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Windows 8, Whats coming your way

With more then 1 year since the release of Windows 7, Microsoft is gearing to release the next version of Windows,which is currently called as Windows 8.According to the post by Windows 8 beta the next version of windows is going to be released in around october 2012,exactly 3 years after the release of Windows 7 as stated in the Microsoft TimeFrame,though Russian site Wzor says that the next version of Windows would hit the stores on January 7,2013

A couple of screenshots has been leaked, showing the installation of Windows 8.The copyright statement reads as Copyright Microsoft 2012 confirming that Windows 8 RTM would be released in 2012 and the screenshots also states clearly that the next version of Windows shall be called Windows 8.

In the CES 2011,Microsoft announced that Windows 8 would support ARM chips as well,also which confirms that the next version of windows would continue to support 32 bit chips as well.
According to the latest rumors the latest Windows 8 build compiled is Build 7917,with build string as 6.2.7917.0.winmain_win8m2.110125-1757 and indeed Windows 8 has already reached milestone 2.

According to the information available other builds released in 2011 are-

Here is some information which is available relating to Windows 8
* Microsoft has been working on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service pack 2 since fall of 2010 and is expected to be released in mid 2012.
* Windows 8 might not be the final name of next version of windows,though the Windows server would be definitely called Windows Server 2012 (We would be calling the next version of Windows as Windows 8 until the name is confirmed)
* Microsoft would start working on Windows 8 Milestone 3 from March and Beta version would be available after it. Earlier Microsoft employee leaked the roadmap so going by it we are expecting the first beta in July 2012.
* Microsoft would be releasing 2 beta version of Windows 8,which would be available for testing following which the RC version of Windows 8 would be released.
* Windows 8 would be RTM 3 months after the RC version is released .

At present no further information about Windows 8 is available,we are waiting to see the new GUI that's going to be incorporated in Windows 8.

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