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Book-A Media to Gain depth of Knowledge

The depth of knowledge to be gained from books is much richer and broader than what can be learned from direct experience.

Experience gained in every possible way is crucial and very beneficial for an individual. Whether the knowledge gained from books is richer or the direct experience weighs more depends on the information learnt and the usage of that information. Both are equally important, as any source of information would go a long way in an individual's life. There should be a balance between the experience gained by the book knowledge and the direct experience that is obtained by real life events. If there is no balance between them, the other one would go in vain.

The chief reason to support my view my is, knowledge gained from books may not be helpful as it would mask an individual from getting exposed to the real life experiences, which is very much needed in regular life. For instance, Let us consider people who are Doctors. Once they at tain their dreams and become popular as successful doctors, they go through many journals everyday to update themselves with the new advancements. It only helps them grow as doctors, but also would be beneficial to help patients more, with the new knowledge gained. But being doctors they may be poor in financial matters. They may not know how to invest in stocks to proliferate their assets. Because they have no direct experience with outside events, they need extra information or assistance about such details.

Another reason that can be cited is, knowledge from books might be very insightful, but for daily life an individual needs better and positive experience with outside world. For example, a person with PhD degree may remain without any social life. Such people may hesitate to meet and mingle with the outsiders, as they closed themselves from outside world to achieve their dreams, which is again drawback in one's life as he may remain as loner. Therefore, ex periences from real life are equally important.

Yet some might argue that, people with out knowledge from book may not be able to survive in the outside world. It is partially true that people may not recognize that they are worth of valuable education and knowledge. For example, a security guard who works at a community college may be very good at math. But, he may not recognize his talent unless someone recognizes it by accident. He may have very good experience from outside world but his talents would be more sharpened could be used for better living, if knowledge from book is added to it.

Another example that supports the fact that experience may go in vain without knowledge is, there are so many poor and neglected people in the society who are deprived of proper education. If sufficient book knowledge is provided to them, their talents and experiences they gained may go waste without recognition.

Other Important Things can be beneficial for us from books:

Critical Thinking:

Books can help provide development of critical thinking. Critical thinking means that you can enter a situation and draw conclusions about that situation which may not be evident. In many modernartforms, the thinking is done for you. Movies and television programs often beat you over the head with what they are trying to say which makes for a relaxing experience, but doesn't help you use your brain. When you read, you will often have to draw conclusions from the stories which are not otherwise evident. By doing this often enough, you will begin to get into a habit of examining everything in your life from a critical angle. The skill of critical thinking can help you in everything from your day to dayjobduties to interacting with people at a store.


By reading books, you will increase your vocabulary. Most people use vocabulary which they hear every day. This means, your vocabulary is shaped by the people and things around you. If you are only talking to co-workers, listening to the radio or watching television, your vocabulary may be stunted. However, by reading books, you are able to get exposure to a wide variety of words and concepts which you may not be able to get otherwise. This will most likely help increase the numbers of words you can use comfortably. There is a direct correlation to your vocabulary level and your perceived intelligence level, which can benefit you professionally.

Imagination and Creative Thinking:

Reading books increases your imagination. Movies and television do all of the visualizing of a certain time and place for you. Because they are visualarts, they have to present the situation in a visual way. Books, on the other hand, only provide the frame for the story. It is up to you to use your brain to imagine what the characters and settings look like. By increasing your imaginative power, you will be able to begin to solve problems in a more creativefashion. Your out-of-the box thinking will increase, which can make you more valuable to your employer and able to come up with solutions for issues in your personal life more easily.

Enhances Concentration

For reading one needs to be focused for a longer duration and it requires the involvement of the brain power. To understand the text or the whole story one must keep the thoughts at one place, so reading lets us exercise this power of the mind and hence, improves the concentration power and focus.

Exercises the Mind

Reading is an exercise for the brain. I'll tell you, how. It stimulates the brain and allows it to think in various aspects which keep the brain muscles engaged and active. Reading makes the brain elastic by bending and loosening it and hence, gives a good exercise.

Reduces Stress

Reading is the best stress buster. A book distracts us from the problems and tensions and relieves the tension. It carries us to the world of fancy and imagination - far away from the real world.

Improves Writing Skills

With the improved vocabulary and knowledge our writing skills will certainly enhance. As it boosts the ability to think, it also enhances the written expression. In addition to these benefits, reading also improves the following aspects of an individual as well.

1. Enhances creativity

2. Gives satisfaction

3. Sets goal in life

4. Improves memory

5. Improves discipline

6. Builds self esteem

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