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People say knowledge is power. That is only partly true. Knowledge is potential power. It is knowledge that is accurately applied that is power. If you know what to do, you are only a potential success until you act on what you know.

Be willing to take big risks. I know the devil is going to speak to you repeatedly, "What if it does not happen? You too ask him the question, "What if it happens".

John L Masson said. "When you excuse yourself, you excuse yourself". There is no sound reason in the world why you should not succeed. May be you have convinced yourself that it is not people like you that break through big time. That is not true. Your disqualification is your qualification.

Have you noticed that rich people do not have two heads? They are human beings like you. If they are qualified, you are qualified too. God loves us all the same.

Be Persistent

If you are doing something, be persistent. If you do it and it does not work out, try again. You must have a good attitude toward failure. That you tried and failed does not make you a failure. If you tried and you failed, and you now fail to try again that is when you are a failure.

Failures are simply successful people who gave up too soon. Successful people are failures who refuse to give up. That is the difference; you will not be the first person to make a mistake.

If you have books on success, but have none on failure, your library is not complete. Find a book that can help you to deal with failure or else your journey will be terminated too soon. In fact, the best way to increase your success rate is to increase your failure rate, because success is born out of failure. If as a professional footballer and striker, you insist that you will only kick the ball towards the goal when you are absolutely certain you will score a goal, we will soon forget about you.

Success is born out of failure. Turn failure into fertilizer and plant the seed of your new vision in your past failure. When you look into the back yard of successful people you will see the relics of ideas that did not work. Successful people, usually, do not tell you about their failures and mistakes. That is why you assume their life is different from yours; you assume that there is just a magic wand they have, the Midas touch. You assume anything they do just succeed.

Go and ask them; you will be astonished what stories of innumerable failed attempt you will hear.

Learn the lesson. Forget the details. You thought your last failure was the worst one in the world; some people have committed bigger blunders than that. Learn the lesson, forget the details and try again.

God is faithful, He will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it. If you carry a negative attitude, you will not find the way of escape. You need to relax. You need to have peace in your heart. But bear this fact in your mind, there is always a way. Seek and you will find it.

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