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Getting California Group Health Insurance Quotes – You Need Some Information to Understand These Quotes

Getting California group health insurance quotes can be the first step in providing your employees with coverage. Many small businesses want to give their employees the option of purchasing health care coverage. But, with costs as they are, many employers think they cannot find affordable options. You might be surprised at the prices you get when you ask for quotes. One of the little surprises for businesses in California is that, by law, the company can write off every bit of the money they put out towards health care premiums. That can lead to a significant savings in your taxes as well as on health care costs.

What do you need to know before getting California group health insurance quotes? The first, and most basic, question is how many people you need to cover with the insurance. The employees must work 20 hours or more per week to qualify and must be employees paid through W-2's instead of 1099's. One of the benefits of group health insurance for small businesses is that insurance companies cannot ask health questions. Employers must contribute 50% of the lowest premium available under this plan. This usually applies to the youngest age group in the plan. So if the youngest age group has a minimum premium of $200, the employer must cover 50% of that or $100 for each employee. Employers can choose to cover more, however.

What factors contribute to the premiums you are getting California group health insurance quotes? There are four critical factors used to calculate premium costs. Your location plays a role. Businesses in large cities usually pay more than those in rural towns do. Number of employees also is a factor. The fewer employees you have, the higher the premiums will be for each individual. Discounts start to apply as you add more employees. The age of employees also contributes to the calculation. Younger employees cost less when it comes to health care coverage. A final factor is which plan you select. HMO plans usually cost more than PPO plans do.

What else do you need to know when getting California group health insurance quotes? The best way to get quotes is through a knowledgeable agent. The agent can look at your company's particular situation and find a good balance between cost and coverage. With a good agent at your side, you will find the plan to fit you business's budget without breaking it.

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