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The million dollar question, How Do I Make Money Online.

Being human we normally take the uncomplicated and turn it into the complicated , this is true with most things we do, and be sure when you are starting out online, it is very very true, at least it was for me, I tried everything , I bought 1000's of ebooks, 100's of products, you name it I did it . I have never actually added it all up but I must have spent thousands , literally. Like many before , and I am sure many more to follow , I had no plan , no structure to what i was doing , basically I had no idea what to do or how to do it. All the sales pages promised untold rich's by pressing a few buttons, I searched out what I thought to be the best product out there, and they were good. I just didnt sell any.
Unfortunately what the sales pages dont tell you is how to market these products. And that as I am sure you have probably realised is the key to your success.

There are so many ways to market , ppc, ppv, link exchange, banner exchange, video, articles, facebook, twitter,safelist, etc ets etc the list goes on.

Human nature and our desire to succeed tells us to do it all, so thats what we do, we attack it full on, we do a little bit of everything, and we do it every day, normally with little or no result, but we are determined to make this work so we carry on doing what isnt working , we do this only because nobody has told us exactly how and what we should be doing.

Making money online actually is not that difficult, once you learn and fully understand the 5 very simple basics, they are easy to learn and easy to understand and very easy to implement. So if you are just starting out or just about to quit or generally disillusioned. Take the time to learn.

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