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How to Market And Sell E-Cigarettes to Make Money Both Online And Offline

E-Cigarettes are one of the many new products that have hit the Internet recently and have been gaining a lot of publicity both both positive and negative. If you are in the sales business and have recently hit a slump, here are a few pointers that may just help turn your conversion rations around a bit:

1. Make sure that you are selling a highly rated E-Cigarette, as there are many out there and one of the most important things is making sure that your customers will be happy with their purchase. This will also help reduce likeliness of a return of the product, therefor saving your commission from being affected

2. If you are a smoker, you should consider purchasing and trying the product that you are selling for yourself. I recently changed over to e-cigarettes and actually went through 3 different brands before i found the one that I liked the best. This helps you get a first hand experience with the product. It also has helped me sell them offline, as people see me using it indoors and have asked me on plenty of occan where they can purchase one.

3. Make sure that the affiliate program offers good commission rates on your sales, as well as commission on return customers. This is very important to me because you can make ongoing commissions when your customers return to buy refills and accessories. The more customers that you aquire, the more ongoing commission you make. Don't just try to make a one time sale. The Affiliate Program offered at has this benefit, as well, it also allows you to make commission of other affiliates that you refer to them. To sign up CLICK HERE

4. Look for an affiliate program that gives you discount codes and coupons to give to your customers. Sometimesthat may just end up saving a sale. People like to save money. That was one of the factors that drove me to change over to E-Cigarettes as well.

5. Create Business Cards. Vista Print offers 250 free business cards as long as you pay shipping. Smokers are everywhere and its a good idea to be able to have something handy to distribute when talking to someone in person and making your sales pitch.

6. Get creative. For offline marketing, think about what the difference is between the E-Cigarette vs. Regular Cigarettes. I have done the following to improve my offline sales...

a. Print out Drink coasters / Napkins / etc. that have your website on it with an advertisement stating that the person can smoke indoors with the E-Cigarette. Distribute these coasters to local bars, clubs, etc. Usually the bartender wont mind because it saves him/her money from having to buy coasters.

b. Advertise in stores / store windows. I have a few friends that own their own businesses, so it was easy for me to leae some of my business cards around. This is a good way to spread the word.

c. Print out informational fliers which detail all of the benefits of switching over to an e-cigarette. Post them in places that allow solicitations

These are just a few examples that can make a great difference if you choose to put in a little time. I hope this helps you increase your sales as well as add some motivation to succeed.

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