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Why Social Networking Websites Are So Popular?

Social networking websites are popular among internet users for very good reasons. As a reason, these websites are not only used by internet savvy users but with the cool features of these sites, friends and families also can easily connect and communicate with each other. Plus, with the help of their search friends feature you can find your grade school or high school's friends and connect with themeasily.

Social networkings sites have various other features that can keep bonding within peoples and make them stay connecting. You can even use social media websites for your business purpose, social networking for business has become an effective Internet marketing solution for businessmen.

Both business persons and online marketers are using these sites to connect with potential and repeating customers and clients. So, even if you are running home-based business in Australia, you can easily reach out potential customers from US and Europe. But of course, to make online marketing effective, you may required to sign up top social networking websites since you can target more and more users from these websites than any other platforms.

Let's have look on few top social networking websites:


In the year of 2010, statistics says that FaceBook has morethan 500 million active users. Likewise, the statistics from US territory show that onlyFaceBookhas more than 50 percent share of overall visits.

With use of this stat,FaceBookhas been recognized as the leading social networking website among of all. So, whyMarkZuckerberg'sbrainchildgaining this extreme popularity? This is probably happened because this website featured everything you need to connect and communicate with your friends and families. Due to FaceBook millions of peoples able to stay connected with their peoples, circles in one platform, additionally it's allows people from all ages and businesses to access and use the website with it's simple user interface.

SO let's starts from beginning, as a starter on FaceBook you can create your profile and upload your pictures. You can even exchange messages through your inbox or now FaceBook launched the handychat boxfeature, where you are able to chat with your friends as similar to other chat applications. If you are running business and looking FaceBook from business point of view, then you can create a fan or group page where your potential customers and clients can come together and provides you feedbacks or also ask questions about your products and services. As well as you can even useFaceBookfor directly selling products through their advertising application.


There was time when beforeFaceBook comes live for users, the leading social networking site was MySpace. However, because of the simplicity and functionality ofFaceBook, MySpace's audience has been constantly decreasing ever since. Compared to the 400 million unique users ofFaceBook, MySpace gains only 2.1 million in early 2010.

But likeFaceBook, MySpace also provides their members the privilege of communication with each others. It is more like a personal blog or website. For this reason, users are still preferred to use this community site. They feel they have more control as to how their page would look like on the Internet.


Twitter is another form of social media website and had its peak in mid of 2009. However, in early 2010, Twitter gained 105,779,710 registered users till date, this social networking site allows its members to update their status, in shorten basis which are called as tweets, on a continuing basis. These tweets messages let the peoples you are following, and those people who are following you, know what you are doing.

Typically, Twitter allows their registered member to write a status with less than 140 characters. This feature is based on the idea that the site must provide ease of use to time pressed users. Similarly, it's provides feature where a user can also reply to or comment on a friend's tweet.

Social networking sites are undoubtedly useful in driving web-traffic and generating potential sales leads. So, if you own a home-based business, or even big giant firm are looking for one simple online platform to target such huge audiences, then you should consider using social media platforms for commercial purposes. But of course, you can always set up a personal account to connect with your friends and families.

Social networking websites are not only a great way of keeping in touch with your friends and family but it is also a powerful media tohelp people who are interested in starting their ownhome based business.

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