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Can a Blog Earn Money-How to Make Money With a Blog

Can a blog earn money?

There is a logical explanation for a greater failure rate online and it is simply that it is easier and cheaper to set up a blog and a business online than offline. So the failure rate is understandable but can you earn money with a blog?

You can if you sit down a think out your particular strategy or system and stick to it. So whether it is selling affiliate products, electronic products, physical products, AdSense or membership sites you need to decide on your business model. And stick to it.
Because it is so easy to sit in front of your computer and jump from one site to another and from one money making system to another..with the result that your business model is abandoned and you join the 80/90% of start ups who fail.

Like an offline business you need to decide on your business model and execute it..without distraction. And if the task that you are doing at any point in time does not fit into your business model, leave it. Walk away. Because you must stick with discipline to your business model.

You can earn money with a blog and you can occupy the small sector who do succeed with their blog..but you must plan and get your strategy and policy right from day one and avoid distractions.

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