Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

Simple Small Business Marketing Ideas Often Work The Best Including This One

Have you ever noticed how many times the simplest small business marketing ideas end up working the best? Who ever said small business marketing has to be hard? I'm constantly amazed at just how powerful some of the simplest concepts are. There are many small business marketing ideas that cost next to nothing and really require little to no additional extra work to begin bringing in more business every month. Unfortunately, the problem with simple marketing ideas is that many small businesses are so quick to excuse them. Intelligent small business owners and independent professionals just like you mistakenly believe a marketing idea has to be sophisticated and intricate to be really valuable. WRONG! In fact, it's completely the opposite that's true. The more complicated the idea, the less chance you have of making it work. Simple doesn't mean well thought out. It just means not complicated. One of the simplest small business marketing ideas I've ever come across is also one o f the most powerful. Many successful professionals have shared that this one technique has been primarily responsible for completely filling their business pipeline. Even though most people know about this powerful method, it's surprising how few people actually use it consistently. Perhaps because it's just too simple and small business owners are always looking for fresh, new, and more sophisticated (i.e., perceived to be higher value) marketing ideas. After all, if the simple, easy ideas really worked then wouldn't everyone be using them? Well you would think, but even the simple solutions take some work on your part to be successful. And too often, people want the results without having to do the work. Simple does not mean you don't have to do the work. It just means not complicated. So what is this simple yet incredibly powerful idea that can help you generate significantly more business? Commit to sending out personal hand-written notes - Thank You notes or Cards. The reasons to send personal notes including "thank you" notes are practically endless. * When you make a new contact at a networking event * When you get a new clients * When a client takes your advice * When a client recommends you * When a business contact recommends a new resource. Taking time to hand write notes is a lost art in the world of business anymore. Even though personal attention is always more effective, email and voice mail are just so much quicker and therefore make it ineffective in some peoples' minds. Consider How To Put This Small Business Marketing Idea To Work For Your Business...

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