises and stress relief to increase your reading speed even more.

The corporate edition of our Speed Read Complete course also includes add-ons useful for generating sales, and includes one of the first-ever courses written on the Law of Attraction. Our proven audio courses teach the busy professional how to sit back and relax.

Aimed at adults, corporate and business employees and MBA professionals, Speed Read Complete Corporate Edition offers not only the ability to speed read. Included in the Corporate Edition is also a time management course and a course to help you achieve your life goals by using the material from our Online Download Library of speed reading and self power improving publications.

The best part is that not only will you be able to double your reading speed after the first one-hour lesson, but we have also had mid-level managers receive promotions as little as three weeks after starting our course!

Written by Dr. Jay Polmar, an expert in the fields of speed reading, self-improvement, continuing education and self-growth, Speed Read Complete boasts a success rate unheard of in its industry and offers a full money back guarantee that you will be reading significantly faster in only 21 days.

How Much Does Speed Reading Cost:

Everyone is trying to save money these days. Finding bargains is quickly turning into the Western worlds favorite pastime. A close second is doing whatever one can to make oneself invaluable to his or her employer.

What would you pay for that next promotion? What would you pay to practically guarantee a raise? In todays global financial market, what would you pay for simple job security?
Self-improvement classes of all types start anywhere from $200 to $2,000 and offer mixed results and mixed promises. There is one company, however, which offers worldwide results and guaranteed outcomes.

Speedread.org, Inc. has condensed their 3-day live speed reading course into a compact, at-your-own-increasing-pace ebook course to help youthe busy business professionalnot only make yourself invaluable to your employer, but to also improve your chances of getting that all-too-important promotion or surviving the latest round of job cuts.

This course has been taught to everyone in the corporate world from busy executives to the administrative assistant answering the phones in more than 20 countries around the world in more than five languages, all with amazing results. Many mid-level managers see promotions in less than three weeks. Everyone who takes the course doubles their reading speed in just the first hoursome even triple or quadruple their reading speed!

How much would you pay for the opportunity to get more done in less time, leaving more time for family, friends, or hobbies? What would you pay to practically ensure job security and a promotion?

With our do-it-yourself speed reading course for the business person, you can not only increase your chance of thriving in these economic times, you can also choose the price you will need to pay!

Starting at just $79.95 USD, you can be reading twice as fast in the very first hour! Our Speed Read Complete Corporate pack includes everything you need in a single electronic download! Our $99.99 USD CD Pack allows you to keep (or share with friends or your family members) a hard copy in the form of CDs. Or, if you would like hard copies to go along with the CDs, it's only $159.99 USD for over a dozen books with their corresponding CDs and other audio files.

The Speed Read Complete Corporate course is specifically designed for t he busy professional and is guaranteed to help everyone in the corporation from the newly-hired administrative assistant to the CEO.

For a very affordable price, you can make an investment in yourself that will touch every aspect of your life.

Corporate Success / Goal Planning:

Everyone creates them, knowingly and unknowinglygoals. Some goals are lofty and well-thought-outsuch goals in business (get a raise by the end of the year), goals in relationships (be married by age 30), and goals in life (watch the Northern Lights in Alaska) are easy to quantify, to write down, to dream and to imagine. Other goals are implied and subconscious; such goals in business (commute to work without incident), goals in relationships (find someone to spend New Year's Eve with), and goals in life (leave this world a better place) may be harder to express.

Speedread.org knows that you are more than just the business person dressing for s uccess every morning. You are a complete person who does not spend every waking moment workingor if you do, you don't want to spend your life like that. Who you and what you do touches every single aspect of your lifeyour business life touches your social life; your social life touches your home life; your home life has a great impact on your spiritual life (whatever it may be); and your spiritual life determines how you perform in the business arena.

For us to consider ourselves successful in life, our goals must be achieved. Consciously or not, we determine our own successin small things (getting to work safely) and large things (being promoted to upper management)by meeting our stated or unstated goals. We also measure others' successes or failures against our own goals.

Because goal planning is mandatory for success, we have included many sections in our speed reading books. Our SpeedRead Complete Corporate course not only teaches how to read two t o threeor even moretimes faster than you can now, we also give you the tools to plan your goals to align with your purpose in life.

To determine your personal goals, you simply need to look at what success means to you in your career, lifestyle, home life, spiritually, in a word: in everything. In our SpeedRead Complete Corporate course, we spend quite a bit of time on goal planning and the keys to successnot just in increasing the number of words read in a certain time frame, but in life. Reading is essential to life in today's world, but if you simply learn to speed read without a goal as to how to use your new knowledge, you will lose it.

