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Weight Loss Programs- Quick Weight Loss Solutions

As per the national institute of health any one with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 25 or above is considered overweight and when this integer equals to 30 or above is considered as obese.

A person gain weight when his calorie intake exceeds the calorie usage. Naturally one can control or reduce the body weight by the simple solution of either reducing the calorie intake or increasing the calorie usage. This exactly is the solution for the weight loss irrespective of the methods employed.

Quick weight loss solution is a much talked about subject recently. In this era of instant communication and Quicker transport no wonder why people are also fond of the Quick weight loss techniques.

Quick weight loss solution means and intends shedding of only a moderate - one or two pounds a week and any claim of losing 10 to 12 pounds of weight a week ,whatever may be the magical solution applied ,is not considered good for the health of the individual . The Quick weight loss solution is possible by regulating and scientifically planning the food one takes and by doing regular exercise. There are many ways to achieve this. One can try any one of the following methods.

One of the Quick weight loss solution techniques is the south beach Diet. The program is implemented in three phases the first phase lasting for 14 days when one is not allowed to consume, glycemic food like mashed potatoes, sport drinks, instant rice ice-cream etc. It is claimed that the first phase sheds about 10 pounds. In second phase one can add the restricted food items to the meal plans and the period may vary from person to person. One can continue this phase until one reach the desired body weight. The third phase is just maintaining the reduced body weight for the whole life. It is advised to include sufficient quantity of fruits and grains in the diet to balance the intake and the consumption of calories.

Another Quick weight loss solution is the Micro biotic diet. This is more popular among vegetarians. The diet plan avoids or restricts certain high calorie items such as milk products, Sugar, and meat and includes more roughages like green and leafy vegetables, Soya products besides vegetable soups, whole grains, beans and brown rice. Reduced use of oil and use of mustard and corn oil is recommended under the plan. This is an effective program for the Quick weight loss with a vegetarian food.

A third alternative would be the natural appetite suppressors without side effects. All these diet plans need to be supported by regular and scientific exercise plans suitable for the individuals need, age and health conditions.

Quick weight solutions is no magical formula but a simple well planned program aiming at spending more calories than what you intake and thereby reducing the extra pounds , in the most natural and effective ways.

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