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Real Estate Investing Articles and the Big Lie That Knowledge is Power

Who said Knowledge is Power? Did You Fall For this Big Lie? I get concerned sometimes when I see people, especially those who read one too many real estate investing articles, believing that "knowledge is power".

The truth is- the world is full of educated "failures", is it not?

If knowledge were power, we'd all be taking orders from professors, librarians would run governments, and you would welcome the door-to-door Encyclopedia salesman warmly into your home.

And everyone who'd ever read a bunch of real estate investing articles would be a RE mogul multimillionaire.

That's just not the way it is, though, is it?

No, knowledge is not power. Not in and of itself, anyway.

Applied knowledge is true power.

It's not what you 'know' but what you DO with what you know that will bring about your greatest results.

I write REI articles in part because I'm driven to write, so I may as well provide some kind of benefit to somebody...by sharing what I know with others.

And while I can attest from personal experience that you can gain invaluable knowledge when you make reading RE investing articles part of your regular schedule, it's just not enough to get the knowledge. You must utilize all resources at your disposal to implement the knowledge recentyl acquired.

You can accumulate a lot of insider information on powerful strategies like Wholesaling and Quick Flips, Retirement Plans, Negotiation Strategies, Creative Financing, Asset Protection, and much, much more....

But unless you DO something with what you 'know'...nothing great can come of all that knowledge! Would you agree?

That too I can attest from personal experience.

Only applied knowledge is power.

But don't let me discourage you from reading RE investing articles.

To be honest, I truly believe that when you apply the principles in many of these valuable RE investing articles the doors of opportunity will open for you. It is always a good idea to find ways to implement these ideas right away.

You just have to be ready and willing to ably walk through them.

Are you now ready?

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