We know you are more than your business persona, and "success" in business may not necessarily mean success in life. At Speedread.org, we are determined to help you become not only a more successful business person, but a more successful human being.

Lifelong Effects of Speed Reading:

How would you like to remember 90% of what you read from anythingthe newspaper, your favorite novel, business reports, your child's MySpace blog? How would you like to be able to read fastermaybe even four or five times fasterand still remember almost everything you read? How would you like this to happen in just one single hour?

Impossible? Not hardly! With Speedread.org's Speed Complete Speed Reading Program, hundreds of thousands of people have done just that!

But what can one do with the ability to read over 600 words per minute with a 90% retention rate?

The lifelong effects of speed reading are numerous.

First, you will finally be able to get to all those books on your list you have never had the time to read before. Suddenly, an hour's commute to work on public transportation won't mean simply a chapter or two it will mean an entire book checked off your list! You won't even get that sense of disappointme nt when you finish a book just to finish it. With the Complete Speed Reading Program, and the new ability to retain nearly everything you read, you'll be able to discuss the book in next month'sor even next year'sbook club!

If you are in a profession that requires a lot of reading and just as much retention such as scholars, physicians, writers, doctors, attorneys, and countless other fields, being able to read even twice as fast can end up saving hourseven up to days or weekson an intense project.

If you are a lifelong studentor just one who loves to learn and is always taking a course or two to help expand horizonsbeing able to read faster and comprehend more will, undoubtedly, be of a great boon to not only your ease of study, but also your GPA. Studies have also shown that the new way of reading taught to those who want to speed read may also assist the brain in learning a new language.

Speed reading also has lifelong physical effects a s well. The less time you spend reading, the less eye strain and eye and muscle fatigue you will experience.

Because the Complete Speed Reading Program literally re-teaches your brain how to read, you learn how to remember more at the same time. Simply being able to remember what you have read can be just what you need to set yourself apart from the pack vying for that next promotion.

Passing Along Your Knowledge:

Nothing is worse for an avid reader and a lover of books than having a child who hates to read. Parents today know that reading to a child early in life will help them foster a love of reading and prepare them to read themselves, but sometimes not even that can be enough to foster a love of the written word. Reading parents know that aversion to reading will haunt their child for the rest of his life, making school harder making life harder.

But, as any parent knows, you cannot simply say to a 10 -year-old who hates reading, "You're going to read and you're going to like it." You have to understand why reading is so difficult.

Reading, today, is taught in an inefficient manner. "Average" readers today (of any language) read anywhere from 100 words per minute (usually for memorization purposes) to 700 words per minute ("skimming", looking only for specific key words). Statistics also show that as the words per minute go up, the reading comprehension goes down, and this is borne out in school test scores. With the pressure on slower readers of having to finish the reading section and the comprehension questions within a set period of time, most finally turn to skimminglooking only at key words in the question. This "cheater" method is only reinforced when the test comes back with a good grade (since they were only looking for specific words).

What would you, as a parent, pay to not only teach your child a better, faster, and easier way of reading but also one that jumps their reading comprehension up to over 90%?

How about nothing! When you purchase Speedread.org's Complete Speed Reading Program, you have Speedread.org's permissioneven its blessingto pass the course on to your friends and family members who love to read and would like to read more or who are struggling to read and are on the fence about reading in general.

Imagine your child reading every word on the standardized test page in under ten seconds and remembering it! How would your child feel being the first done with the test instead of one of the last? Homework and studying time would be cut in half or more, giving all of you more family time.

Studies and anecdotal reports from previous customers of Speedread.org have shown that less than a month after beginning the Complete Speed Reading Program, students' grades have only raisedin some instances raising from a C average to an A in only 21 days!

Dr. Jay Pol mar, author of over 40 books, spent years developing the Complete Speed Reading Program, and originally taught it to university students around the United States. Now, he brings his vast knowledge into the corporate world and into your child's bedroom. Bring a love of lifelong learning home to everyone in the family starting at under $80!
Get More Accomplished in Less Time

What would you do if you found yourself with an extra hour a day at work? Would you get a jump on the next day's work? Would you use it to surf the Internet and just "put in your time" until it was time to go home? Or would you use that extra hour to ensure you would have an extra hour every day to make yourself invaluable to your employer?

