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What is a Business Opportunity Lead Really?

If you have started a network marketing business and have decided to purchase business opportunity leads to grow your organization STOP. Do nothing until you fully understand what these leads are. Keep reading to get the skinny on biz op leads.

These business opportunity leads (also called biz op leads) are people who have filled out a form requesting information about working from home.

Generally after someone buys a product online, a pop up ad or banner ad will appear, prompting the customer to fill out a quick survey. The survey might ask a few questions like:

1. Would you be interested in earning money from home?

2. How many hours a week do you have available to work from home?

3. How much money would you like to earn per month from home?

After answering this survey the person fills in their name, phone number, email and sometimes physical address.

What Happens After the Prospect Completes The Survey?


Once the business opportunity leads are generated. Meaning the prospect has completed the survey and given his/her contact information. That persons name and other personal data are then SOLD to different marketers.

Sometimes one lead can be sold to 30, 40 or even 50 different Marketers!

What does that mean for you - The Marketer?

That means you pay $100 per month for a business opportunity leads subscription, and each month these leads are delivered to your email box.

It also means that you have to compete with the other 30 or 40 Marketers that are trying to get your lead to join THEIR business.

What a mess!

Biz op leads are not ALL bad though. However they have a very specific place you your business building efforts.

The Lesson Here

Before you buy into anything that is suppose to help your business, DO YOUR RESEARCH first. Understand the pros and the cons of what ever you spend your money on, and you will be in a much better place financially in growing your business.

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