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My View On The Internet Business Ideas Out There And How To Get Back Links

Is there not something left on the internet that has not been bastardized, polluted to death in the name of building our own private little internet home business web sites? My personal internet business ideas on building and getting back links may seem to be a bit out there, bust I am sick of seeing the lengths that people will go to get back links to their web sites.

Back links are there for one reason, to get traffic and to eventually get a higher page rank, okay, two reasons. Money makes the internet world go around, so to this end, we need traffic to our web sites and to get this traffic, we want links, lots of links, we can never get enough links. I recently got an e- mail from a person who was selling back links, not 20 a month, not 100 a month, but 60,000 a MONTH, every month, for a fee of course.

60,000 back links a month, every month, which is unimaginable that anyone could possible think that any search engine would not recognize this as the worst possible black hat trick and close your site down faster than you could imagine. If nothing else, this just shows you how a reasonable internet business idea, getting back links to ones site, can be turned into a scam over night. Just a reminder to any one who might be considering using this persons service, back links when they appear on your internet home business site, have to be organic and genuine, or at the very least, appear to be such

The value of back links is that in the eyes of the search engines, they appear as a vote of confidence in what you and your web site stands for. Getting back links to your site is a popularity contest of sorts, the more votes your web site gets the more links it gets; the search engines view this as a very good thing. The goal of the search engines is to give their customers the very best search results, our goals as internet home business owners is to get as much traffic to our sites as possible, there is a conflict of interest between the search engines and us owners

The prevailing internet business ideas on how to get back links is that it does not matter how you get them as long as you do. One of the most annoying and pathetic ways people use to get back links is to post on someone else's blog, forum, web site without having any idea of what the sites are about. So called legitimate web site advisers and gurus will openly tell you to visit a site, make a post, with your URL some where in there and then make some sort of comment that will trick the owner of that site into leaving the post up, thus giving you a back link

What makes this very aggravating is we, everyone on the internet, is now left with this dilemma, what is real and what is just a scam to get a back link? Every post, every comment on any ones blog or forum, what is a real comment, what is just a sham to get a back link, how do any of us know the real from the fake? I own several blogs, I get comments every day, "nice blog, enjoyed the article", what do I do with this? Is it even from a real person, or is it a scrapper looking for links? My personal internet business idea on this topic is this, do not become a bottom feeder just to get a back link, it hurts the whole internet and it weakens the whole concept for all of us.

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