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What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

If you're anything like me, when you first heard the term "e-cig" you probably thought it was some kind of computer program or internet website designed to simulate smoking an actual cigarette (a.k.a. something that no one would openly admit to participating in). However, an e-cig is much, much different from that.

An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device that delivers nicotine to the system in the form of a vapor. E-cigs are an outstanding alternative to smoking regular cigarettes because they simulate all of the same effects minus the tar and 10,000 other harmful chemicals. In addition, e-cigs come in a large variety of flavors and nicotinic levels...which brings me tomy next point: there are no proven health risks for smoking (or asI like to call it, "vaping") an electronic cigarette.

In fact, studies conducted on ex-smokers who converted to e-cigs show improved health signs almost immediately. People who quit smoking for vaping report feeling more energetic, more willing to participate in activities they had previously forlorn, and most importantly: more alive. Why? Because the majority of vapers do not experience thehealth defects that smokers do.

What else is cool about vaping? It produces absolutely no smell . As soon as you blow out the vapor, it dissolves within a few seconds (although enough vapor is produced to do tricks). This means no lingering smell, no smelly clothes, no horrible tobacco aftertaste (those of you who have kissed a smoker right after they finished smoking know what this is like), and most importantly none of the social and hygenic problems that are associated with smoking. What's one of the best parts about vaping over smoking? Well, as you can imagine after reading this, you can smoke it anywhere. Of course, you still want to be mindful of others...it would probably be considered rude vaping right in front of someone as they are speaking to you. Where it IS ok to smoke is your favorite club, your office while finishing a report, your car with the windows down and so many other places.

Sounds like a pretty appealing gadget, right? Of course, you are most likely not going to accept the words of a stranger so quickly. How exactly does something so similiar to a cigarette come with so little hassles and so many more benefits? Well, the truth is that it's nothing similiar to a cigarette at all. Cigarettes carry so many costs: lighters (and they seem to disappear so fast...), frequent trips to the store and laundry room, yellow teeth, health degeneration...honestly, there are so many it's easy to lose track of time while listing them. To smoke a cigarette you literally have to inhale "smoke"--the same stuff that's produced by a burning building, a burning bush, a burning...turkey. In most cases, cigarette smoke is way more toxic of a smoke to inhale because of all the chemicals contained within the smoke. However, many of us smokers saw that the utility of smoking (i.e. how it can take you out of a stressful moment) outweighed the healthrisks -- plus, most of us weren't going to be smoking for that much longer...right? Now, using this to segway into the next point...vaping provides everything that smoking does and MORE. The vapor of an e-cig is produced when its internal heating system interacts with the liquid solution--providing a clean, smoke-free vapor. An e-cig's heating system is activated each time the user takes a drag, so no more having to worry about a match or wet-weather. The main ingredient inside of the liquid solution varies between "Propylene glycol" and "Glycerol," both of which are odor-less, organic compounds used in a large variety of health and food products (and by main ingredient I mean more than 85% of the solution). I tried looking as hard as I could for e-cigs containing tar but I couldn't find any. And in terms of monetary costs? Well, in addition to the money you'll save because you won't need a lighter etc., you get more puffs per cartridge per dollar than you do puffs per cigarette per dollar...aka you're going to be spending way less restocking your e-cig than you will your cigarette carton (and a much easier time stocking your wallets and purses).

Electronic cigarettes are the best alternative to smoking a traditional cigarette on the market. Sure, nicotine patches may work sometimes, but most of us started smoking because of the act of smoking. To be honest, I don't even notice the nicotine most of the time...smoking isjust something that keeps my hands busy and provides the oral fixation we are all scientifically proven to desire. Smoking is great for when you're out with friends, going through a stressful business project, on your break at work, or just want something to do for 5 minutes because you're going crazy in your house. By vaping, you get to do ALL OF THIS but to a much greater extreme: vape with your friends inside the club, take a break from your project inside the comfort of your own home, vape on your break without having to worry about smoke on your clothes...whatever you do, you can vape anywhere. And the deal-sealer? There are no proven health risks associated with vaping.

Enjoy everything you love doing with a cigarette but without any of the worries.

E-cigs...they're new, they're hip, they're 100% completely tar-free. Now the only thing you'll have to worry about is choosing which flavor you'll want for next week...

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  1. They are the real safe alternative to smoking , that don't cause nay health risk and are safe and enjoyable just like the portable herbal vaporizers.

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