Rabu, 03 April 2013

Knowledge is power and network is a tool

Knowledge is power and network is a tool, both combine can maximize your benefits in anything that you do in life.

An apple in Malaysia can cost 50 cents, whereas in Singapore may cost $1.20. If you know this (knowledge is power) and have a friend who sell apple in Singapore (network is a tool). By checking with the local law agency and Custom government agency, you can export apples to your friends with overhead (Delivery transportation cost, Custom and Stamp Duty fees, Middleman fees, etc) say 20 cents for every 1000 apples (equivalent to 20 crates or so). By simple math, you earn $500 for every 1000 apples delivered to your friend in Singapore from Malaysia.

This is not counting the currency exchange rate between the 2 countries (About 2.4 Malaysian Ringgit to Singapore Dollar at point of print)Not multiplying the quantity delivered per day and every day and every other day.And not leveraging on your other friends, friend's friends and new friends to sell your apples in Singapore.Now, this is what I call knowledge is power and network is a tool.

I grow up with this thinking ever since I learn about financial and marketing in school. There one things that the school don't teach is how to manage your own personal financial. There will be chapter on this, which is very important to you "Get the math right in the first time and every time." Simply and easy to understand math and case study.

Using things you know at places where you grow up, study or working and have fun, you be amazed with just simply quick observation of your environment. The kind of knowledge you gain has gigantic power and influence the way you think! Try walking around the supermarket, looking at some prices of household items, or window-browsing at a major shopping mall, or sight-seeing along the streets of offices and any other places you would walk by. Look at some of the prices and do some research on the internet "Google search" at google.com and you be amaze with what you can find both local and oversea. There will be a chapter on "Google Search where is your product?". More details will be covered there.

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