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Make Money with ITV Ventures - Home - Home Business

According to industry insiders, ITV Ventures is one of the most innovative home-based business ventures ever created. By combining the power of direct response marketing with that of network marketing, ITV Ventures has launched itself as a leading infomercial company.

Driven by ITV infomercials and consistently rated in the top ten by media ranking services, ITV Ventures () offers an entirely new business model for the home business entrepreneurs. By becoming a member of independent business ownership network of ITV Ventures you get the infrastructural support of an already successful multi-million dollar company.

ITV Ventures has created enough internet buzz to reach #1 in the rankings. It is continually attracting experienced network marketers because of the uniqueness of the concept of an infomercial company expanding into network marketing. However, the opportunity is also attracting those who are new to MLM and are looking for a viable home-based business that could far outpace the competitive offerings.

With ITV Ventures home based income opportunity, there is no limit on how much you can earn! Driven by huge national media coverage to generate qualified leads, the opportunity helps you earn 100% profit right from the start.

ITV Ventures - A reputed company

With over 500 employees, ITV Ventures is a company which is backed by years of solid and industry recognized success. In the last 3 years time the company has received a 70% growth in its revenues! The company has offices in Massachusetts, Maine, Illinois and California, and is coming up with new offices in Canada.

The qualifies leads

Through its massive media presence ITV has generated a huge support for ITV Ventures opportunity. ITV has taken the direct response industry by storm. Through its top 10 rated infomercials it generates thousands of qualified leads for its long chain of Independent Business Owners (IBOs). The company spends over $50 millions in these infomercials where famous TV personalities help in driving the direct response for the branded products. With every infomercial on TV, ITV Ventures creates a whole new opportunity of income for its business owners.


The ITV with its support of network marketing creates a realistic and life changing income opportunity for you! One ITV show can generate thousands of calls. Seven out of 10 callers request more information before committing to a purchase. You as a networking member or IBO make the courtesy calls and covert the customers to members or IBO. You can make money by courtesy calls to truly qualified leads:

* People who have expressed interest in ITV products.* People who are already ITV product users.


Right from the starting you have the nationally branded products that offer you 100% profits on all your retail sales. People watch the infomercials and express interest in ITV Ventures products. Moreover the ITV has a lead program allowing you to "customize" the leads you want to work with. Choosing to participate in the leads program can be a fast and simple way to earn money.

All the products that ITV Ventures offers through direct sales are trusted premium products that are backed by science. Some of the products that it offers for direct sales are totally nature-based products. About 100,000 units of these products are shipped monthly!

Make money with ITV Ventures

You earn a 100% profit on every retail sale! Besides that you also earn income from retail profits plus member and matrix commissions.

BonusYou receive $25 Enrolling Bonus when you first enroll your new total living discount member. You get the same bonus each year when the memberships are renewed. When your personally sponsored IBOs sponsor a new member, you receive a $20 "Mentoring" bonus!

Personal Commissions:You get paid $150 Fast Cash Bonus as a commission on the product included in the Premier IBO Package. You get over 35% commission paid on 1/2 the wholesale value of a member's order.

Matrix Payout Commissions:You also get 50% of wholesale value of a member's order counts towards your monthly personal volume requirement and towards the group volume in your sponsor's matrix.

Don't miss this opportunity to earn a life changing income. Helping others achieve their financial freedom allows you to achieve your own financial dreams.

Focus on your strengths and business building preferences and build your own home based ITV Ventures Business with a flexible and customizable program that we offer to you.

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