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Effective Training 1 – Dedicated Workplace Training vs Public Courses

So, your business is looking to organise some training for it's staff? Maybe you're just about to implement the latest version of Microsoft Office and need to arrange the training to fit the rollout schedule. What's the right solution?

Well, you could send your staff on scheduled public training courses. There are plenty to be found, but have you considered the benefits of arranging dedicated training sessions at your own business premises? It's probably not as expensive as you think, and there are many benefits for your staff and your business.

First of all, there's the convenience of being able to arrange the training on days that fit in with your requirements. Public training courses tend to be at set times and intervals. That's probably not much use if you have 100 people to get trained before the new version of Excel or Access goes live in 4 weeks time and you can't let them all out of the office at the same time! With dedicated workplace training, the schedule is pretty much up to you. You could have training one day a week, or on ten consecutive days if you like.

Secondly, your staff don't all have to travel to a training centre which is great if the nearest training centre is miles away in another city. That means they don't lose a chunk of their day travelling, and your business doesn't have to pay for travel expenses, car parks and lunches on top of the cost of the training. For those who have to arrange child care or pick up the kids after school, life can carry on as normal.

It also helps that your staff will be in familiar surroundings, and learning with their colleagues instead of a bunch of strangers. That will help them to relax and feel comfortable enough to ask questions, which means they will probably learn more.

Being at their normal place of work also allows your staff to check emails and phone messages during breaks. So if an important customer needs to contact someone on the training course, your business can respond in good time and keep the customer happy. How much might that be worth?

Yet perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that dedicated workplace training courses can be tailored to your own requirements. If what you actually need is a little bit of Excel training, with a little bit of Outlook and Word, all in the same day you can have it. You don't have to send your staff on three different training courses where they learn things they'll never need. Think of the potential cost savings there!

If you're thinking workplace training sounds good but must be expensive think again. The cost per person for workplace training can actually work out less expensive per head than public training courses.

All in all, you should get better results, happier staff, and save money. Now that has to be worth looking into!

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