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Start a Business Online, and Make Money!

I see new business after new business starting online, especially now given the economic state. It can be a new business, or even an existing business that is being taken online for the first time. People are jumping on the online bandwagon now more than ever. The problem is, so many are starting and then closing due to the lack of funds. So how do some of these people do it? Why can't you? We all hear so many stories of different people starting these businesses online and making serious cash, it seems so simple! The reality is, it is not as easy as it seems... Here are some tips for you all:

How to Start an Online Business and Actually Make Money Doing it!

The fastest and easiest way to start making cash online is through the powerful, but mostly overlooked use of Affiliates. So what exactly is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a business model that allows you to take other people's products and sell them to earn commissions. The main advantage of this business model is that you don't need to create your own products or spending a lot of time in doing market research. All the hard works have been done for you. All you need to do is just pick a profitable product and start promoting it to earn commissions. Another way to look at this, is there are thousands of Affiliates looking for your products to sell, if you have products. You can reach out and leverage them to promote your products, and just give them a small percentage of every sale that comes from them. It is simple.

How do you pick a profitable product? What will be right for me? There are many places you can go and pick up profitable affiliate products. Some of the top ones are: Clickbank, PayDotCom and CommissionJunction. You can also go to Amazon and eBay. EBay is a bit difficult to get approved as an affiliate however, so I suggest you try the first three affiliate networks that I mentioned above first. It is very easy to get approved, and start selling right away.I have seen more and more Affiliate Programs popping up all over the web, just about every business and every product online now has an affiliate program that goes along with it. You can usually find the link to become an affiliate at the top of the business or product's website, or occasionally at the bottom. Click on that link, sign-up to be an affiliate, and then get your affiliate link that you can use.This will be a unique ID to redirect people back to that site through this link to purchase it's products and it wil l link you as the referring Affiliate to ensure you get paid. There are some pretty incredible Affiliate Programs out there that make this process really simple. Now you're all set to begin promoting the affiliate products and earn commissions.

Now that you are ready to start promoting, what is the best way to do this and generate traffic through my links?

Here are some things you can do to get your links out to the world...

Start a blog

It's very easy to start a blog. If you are a beginner, I suggest you to start with blogspot.com and wordpress.com. Visit these two sites and create your account there (it's free to create an account there). Then start blogging; start sharing useful information in your blog and don't forget to insert your affiliate link in your article. When people click on your affiliate links and purchase products, you will get paid. Some Affiliate Programs will alos give you banner images to post on your site. These images will have your unique link on the back of them to track back to you as well. These are great attention grabbers.

Write and submit articles to article directories

For this method to work well, I recommend you to register a domain name that is related to the products that you are promoting. Then write 20 articles and submit them to these article directories: EzineArticles, ArticleBase, GoArticles, ArticleSnatch, ArticleDashBoard, IdeaMarketers and ArticleAlley. There are over 800 article submission sites, these article directories have a huge amount of traffic. You don't need to hit all 800, only pick 4-5 of these I listed on do them... so many people do them all, or attempt to and get flagged as SPAM. If you submit articles to these sites on a regular basis, you will make money. Remember to put your domain (forward it to your affiliate link) in your article resource box so that readers who are interested in the products can click on the link and check them out.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

These are great methods to spread the word as well. In fact, this is a very fast way to generate traffic through your links. You can use www.tinyurl.com or www.bit.ly to shorten and mask any of your links so people don't know what the link is. Plus this will give you the opportunity to track the clicks as they happen. All good things.

Remember, this is mostly referring to Affiliate Marketing as you being the Affiliate. If you have a business already, with products and/or services that you want to sell, you can recruit Affiliates to promote your stuff and make money as well. You probably have a gold mine sitting under your nose and most of you don't realize it. I work with thousands of Affiliate Marketers and so many people get hung up on trying to find these big fish Affiliates to push their products/services. Did you know that some of the most powerful, successful Affiliates are the ones right under your nose? The ones that have already used your products/services? That's right, your customers! Send a notification to your existing customer base and ask them for referrals, and let them know you will give them a percentage of all of the sales that come from them. That is Affiliate Marketing! I hope this helps, I hope you all have success, and if you are looking for some products or services to start prom oting, checkout http://automarketingpros.com/affiliates.html Here is to your success!

Get Back To Being An Entrepreneur and start your Affiliate Marketing Today!

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