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Marketing Sales Job FAQ

A biddable sale personality?
Is it just being hardwired that approach, or can a person learn and develope those skills?

A brief contained by marketing.?
So Marketing. I heard its a BLAST. i mean seriously...you capture a big office, a computer and a phone! what else could you want? what do you guys think?

A business can you start up for ten dollars ?
i was looking for somthing that would be easy to start up and gross money on and i found avon its great i do my whole business from home its really rewarding too. you have to be 18 to supply avon but 17 year olds can sell MARK by AVON its a line of products that are really popular near the teen generation. you can get a award and save money for college and so much more contact me for details you wont regret it AVON The company for women Buy or $ell Not just a attractiveness company but A whole lot more! Skin care, Color Cosmetics, Qual ity Crafted Jewelry, Skin-So-Soft, Anew, Vitamins and Gifts for adjectives ages. Be your own boss Work your own hours! Make unlimited income! No inventory to carry! Join Avon Only $10 one time fee Earn/Save up to 50% Free Shipping Medical, 401 funds,15% Discount with Sprint/Nextel And much more. contact me with question on how to start www.youravon.com/dlella debralovesavon(a)yahoo.com

A couple retail question?
I'm starting a retail job at a local clothing store in a couple of weeks. This is my first situation, and I need to keep my sale up. Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or advice to give support to me accomplish this? How can I approach customers? (I heard you should never say "how may I relief you"). Thanks so much, have a good night/day/!

A different post.?
I am looking for job thought the seek, careerone, mycareer website. They are adjectives in control by the human resources and recruitment compa nies. I sent out emails and CV but still could not gain job. Please help looking for suitable commission.

A early interview for the art walkway of Marketing?
Like every Career I've heard of, there are mixed emotion and the Pro's and Con's of everything. I am currently finishing a associates in Architecture and want to take a renovation towards marketing. I have long term goal which will include these skills, and would like some input on the occupation. Are you, your friend, relative, in the grazing land of Marketing? I feel this could be a new path to express my creativity but would like more information on schooling and the career contained by general.

A employment surrounded by Sale's and marketing what does it entail?
What is the enviroment like in sale and marketing?

A flawless first profession (part time or seasonal) for a 17 year behind the times girl?
Hey I'm looki ng for a job to do during the winter holidays and/or just slice time after school. I really need money so I can bring this summer course. I've worked as an instructor at a summer camp for 4 years, but I need a chore during the year in order to afford the summer course. I'm looking for a dutiful first job, maybe within retail or something? I'm not totally sure, any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

A friend is looking for a marketing post within Orange Co., CA?
just received her resume from my network.She's within marketing and has 19 years of experience that includes, branding, direct response, Internet, direct mail, medium, and event planning; hands-on, a go-getter, and always looking for a new taunt. Please provide a website or contact I can share with her. Thnx!

A hours of daylight within the vivacity of a Pharma Sales Rep?
I would like to know all I can more or less this job. If you do not currently wor k as a Pharma Sales Rep then don't bother answering.

A interrogate for Avon Reps...Please?
I am new to the Avon business and I was wondering if I put contained by a Campaign late and a Campaign on time, will they be considered like order and get one given commission rate? Or would they be separated? For example: Say I am deferred with campaign 18 and I am on the dot with campaign 19 and I put a mix of 18 and 19 advice in together into the same writ. Would the money from 18 and 19 be combined to make a certain amount of money? And would my 'commission' percentage be base on that total amount of money? i.e. Campaign 18 = $24 Campaign 19 = $200 Total = $224 ergo: My commission rate is 20% of $224 OR Campaign 18 = $24 and Campaign 19 = $200 ergo: 0% commission for Campaign 18 AND 20% commission for Campaign 19 Thanks so much for you help! (If you understood any of that :P)
A job surrounded by Media?
I've just started Year 10 at school, and this year we've be given the option to study media and I took it, I really similar to the subject and think it would be cool to have a duty in media, I previously looked-for to be a stockbroker..but I'm not too sure now.. Can anyone suggest any good medium jobs, including what I woul do.. pay etc. I'd close to to compare it to stockbroker jobs :) Alex x

