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Madd Web SEO Launches Website Providing Unique SEO Services

Search engine optimization and marketing has become the dreaded phrase almost all online businesses need but don't want to face. The only way for a business to increase their online visibility and in turn increase online business is through search engine marketing. Many businesses will start out with PPC (Pay Per Click) ads, but quickly find that the cost involved is extremely high and not a long term solution. This leads businesses to search for an SEO company to help them reach the first page of search engines through search engine optimization.

"I started Madd Web SEO to help small to mid-size businesses with search engine optimization without breaking their marketing budget. I strive to for less clients, lower cost and quicker results.", states Brooke Klepper, owner. Search engine marketing involves daily tasks, networking and knowledge of programming. Most businesses don't know how to approach SEO or just don't have the time it takes to be effective.

Internet businesses are growing daily, which means the competition continues to rise. In order to be a successful online business, being seen on page 1 of the search engines is a must. "I am willing to let each client be as involved as they would like, which gives me ability to offer a range of pricing to fit any businesses marketing budget.", noted Klepper. There are dozens of SEO companies out there all promising the same results. What they don't all offer is personal service and the option to teach their clients how to help themselves stay on the first page. SEO is a process and it doesn't end once the 4-6 months are up and a website has reached the goal of page 1. Marketing in all forms is a never ending process, especially online when the competition in all markets raises daily. Maintaining is not the same as growing a business. Madd Web promises to help companies grow their online business along the way and after the SEO process has reached it's goal.

Madd Web SEO is a search engine marketing, optimization and networking company based out of Fort Myers, FL. Madd Web strives for less clients, lower cost and quicker results. More information can be found online at

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