Whether you are the receptionist or a CEO, chances are if you are part of today's corporate environment, you areat least at certain times during the yearrequired to do extensive reading for your job. Quarterly reports can range from two pages to two hundred, and that can take some time to readespecially when you are supposed to be keeping up on what the competitors are doing. If you were able to readand even more importantly recallthree quarterly reports in the time it took others to read just one, what would your job look like after four quarterly reports?

With the Complete Speed Reading Program, Corporate Edition, you will be reading at twice the speed you were before in just the first hour!

What would you do with an extra hour or two a day you never had before? Get more sleep? Spend time with your family? Take a class? Go out with friends? Finally do all those things you'd always said you wanted to do but never had timelike volunteering at a local charity?

Dr. Jay Polmar, author of over 40 books, spent years developing the Complete Speed Reading Program, and originally taught it to university students around the United States. Now, he brings his vast knowledge into the corpo rate world and into your child's bedroom.

Our Guarantee
Corporate Speed Reading Overview:

What started as a classroom course has evolved into an affordable do-it-yourself course designed to make business peoplefrom administrative assistants to MBAs to CEOsmore valuable to their company in the form of The Complete Speed Reading Program.

The Complete Speed Reading Program for the busy executive contains four books (available both as a PDF download andif desiredin print):
Speed Read in Only One Hour teaches the basic techniques and has multiple reinforcement exercises.
Business Speed Reading Success is specifically designed for business people and MBAs. The book teaches techniques and vocabularyas well as going more in-depth into the science behind speed reading and motivation.
How To Get Things Accomplished In Less Time is essential for any busy corporate employee. With over 100 tips to boost your time , this book teaches some simple, easy-to-follow steps to better manage the extra time you have after learning to speed read.
Think Right is a book not on speed reading, butas Speedread.org takes a holistic approach to everything we dohelps one develop one's self-power and provides an ethical viewpoint on technology. Think Right focuses on learning to set your thoughts on what you want and then accomplishing it.
In addition to the books, the Complete Speed Reading Program includes a dozen audio files designed to be listened to at any timeduring a commute, during "down time", at work, or even during sleepto buttress not only the speed reading, but the other topics covered in the books. Some of the audio files supplement the speed reading program while others cover reading comprehension, accelerated learning skills, memory enhancement and intuitive development. Others take the more relaxing bent, offering conditioning for relaxation and stress relief, developing self confidence and self power, and eliminating the inner dialogue.

Our books and courses have been sold all over the world, having been translated into the six major world languages. Developed by Dr. Jay Polmar, an expert in the fields of self-improvement, continuing education and self-growth, The Complete Speed Read Program for Business boasts a success rate unheard of in its industry and offers a full money back guarantee that you will be reading significantly faster in only 21 days.

Our Guarantee:

Many businesses offer guarantees; most of them are hardly worth the paper they are printed on. Speed reading is no exception. Many of the speed reading seminars or do-it-yourself courses out there offer guarantees, but their products often fall short, or require intense, ongoing, and stressful learning techniques.

Speedread.org GUARANTEES that you will be reading faster, stress-free, after just one hour or e very penny of your money back.

How can we offer this guarantee? We have 30 years of speed reading results! After offering this courseboth in live classes and the do-it-yourself ebooksfor more than 30 years, we know it works, and works all over the world. Utilizing both ancient and modern methods to teach the brain a new way of thinking, and a new way of reading, we have over 100,000 copies in print, and even more in ebook format.

In 30 years of live courses, and more than a decade of online courses and the "do-it-yourself" offered at http://www.speedreadcomplete.com/, Speedread.org has only had to refund less than 1/10 of 1 % of sales due to customer dissatisfaction! With a record like that, they can makeand back uptheir money back guarantee.

The course has been used by educators, government officers, and managers of corporations in more than 20 countries around the world and has been printed in the world's six major languages.

W hile subsequent results are not guaranteed, Speedread.org continually receives word from satisfied customers that, in as little as three weeks after starting the course, they have received business promotions directly attributable to their new skills. Students, after taking the course, have raised grade point averages from the average "C" to the excellent "A".

Developed by Dr. Jay Polmar, an expert in the ever-changing field of self-improvement, The Complete Speed Reading Program Corporate course, especially, has extra programs to help one succeed more. Speedread.org also believes the information provided is so essential, the company encourages its customers to pass their information on to spouses, children, and friends to help increase reading speed, productivity, free time, and goal achievement.

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