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Small Business Ideas - How Big Are Yours?

If you're thinking of starting a business of any size, you naturally have one aim: Success.

From my experience in business, those who are most likely to succeed are the prime source for their products. That is, they make what they sell - whether as a distributor, wholesaler, franchisor or retailer.

The best way to make the most profit in any industry is have to control over what you sell - and the only way to do that is to make it yourself.

Being a manufacturer is one of the best small business ideas.

The manufacturer will always be richer long before any of the middle men - that's what makes multi national companies so wealthy.

In a list of small business ideas you are unlikely to find mention of becoming a chemical and/or cosmetic manufacturer.


1. The industry is controlled by a handful of large conglomerates.

2. Their number one asset is their formulations and they guard these jealously.

The reason this monopoly does not exist in most other industries is because there are no secret formulas or knowledge.

Everyday small business ideas include concepts which are very easy for others to copy - such as cleaning or lawn franchises, computer repair or website design.

Manufacturing cleaning products and cosmetic products is something very few people know how to do, yet the market for the products worldwide is astronomical.

If your small business ideas rely on manufacturing your products yourself, you will gain the full benefits of the profits and have much greater control.

Access to the formulations - plus the insider knowledge of the multi-billion dollar chemical and cosmetic manufacturing industry - has previ ously been impossible for anyone without a chemical engineering degree to obtain.

This is one of the few small business ideas which offer such huge profit margins - between 500 -1000 % - yet requires very little capital to start.

If you can read the instructions to start your lawn mower, you can follow the directions to safely and successfully manufacture top quality cleaning products and cosmetics.

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