Senin, 18 Juni 2012

Business Start Up Tip: Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Affiliate marketing blogging is one really hot business startup idea today. There are numerous reasons why people looking to start a business are turning to blogging and affiliate marketing as a perfect combination.

In this article we will go over the steps to start up a business and use affiliate marketing and blogging to do it.

1. Set up a self hosted Word Press Blog. WordPress does offer free hosting. So does which is owned by Google.

Hosting your own WordPress blog is a much better way to start your new business. This way you are in complete control of what happens to your blog. You do not have to risk having it canceled for any reason.

WordPress is the best blogging platform on the Internet today. It's very easy to set a blog up and they offer numerous plug-ins as well.

You can also hire a blog builder to set your blog up for you. You can expect to pay around $50 or more depending on what you want done.

2. Monetize it with affiliate products. This is actually how you'll make your money. You can join affiliate programs for free and get paid whenever you sell a product.

Monetizing your blog should include Google Ad sense, Click Bank information products, and pay per lead products which you can find at affiliate networks such as Commission Junction.

3. Add content. Purchasing private label right articles is a fast way to do that. Then rework those a little bit to make them unique.

You can also hire a blog writer to write content for you. 200 word blog articles run $4-$5 a piece. If you are not comfortable writing a blog writer can quickly crank out blog articles for you.

Doing this makes all of your content 100% unique and different from any other blog in the same niche that yours is in.

4. Market your new business. Blogging and affiliate marketing make this easy to do.

Social media is very easy to add to a blog. You can create videos and upload them. You can also use content from You Tube.

Bookmarking your blogs to social directories is a good way to create backlinks and search engine bait for potential traffic. You should also have an RSS feed where people can subscribe and you can keep in touch with them in the future.

5. Repeat the process. Once you have your system in place you can do this over and over and make as much money as you want. It's not unusual for people to have hundreds of blogs making them money.

For this reason we feel affiliate marketing blogs are an excellent business startup idea!

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