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Primo Vacations - What Do You Get For Your Money?

As promised here I am to provide you with maximum information on the new Primo Vacations that YourNetBiz has added to its product portfolio. As always I like to bring you the best valuable content that you can find, and again I have done exactly that! Get yourself ready for this, pull up a pew, grab a beverage and get your teeth stuck into this!

Primo Vacations

- What is Primo Vacations? Primo vacations is a home based business in the travel industry that is beginning to attract some serious attention in business opportunity circles. The Buzz around this business is building and the imminent launch of the business due December 2009 is set to break records! PrimoVacationClub What is the background on Primo Vacations?

Primo Vacations; sister company of YourNetBiz has been in creation since May 09 by Rob Hannley & Dave Garven. YourNetBiz has always had a Travel Club, "MyInternetVacations" though the impressive deals have only ever been accessible for YourNetBiz Platinum associates, however what the owners have now created is not just a super enhanced, bigger than ever version of MyInternetVacations, but a whole new stand alone business with the Primo Vacations Club- That ANYONE can gain access to, benefit from and earn from.

The mission statement from the outset has always been a simple one To continue to offer the absolute best value and unmatched service of any travel and vacations club available anywhere for any price, allowing our valued business associates to earn a substantial income while enjoying a new level of time freedom usually reserved for the very wealthy. Not only does Primo Vacations enable you to travel in luxury and style at a fraction of the cost but with you Primo you also have the opportunity to earn a substantial income with the fantastic compensation plan that comes with promoting Primo Vacations to others with this opportunity.


What do I get when I join Primo Vacations? Primo Vacations Club is your ticket to REAL luxury travel at prices you can afford. Primo vacations was started by travel industry veterans who were fed up of the ridiculous mark up that the travel industry have been adding to all aspects of travel and vacationing. At Primo Vacations though, they have cut out the middle man, by going straight to the source! Unlimited Access to over 83,000 luxury hotel properties at below wholesale prices. This means that Primo Vacations members can enjoy up to 80% off their travel expenses, in comparison to the likes of high street agents or internet agents. The savings that could be had are crazy stupid! We're talking 5 star luxury island getaways ; accommodation for a whole family at prices as low as $100! Thats not a Typo! You could never find this kind of quality and value anywhere else offline- and you'd find a hard deal online too! Even the likes of Expedia can't compare to some of the offer s that Primo Vacations are providing.

PrimoVacationClub-The Primo Condo program

Desirable Condos, Suites and Villas A Primo Vacations membership includes unlimited access to Four and Five Star resort condominiums, villas, suites and cottages at the MOST Desirable destinations in the entire world. For less than the cost of one hotel room you can enjoy luxurious 1, 2, or 3 bedroom accommodations in the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Asia, Fiji & The south Pacific, South America ,The Bahamas, Canada, Australia, Africa, and European get aways too, Italy, Spain, Canary Islands plus many, many more.

PrimoVacationClub-The Primo Hotel Programme

4* & 5* Luxury Hotel Resorts Primo Vacations has partnered with some of the worlds leading reputable hoteliers and luxury resort destinations. The likes of Sheraton Resorts, Marriott Resort Properties, Wyndham, Hyatt, World International Vacation Club & Four Seasons to name but a few.

The Primo Hotel Programme is a great enhancement for the Condo Program due to the fact that it provides hotel rooms in areas where resort condos, and villas are not usually found. Primo vacations offers exclusive discounts not available anywhere else. PrimoVacationClub

The Primo Cruise Programme - Luxury & Boutique Cruise Liners

The Primo Cruise Programme gives you unlimited access to every major Cruise Lines you've seen before. The likes of Royal Carribbean, Raddisson Seven Seas and Disney Cruise Liners, not only that but if you really want to Travel in style Primo Vacations are also bringing some hidden gems into the mix with the opportunity to sail the seas on some of the finest luxury and boutique cruise liners, that few people even know exist!

PrimoVacationClub -The Primo Vacations Travel Portal

Saving Money on your Vacation with Primo is Easy Primo Vacations offers you never before available to the public - full access to all aspects of travel services from airfare to cruise excursions. You can Save Money on every travel related expense. The Primo Travel Portal allows you to research and book every type of travel imaginable, flights, hotels, condos, resorts and cruises right through to transfers, limos and hotels.

PrimoVacations Online Travel Gateway Portal

Not only that but for real ease you can also call speak personally with a Primo Vacations travel advisor to access all of your member benefits. You'll be able to experience a real personal service with a travel agent who wants to provide you with your luxury vacation at ridiculously low price no more overpriced holidays! Your travel agent will, assist you with your specific travel requests like exact dates, number of travelers, size requirements which gives you complete control over all your travel needs.

PrimoVacationClub -Primo Vacations Opportunity

Making Money with Primo Vacations If low cost luxury holidays aren't enough for you, you can also take advantage of the fantastic compensation plan that is available to you when you join Primo Vacations. When you join PrimoVacations you will automatically become an associate of Primo which will enable you to promote the business to others with the potential of earning substantial commissions!

The Primo Vacations package is never going to be a difficult product to promote and earn from purely because it is so incredibly valuable. It only takes 10 minutes of looking at the Primo Vacations Tour and you can see just how much value a Primo Member has at their fingertips. Everybody loves a bargain and who wouldn't want to get access to holidays at half the high street price for life?! As an associate you can promote the Primo Vacations package of a single payment of $697 and as a qualified Primo Vacations associate you will earn a fantastic $500 from every sale that you generate. Thats over 70% of the product sale, that gets paid to you. Following suit with the YourNetBiz set up, the compensation plan for Primo Vacations is a GPT system. Get Paid Today, if you make a Primo Sale, the money goes straight to you, which means that you can be making an income from this business straight away!

To become a qualified associate of Primo Vacations you only need to make one Primo Product sale, the commission from your first sale gets passed up to your inviter, and then from there-on in all your additional sales for life you will be qualified to make the full $500 commissions off of every sale that your marketing system generates!

This type of compensation plan is referred to as the 1-up system, and million pound incomes have been created on this simple but powerful compensation plan. The entry level for Primo Vacations is classed as a Mid-Ticket product (medium cost) and not only is it very valuable and appealing to the masses, but at just $697 it is very accessible for people, making it a product that you can expect to earn from in large volumes.

The Primo Vacations package is very easily promoted, everyone loves to holiday and everyone loves to be able to get a steal of a deal & Primo Vacations are providing its associates with exactly that. Imagine lying on that sundrenched beach towel, on the white sands of a 5 star luxury resort, with a cocktail in your hand, knowing that whilst you are enjoying the benefits of your Primo Membership, your marketing system is making sales for you around the clock. You could earn more money whilst enjoying your holiday than it actually cost you to pay for your holiday. How impressive is that?!

I truly hope that you have enjoyed this extensive insight into the soon to be Primo Vacations product and opportunity, and I am glad to have been able to provide you such an in-depth peek behind the scenes of what this business has offer for you. In Summary I think what the team at Primo Vacations and YourNetBiz have created for its associates here is outstanding.

Not only is Primo Vacations as a stand-alone product incredibly valuable and well worthy of the $697 price point, Primo Vacations are under promising and over delivering on this one for sure! Not only that but it has made the Platinum package of YourNetBiz even more valuab le as all members get access to Primo Vacations included in their package. As a leader and trainer in the internet marketing industry I get emails sent every day to my inbox, but never have I seen such a complete package as Primo at such a phenomenally valuable price point. Its sure to blow the competition out of the water! If you enjoy making money and luxurious vacations, then Primo Vacations could really be exactly what you are looking for.

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