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5 Smartphone Apps for Small Business Owners

Smartphones do more than show movies, update Facebook and provide driving directions. They provide a powerful platform that can help small business owners do more in less time and with fewer resources. To help businesses owners, here are 5 smartphone apps that can help them develop the habit of using smartphones to make their business run better.


With Square, small businesses can accept credit card payments using a card reader attached to their smartphone. Square serves as a transaction processing agent that deposits collected funds on the following business day. Perfect for selling at flea markets, trade shows and at customer sites, Square makes it possible for any business owner to sell almost anything anywhere they have access to a wireless data connection.

Businesses require much paperwork, so an app scans receipts, invoices, black boards, handwritten notes and other papers can help a business owner with recordkeeping. CamScanner uses the iPhone camera to make it a document scanner that can crop, tag, scan, print, store and share vital information for any business.


As one of the most popular smartphone apps small business owners use, Evernote rarely disappoints. This application clips Web information, bookmarks, notes, voice recordings, photos and more and stores in a user's online account. Users can access this information from their tablet, laptop and desktop computers. The ability to save and share content from multiple platforms helps business owners always have access to the information they need.

Google Voice

Small business owners need to keep costs low, and Google Voice can help. It provides a second phone number for mobile phones and introduces powerful call-managemen t and voicemail features. Without the need to buy expensive business phones, small businesses can use Google Voice to become more competitive.


Carrying a laptop everywhere a business owner needs to show a presentation can feel awkward and look old fashioned. Scatterslides allows users to show their presentation on large from a smartphone connected to any Wi-Fi network. Business owners can create their presentations using Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. Equipped with Scatterslides, smartphones also act as a remote control so presenters can sit or stand anywhere in the room while they present their slides.

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