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Online Business Opportunities: Avoid Being Scammed. Top 7 Selection Criteria Disclosed

The Internet is loaded with informational websites uncovering the shocking facts about many innocent people having been scammed in their endeavors to set up successful and sustainable Online Businesses. This has been an issue since the start of online business on the Internet and isn't something that is foreseen to be solved or eliminated any time soon.

Most of the victims in these cases are people who crave to own an online business that they can run from home, which would allow them the flexibility to create that most sought after, unique balance between work and leisure/family time. Being passionate about achieving this, many people fail to conduct proper research and to their detriment often make impulsive decisions driven by emotion leaving them extremely vulnerable. This is the very thing that many "marketers" exploit and which inevitably causes innocent people to fall into the many traps that are being set up in cyberspace all the time.

It is disturbin g to see the garbage some "marketers" are allowed to include on their websites in their attempts to sell their so called online business opportunities these days. When reading some of these websites, one can't help but to wonder what happened to openness, transparency and honesty in online business. In fact, it raises the question of whether business ethics have ever, or will ever exist on the Internet.

One just has to spend a little time in doing some research on the Internet to discover that the same strategies to lure people into buying useless online business systems are being used over and over again. The hard reality is that empty promises are being tossed out there to scam vulnerable and innocent people all the time.

Whilst it is true that there are many different ways of conducting online business on the Internet, the fact remains that just about every man and his dog offering business opportunities on the Internet claims to have the ultimate solution t o online business. Many empty, misleading promises are often made about online business opportunities including phrases and terminology such as;

100% Rock solid guaranteed... Killer system... Promise to put $$$$... into your pocket within hours, days, weeks.... Anyone can do this... Very little effort i.e. 5, 10 ... minutes a day, week, month, .... Nothing like it out there... Free (Never mentioning all the add-ons that one needs to purchase) No questions asked money back guarantee...

to name but a few. Apart from this, many advertisers often promise a hand held, step-by-step online business system, which almost never meets such expectations in the true sense of the word. To top it all, one is typically bombarded with the "what to do", whilst the "How to do it" is conveniently left out of the equation.

Furthermore, as it is said, the devil lies in the detail, or should we say the fine print. In defense of some website owners, it is true to say that we live in a very legalistic society and that there are always people who will abuse systems and/or policies and that one needs to provide for such circumstances. However, most website owners are legally completely indemnified in the "very fine print" Terms and Conditions on their websites from being held responsible or accountable for any success claims made on their website. This raises the question as to why someone would need to include such terms if they truly had the confidence in their online bu siness opportunity as expressed on the selling pages of their website.

It is not all bad though. Although one cannot ever be 100% certain that a particular online business opportunity would deliver exactly what it promises, there are a few useful checks that can be done to tip the odds moderately in one's favor. If you are looking at engaging in online business, it is strongly suggested that you consider the following:

Contact the Advertiser

Enquire as to whether the advertiser is contactable, i.e. telephone, email, mail etc., and make use of these contact methods to verify that the person actually exists. This conversation will give you an idea of whether you will be receiving after sales support in setting up your online business, if and when necessary.

Ask questions about the Opportunity

Secondly, when contacting the advertiser, ask questions to clarify anything about the online b usiness opportunity that isn't clear to you.

Seek Verification Of Testimonials

Check whether the people providing testimonials on the website are contactable and contact them to enquire about how they are doing with the product.

Spot Unrealistic Claims

Don't accept anything as a given. Watch out for unrealistic claims such as those listed, but not limited to, earlier in this report. The golden rule here is that if an online business opportunity sounds too good to be true, then it most probably is.

Check The Terms and Conditions

As mentioned earlier, many marketers use this section to indemnify themselves legally from taking any responsibility for the claims they make. If this even vaguely appears to be the case, it is suggested to refrain from getting involved in such online business opportunity as it is most likely to be a scam.

Seek A Reputable Merchant

It is worth check ing whether the online business opportunity is marketed through a reputable online merchant such as The reason for this is that Clickbank offers a 60 day money back guarantee and they are renowned for honoring this commitment. It is suggested that you avoid relying solely on the guarantee offered by the advertiser.

Read Product Reviews

It is worth searching the net for product reviews on the particular online business opportunity one wishes to pursue. These often provide valuable unbiased information on the product.

These are just a few, yet critical pointers to consider that could make the difference between spending your hard earned cash on either a scam or a worthwhile online business opportunity. The secret lies in conducting thorough research prior to getting involved. It is commonly known that adequate planning contributes to 80% of a business' success whereas the remaining 20% is in the running of it. This statistic alon e should clearly be enough to adequately justify doing proper planning, i.e. research.


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