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Applications Of Live Video Streaming Service

With live video streaming services, companies can create, manage and share high-quality audio and video files with internet users from all over the world. Viewers can gain access to these streaming video files through their web browser. Live video streaming services can provide you an amazing marketing tool for product promotion and advertising. These services are perfect for companies wishing to broadcast internal as well as external video announcements.

Live Video Streaming Service: Applications

Some of the major applications of live video streaming services include:

1. Training: Lecturers, teachers and trainers can easily give private tutorials through video streaming websites. Companies often use live video streaming as a training aid. The benefit here is that training can be easily provided to a large group of people. Apart from being used as a training and/or educational aid, this tool can be used by broadcasters as well as business es for making their content public.

2. Video Conferencing: Two-way video conferencing over the internet is now possible. People from different locations can easily hook into the conference via streaming video. The advantage here is that the conference can be easily broadcast to a larger number of people who can view the conference on their computer or any other portable device.

3. Product Introduction: Companies can use this tool to educate their employees about new products or services that they will be selling in the future, or for briefing them about new company plans and schemes. The product manager just needs to go on camera and live streaming will send the video to any broadcasting device specified.

4. News Distribution: Free news video streaming websites offer live news. The same concept can be used by companies, where the CEO can go live in front of the camera and broadcast his message or information to the employees.

5. Event Broadcasting: Live event broadcasting is another major area of application. Businesses can stream live videos of events to employees, regardless of where they are geographically located. Television companies and even individuals can use this tool for broadcasting live events, as the transfer of audio and video is of high quality.

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