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Electronic Cigarette: Better Alternative To Cigarettes

What is an Electronic cigarette

E-cigarettes allows the smoker to have the flavor of the nicotine without consuming the harmful and toxic substances like hydrocarbon and carcinogens. The E cigarettes are in the form of a cylindrical tube and resemble the traditional cigarettes. They even throw out the smoke. E cigarettes is not harmful to the smoker as well as the people around him.

Parts of E-cigarettes

The E-cigarettes constitute of the mouthpiece, battery and an atomizer.

The mouthpiece is also called cartridge. The cartridge has the small plastic cup, which is filled by the nicotine solution. There are different strength of the nicotine solutions and you may choose form high, medium to low level. Some cartridges are available without nicotine solution too. The mouthpiece can be replaced or refilled once the solution is consumed.

The E-cigarettes contains the heating element, also called as the Atomizer. It converts the nicotine solution placed in the cartridge, to vapors.

The E-cigarettes consists of the rechargeable battery, which is used to ignite the heating element or the atomizer of the cigarettes. After ignition, the atomizer vaporizes the nicotine solution. The power of the battery lasts for full day. It also lights up the LED indicating the activation of the device. The lighted LED gives the appearance of the burned real cigarettes.

Working Of the E-Cigarettes

Smoker inhales the air through the cartridge or the mouthpiece of the E-cigarette. The airflow activates the heating element of the E-cigarette. When the atomizer or the heating element gets heated up, it vaporizes the solution filled in the mouthpiece or the cartridge of the E-cigarette. The vapors resemble the real smoke and on inhaling the smoke, the smoker gets the satisfaction of puffing on the real cigarette. These vapors are harmless as they evaporate instantaneously. The battery lights up the LED and glowing orange light of the LED gives the impression of the real cigarette. Some E-cigarettes are available with the manual button. This button is pressed manually by the smoker when he puffs from the E-cigarettes. The atomizer of the E-cigarette gets activated on the pressing of the button and in turn it produces smoke.

Advantage of E Cigarettes.

There are many benefits of using the E-cigarettes. They are relatively cheaper than the traditional cigarettes. Thus, the smoker may save large amount of money by purchasing E- cigarettes. The smoker gets the real feeling of smoking. The E-cigarettes are harmless and can be used in smoke prohibited area.

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