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Mind development tranting

As we grow older I realize more and more just how much we could all benefit from mind development training. Memory does tend to play tricks on us all at times. Please correct me if Im wrong but I would swear that thirty odd years ago when I was a young lad, summers used to be at their peak throughout July and August, and you were guaranteed snow from December through to February. These days summer doesnt seem to get going until September, by which time the light nights are history. Nowadays you are more likely to see snow through March and April than over the Christmas festive period.

If thats an accepted pattern, then over the course of thirty odd years the seasons appear to have shifted position by around two months. Which set me wondering why, February only has twenty eight days. If February had actually had thirty days, then over the last thirty years the seasons would have stayed in exactly the right place. So should it just have the twenty eight days, or was t here some clerical oversight when we switched from the lunar calendar to the Julian calendar, and somehow February managed to slip through the net?

The real answer to the February conundrum is somewhat less inspiring than the idea of a centurys long cover-up. We can look back to the Romans, who first tried to reconcile the moons twenty nine and a half day cycle with the Earths three hundred and sixty five and a quarter day rotation around the Sun. The original idea to build a year around twelve lunar cycles actually came up eleven days short, so an extra month Mercendinus was added.

Supposedly it was Julius Caesar who decided that this lingering attachment to the lunar cycle was unwieldy. It was said that he decided to ignore the lunar cycle and get rid of Mercendinus by arranging the number of days in the twelve months to add up to exactly three hundred and sixty five and a quarter days. February wound up with twenty nine days, plus an extra day every fourth year. In this arrangement, July the month named to honour Caesar himself, had thirty one days. August by contrast, had only thirty, and supporters of the emperor Augustus were having none of that. So a day was moved from February to August and hey presto, the calendar we all know and love today was born.

It occurred to me whilst discarding this flawed February hypothesis, that quite often in the world of business and commerce, when a product or system doesnt work quite as envisaged, I doubt any of us would be so quick to jump to so wrong a conclusion, but certainly picking up the cause of any problem depends on being equipped to ask the right questions. And its not just important when problems have been spotted.

Successful design of the perfect home based business model, depends on the right questions being asked all the way along the line: the ability for any budding entrepreneur to successfully implement this business model, lies within the quality and depth of his or her tutor, and their ability by use of a positive level of mind development training; to instil the knowledge and appreciation of a whole host of different disciplines and possible approaches. But as much as anything the successful running of any home based business requires an ability to take the lead by asking all the right questions.

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