Kamis, 26 Desember 2013

Compliance Solutions for Small Medical Practitioners - Computers - Security

Even as Small Medical Practices (SMP) are comprehending the importance of compliance, there are many such practitioners who have taken it upon themselves to understand the requirements of compliance in its true essence; so much so that some of them have gone ahead and hired compliance consultants. But on the other side there are other small medical practitioners who are yet to understand why such a hue and cry is being made about compliance. These practitioners are yet to understand the gravity of the penalty involved if healthcare compliance measures are not adhered to. They continue to live under the false impression that they will be able to manage all security concerns with the best firewall and antivirus solutions, but clearly such measures cannot be deemed to be sufficient to ensure complete security for all patient related health information.

Some SMP's, although they understand that there must be complete compliance to both HIPAA and HITECH regulations, cost- concerns worry them as compliance burdens their budgets. However such SMP's need not worry as there are quite a few effective and efficient healthcare regulatory compliance solution vendors out there who can ably assist such small practitioners in dealing with all these healthcare compliance requirements in a smart and cost-effective manner. With the right kind of solution backing up such SMP's, they can be rest assured of fulfilling all compliance requirements with the best technology and controls that can indeed strengthen the security of all information assets of the SMP. By investing smartly in an optimized healthcare compliance solution, all SMPs' can avail of the best in automated technology and solutions. Additionally, SMPs' should also check if the solution they opt for is easy to apply and also offers easy adaptability to different systems and fu rthermore it would do the SMP a whole of good if the compliance solution they opt for can be aligned to the aims and objectives of the practitioner. Scalability is also an important factor that can permit SMP's to monitor security controls with greater efficacy. Being alert and responding to threats and vulnerabilities in real-time is yet another important feature that an automated and optimized healthcare compliance solution can also offer.

There needs to be a slight change in the rigid thinking of some of the older SMP's who believe that compliance requirements can be trifled with. Such SMP's need to understand that the administration has taken stringent measures when it comes to the protection of confidential patient health care information and that all healthcare providers, however big or small, need to provide the best security to such information under all circumstances, lest they want to face the consequences, which may amount to hefty penalties or even serving a jail sentence.

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