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How Pure is Distilled Water? is it the Best for Your Health?

A lot of people swear by its use, but how pure is distilled water really?I understand that this method of cleansing has been the pure water solution for thousands of years. But with today's growing list of contaminants, can this method truly be relied upon to remove all impurities?Let's take a quick look at this process and see if we can come up with an answer.

To figure out just how pure is distilled water, we need to look at how the process works.Distillation was first used by the Babylonians in the second millennium B.C only not for the purpose of water purification.It was used at that time to create beverages that had a higher alcohol content than fermentation could naturally produce.

It was not necessary to use distillation as a pure water solution in those times. The deterioration of our water supply has only occurred over the last 150 years.While this method was used for effective water purification thousands of years later, t here still weren't chemical contaminants in the reservoirs.However, today chemical contamination is a major cause for concern.
When it comes to removing toxic chemical agents from our drinking water, how pure is distilled water?The method is largely ineffective in removing chemical contaminants; during the process contaminated water is poured into a vat and heated until boiling.Then the vapors are transferred to yet another tank where they are cooled.

The problem with using distillation as a pure water solution is that many of the chemicals have a boiling point that allows them to vaporize faster than water.So throughout the process it is primarily chemical vapors that are being transferred to the secondary tank.The water simply follows the chemicals over.

So, with the state of today's water supply, just how pure is distilled water?Obviously, this is not the method that you want to use in order to purify your water nor do you want to buy bottled water from a distillery.What you need instead is a home water purification system designed to cleanse your water from many a ngles.

The true pure water solution is an appliance that features a combination of an activated granular carbon filter and a multimedia block to effectively remove chemicals from your water.It also uses an ion exchange and a sub micron filter to remove toxic heavy metals and microscopic organisms.

Now that you know the answer to the question, how pure is distilled water, you can leave the bottled water on the shelf and look into a water purification system for your home.

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