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Analytical Book Review

Students write analytical book review as part of their assignments. An analytical book review is a summary of the book. It does not give comments about the book only, but it also evaluates the work. It evaluates the specific issues in the book and theoretical frame work in the book. Writing an analytical book review is not easy. Most students find it difficulty to write an analytical book review because they do not know the steps to follow. When writing an analytical book review the students are supposed to identify the key points in the book. The students should state the author's main points and their importance. Different authors have different points. Some of the authors state their points clearly, but some do not. The student should read the book careful so as to identify the main points. In addition, the student should identify the kind of readers supposed to read the book. Some others write books for general readers and others specific. Books written for general rea ders do not require the reader to have any prior knowledge on the topics. On the other hand, books written for specific readers required the reader to have prior knowledge on the topic. For instance, history books are written for specific readers. The readers are required to have prior knowledge in history and the topic being discussed.

There are different sections that students identify the main pints and the reader. For example, students can use the preface and acknowledgement to answer the questions. Also, the students can use the bibliography and the index to answer the questions. The student should not overlook the information provided about the background of the author and the conditions in which the author published the book.

Moreover, the student should identify if the author states the thesis well. The student should identify the theoretical assumptions made in the book and if they are discussed well. Most students find it difficulty to identify the thesis and the theoretical assumptions. The students should read the preface carefully so as to identify the thesis and assumptions. After that the student should read the entire book. Some authors may nor state the thesis and theoretical assumptions plainly, so the student should read the text keenly.

In addition, an analytical book review should state how the work written by the author contributes to his course. For example, when reviewing history books, the student should state how the book contributes to his course. The students should identify the issues and concepts in his discipline that the book analyzes. Additionally, an analytical book review should state the kind of materials used in the work. For example, it should state if the author has used any primary sources or secondary sources. Also, it should indicated if the author has used an technique in collecting the information like observation and quantitative data.

The analytical book review should state the historical account in the book. Further, the analytical book review should define whether the author has used the material to support the thesis. The student writing the analytical review should give specific passages to show the authors writing style and tone. The student should summarize the paragraphs when writing the book review. The writer of the book review should state alternative ways that can be used to discuss the main idea in the topic.

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