Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Cell Phone: Poised for a Technological Revolution

Two decades back, in emerging economy like India, the cell phone was being associated with the concept of luxury. Today, for most people around the world, the cell phone has become as normal as owning a wrist watch. It is virtually impossible to imagine a world of communication without the existence of cell phones. More than a necessity, very much like wristwatches, cell phones are also being considered a style icon. Hence, if one carries an expensive and latest model, it becomes the centre of popular attention. In fact, cell phones having an attractive look, impressive color, and latest technology always become the matter of discussion among the users.

Cell phones now come with various features to impress its users. Despite competition, it is spreading like an unstoppable storm which won`t leave anybody out of its reach. The best advantage of using a cell is connectivity with its other users when you need to be in touch with them. Another advantage is using it as a music player. It allows listening to your most favorite artist when you are not talking!

With some cell phones you can communicate through emails. However, you must subscribe to internet service for that purpose. What`s more is that you can send attachments in various formats such as .pdf, .ppt. xl and so forth. On the top of it, you can send images and videos as well. Just imagine how thrilled the recipient will be when they receive the pictures or videos you have just taken through you cell phone and sent through the emails from the spot itself. If you are associated with news network, this can become a magical tool to break news.
Cell phones with an integrated 2 mega pixel camera and a digital 8X zoom help you to take outstanding photos and unforgettable videos. The advanced pixel camera keys let you click images without any hassle. You can send and receive files over the wireless network instantly with the Bluetooth wireless connection. Connect the headset and talk with Bluetooth technology. Cell phones with advanced internet features give you easy access to surf the internet on your mobile phone. Now, you can surf the internet, check your e-mails and chat with your friends on the phone. The WAP browser facilitates to open various websites of HTML and XHTML format. It offers you high speed internet connectivity for fast and uninterrupted data transfer. The built-in i radio gives you the latest news, music and gossips. Conference calls for talking with more than two is the latest trend in cell phone users.

Messaging features like Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), instant messaging, Enhanced Messaging Email (EMS), and embedded java games will entertain you anytime anywhere. The WAP and GPRS services also provide access to the internet, wherever you may go. With mobile internet, you are able to update yourself with latest news and financial quotes, entertainment headlines, weather forecast and more.

The phone with 3G technology works best provided you have broadband internet connection on your phone. It provides high speed consistent data transfer of up to 384 kbps. You can transfer data to a laptop, pc or take prints by connecting to a printer using the wireless Bluetooth connection. Cell gives you updates with recent news and weather forecasts. The phone loaded with 3 D games will surely entertain you.

The technology related to the cell phones is ever-evolving. What is the latest today becomes obsolete the other day. The cell phone manufacturers are constantly trying to invent ways to bring sophistication to their users so that can stand out from their competitors. However, the price factor has also become the deciding factor as well as many cell phone manufactures are offering their products in the market with a price that easily gives their competitors a run for their money. In a nutshell, we are yet to see many more surprises in the concept of cell phones in the days to come.

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