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5 Things to Avoid When Joining a Network Marketing Business Opportunity

So you are looking to get involved in a network marketing business opportunity but you want to make sure you find the best company and products for you. You know what you want, BUT do you know what to AVOID? Here are 5 things to steer clear of when joining an MLM business opportunity.

#1 The Fly By Night Company

In this industry (and really ANY industry) companies come and go. The last thing you want to do as a new network marketer, is invest your time and money into a company that is just a memory soon after you get started.

How do you avoid this?

Simply put You do your research BEFORE you get involved in any network marketing business opportunity.

Check out the companys financial history. How much revenue does it bring in a year? Has the company grown over the last few years? Have they done any lay-offs lately?

Companies that can prove their stability in their track record, make the best option for your network marketing business opportunity.

#2 The Hyped Up Sponsor
Your sponsor just might be the most important decision you make with regard to your network marketing business opportunity, so youll want to choose wisely.

With so much hype spread around in network marketing, you want to partner with a sponsor who runs his/her business based on honesty, integrity and free of hype.

Empty and hype filled promises, will do nothing to help you grow your business.

#3 The My Way Is The ONLY Way Upline

Network marketing is about duplication, but it is not about IMITATION.

You want to find an MLM business with an upline that encourages you to become an independent business person.

Someone who can show you the path they have taken, BUT also educate you on how to forage your own path to success.

# 4 The Magician Sponsor (Now You See Them Now You Dont)

So many Networkers have been in this si tuation. They join a network marketing business opportunity under someone who promises to guide them to success, only to never hear from them again after signing up.

And what happens to the newbie in this situation?

They wind up frustrated and in many cases quit the business with nothing to show for it.

This is something that can be avoided, if you take the time to carefully choose your MLM business and sponsor.

#5 The Leap of BLIND faith

Let me clarify. Im not saying that there is no place for faith in building a business. But when it comes to joining a network marketing business, you want your faith to have sight.

The last thing you want to do is fall for the first promise that is made to you, hoping that it works out.

Running a business takes faith in yourself, not blind faith in the promises of others.

Stay away from these five success killers and you will soon find your way to building a profitable network marketing business opportunity.

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  1. Excellent article! In general there are so many misconceptions regarding network marketing and love it when I hear the truth and what it truly is.

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