Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

Internet Based Home Business – Is This The Right Time To Start?

Would you be mad to consider starting an internet based home business now?

Some people would say "you would have to be nuts to start an online business now!"

A small but powerful group of people with inside information would say "now is the best time to start an internet based home business".

Why? Here's a little secret I'd like to share with you.

One and a half billion people (yes seriously) are online right now as you are reading this, as a potential market for your business on the internet.

And get this - 79 million Americans will start their own business within the next three years...Isn't that remarkable?

Do they know something you don't know? Yes...they do

Here are the three major reasons why people want to start an internet based home business.

1. Unemployment is at an all time high and rising. The United States is now 6% higher in unemployment than it was before the recession of 2001.

2. There is no recession on the internet. Technology is advancing so quickly that the dream of us ordinary folk working for ourselves is now a reality.

3. Two industries still shedding jobs are the Manufacturers with job losses of over 212,000 and the Financial Services industry with 79,000 in 2009 and these are the start!

So the proof is right there - there has never been a better time to pursue a home based business than now.

Here's another thing to bear in mind...

If you are still relying on a 'JOB' for your family's security - maybe it's time to re-think your life plan.

And the greatest thing of all is - you can live anywhere in the world and work from home in your internet based home business and have a life others only dream about.

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