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Link Cloaking - 3 Factors In Choosing The Right Link Cloaker

When it comes to affiliate link cloaking, youll find countless link cloaking solutions and tools ranging from free downloaded tools to expensive hosted services.? Choosing the right solution for your needs can be difficult - how do you know which link cloaker to choose?? This article will explain what you need to look for in a link cloaking solution.

Make More Money with More Cloaking Options

Choosing a cloaking solution that offers one or two cloaking options limits your ability to make big money. Choose an affiliate cloaker that includes the following cloaking options:

Link FramingBranded LinksEmbedded or Covert CookiesCovert LinkingRedirectsIntelligent Cloaking

Choosing a solution that offers anything else will only limit how much money you'll make as an affiliate marketer. Another way of thinking of this is - more options equals more money.

Sales Tracking & Click Reporting For Real Success

Cloaking your links is really only half of what need to do if you want to make a lot of money as an affiliate marketer. You also need to track how many clicks your links get. More importantly, you want to track how many sales you get from each of your affiliate links.? This means when you choose a cloaking solution - choose one that includes both click tracking and sales tracking.

Avoid Free or Hosted Link Cloakers

This one is easy - never use a third party hosted solution or a free hosted solution. You MUST host your own link cloaking script if you want to avoid costly mistakes.? These third party hosted sights can go out of business, delete your links without notice, steal your traffic, replace your link with their own affiliate link or close your account without notice. Only choose a link cloaking tool that allows you to host it on your own servers.< /p>

Learn more about link cloaking and how to choose a link cloaker by visiting the SafeLinkCloaker website.

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