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Why Football Scholarships Are A Big Deal

Football season is upon us at every level and with it high school student athletes start vying for college athletic scholarships. High school football players see the big college and pro games and they dream of playing for a big name university and then going on to the pros. Football scholarships are up for grabs they think, but it is a little more difficult to landone of these golden full ride scholarships than a typical high school football player would think.

They have been told that these valuable sports scholarships will pay them to continue playing football and they will also pay for their college tuition and other expenses. This can be true, but there are several different types of football scholarships.

Many times football student athletes and their parents get caught up in the whirlwind of college football and college recruiting without knowing what a college football scholarship really means. In fact, there are a couple of different reasons to accept a football scholarship, but the main reason should always be to get all or part of your college education paid for.

Many athletic scholarships are only partial scholarships and will pay only for a portion of your college expenses while others are full ride scholarships. These full ride football scholarships pay for all your expenses while you play football, however they typically go from year to year.

While right now you are excited about continuing to play football in college, the most important consideration of your college athletic scholarship should be that it will allow you to obtain a college degree, a higher education that will support both you and your family throughout your lifetime. It isn't just a way of prolonging your playing career, although it does offer that advantage.

A large percentage of student football players just focus on playing football in college, hoping they will get picked up by the pros. Do these lucky gentlemen make a ton of money? You bet! However, the proven fact is, most don't get to play pro ball.

So why not have best of both worlds? Train, condition and continue to play the game you love and at the same time get a college education. A college education will allow you to learn more about a particular field, which may be sports, or business, or medicine or who knows.

I am sure you have heard other people talk about the many advantages of a college education, but it you are like most young student football players, the tremendous advantages just haven't hit home yet.

One main advantage is that it allows you, with very few exceptions, to make more money over the course of your life than those who fail to get a college education. That is very significant; think what that could mean for you and your family.

Studies show that college graduates make more money, live in nicer homes, and enjoy more and longer vacations and more expensive vacations than their counterparts who have only completed high school.

If you play your cards right, you have a good chance of having your education paid for...interested? I am not saying that every single college graduate is more successful than a high school graduate; there are exceptions. I am just saying statistics say overall this is typically the case.

So, what can you do to get one of these coveted football scholarships? Find out the steps required to get a college athletic scholarship and then systematically follow those steps. Does that mean that everyone can get a Division I full ride football scholarship? Of course not, it does mean that there are thousands of football scholarships available every year in the US.

You just need to make the firm decision that you will take the steps needed to obtain one of these football scholarships. Then you have to give your all each step of the way. It is just like at the beginning of a Friday night ball game there is no guarantee your team will win, but you play the game to find out if you are the ultimate winner.

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