A lawful sale mission?
I just got a available job from a distributing company today and I start this Wednesday. I took the job but I am somewhat confused as to what the job requires. On the broadsheet it advertised as a position that was surrounded by no way what was explained to me surrounded by the interview. I spoke with the manager and he told me that I would set up displays and appointments and describe products to them. I be somewhat upset because I felt like I be lied to when they ad in th e daily (the ad was for a position contained by which I have experience in). On the ad it read that I would kind $300 to $500 a week and there was no experience obligatory. At my interview the building I was in seem a little run-down and unofficial and seemed close to they had just moved surrounded by, the carpet was variety of gross and dirty like it hasn't been cleaned. I am for a while worried because it seems like in that is some kind of catch. I enjoy never dealt with this previously. Help

A move from retail to call-up?
Hi, I work for a large retailer. Fairly good income & reasonable career progression prospects. I own been offered a post at a very reputable 'white collar' call-up firm & am not sure whether to take the role. The basic is correct, mid lb30ks, +bonus, car etc, but what do people verbs to do after a few years in recruitment? Please minister to!

A profession surrounded by public relations.?
Hi me and my friend are juinors in highschool and have be making videos and writing scripts for 2 years and found we own a nack for shorts and PSAs so me and him have been discussing are futures and settled that we want to make comercials.I have settled to go to University of Central Florida and major In Marketing and Minor contained by film. So the question is,Are these virtuous choices? Ps.If you have any general suggestion post that to.

A right website to find summer job?
I live in Orange County CA. Where can I find a website where they enjoy good summer jobs?

A sale and marketing ask. please lend a hand?
you are a salesperson for madcap arcade games, selling video games and pinball machines. a local business wants to open an arcade, and would similar to to buy a new game more or less every two weeks . a new game costs $3,000. you can submit a 5 % discount (an end-of-year rebate) if at least 25 games are purchased from you and during the next year. what will the discount be surrounded by dollars?

A sale associate sold $1250 worth of cosmetics. her commission be 12%.?
1. calculate her commission. 2.calculate how much her company receive after dedcted her commission. show work

A sale cross-question.?
I lease apartments for a living. Ive been sucsessful at this for about 3 years however, I struggle near my call backs. When I telephone call them back I never know what to say! I distinctly want them to come back and lease. What should I say on the phone when I do my give the name backs?

A sale examine because i am a just now telemarketer.
how do you use rebuttals if someone says's not interested, or i have to chitchat to my husband, i don't have the money, or i can't go out at this time of the year on a time off?

A salesman earn 300.00 per wee k plus a 5% commission on adjectives sale over 8000.00. One week his sale amounted?
to 15,000.00. What were his earnings that week?

A small beganing. on alien pedestrian area of enthusiasm !?
any designer who wanted to work with the designer house or needed to make name?

A trade contained by fundraising?
I'm thinking of starting a career in fundraising. It would be a small business helping local worthy cause. I was wondering what kind of license I need to have, also what sort of percentage would I earn?


A woman give me her business card and told me to ring up her "for support"?
I met a friendly woman and we briefly talked about me human being in school and I joke that I'll never find a job with my setting in psychology, because everyone does psychology.That's when she handed me her business card and told me to phone her "for support." I'm not really sure what she meant by that. I'm assuming that she might have an opportunity for me beside her company...she works in a small advertising company. Should I name her or email her? And what should I say (specifically?)

A.A.S. surrounded by marketing?
I really want to go to college and earn a degree so that I may be capable of build a future for my two young children by obtain a reliable career. My available time is minimum since I am a full time mother and work full time as well. An certified college nearby me has a two year associcates of applied science amount for e-comme rce and marketing that I am interested in. Is it worth pursuing or a waste of my time if A.A.S degree are not respected as much as a Bachelors or a Masters?

ABC Shops Casual Rate?
How much is the casual/part time rate at the ABC shops in australia? Many thanks within advance :)

Abercrombie & Fitch Impact Team (London)?
I've recently been offered a employment at abercrombie and fitch on the impact team, I wondered what tasks that I would be doing if I was to adopt the offer and also how much they pay, per hour. I would also resembling to know if anybody who started off in the impact squad made it as a model Thanks in advance.

Abercrombie & fitch...bananna republic?
how much do u make...(starting out, no experience, part time) working at amercrombie & fitch and bananna republic?Thank you!

Abercrombie and Fitch Job Question?
So i went to the mall on Sunday and Abercrombie and Fitch attempted to hire me. But i be in a mall that be an hour away from my house so i turned them down. They asked me if i was 18 and i told them no i was 17. Then i told them that i wasn't a local. But what i forgot to ask them be that do you have to be 18 to work there? Because i want to work at the one at my local shopping arcade.

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