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Toly Paper Toilet Seat- Covers

Imagine, each day millions of people have to travel and they all make use of public washrooms. Research shows that 84% of all public washrooms are contaminated and most people intuitively know this.

Toilet seat covers are a far more comfortable and hygienic solution.

Covers the complete toilet seat - more hygienic than putting toilet paper on the toilet seat Toilet seat covers flush away automatically thanks to the special flap that hangs in the toilet bowl - no touching the toilet seat, no toilet seat covers on the ground The flap avoids men, when sitting down, having direct contact with the inside of the toilet bowl Always handy - empty or absent dispensers are no longer a problem Dissolves 4 times faster than ordinary toilet paper - less chance of clogging

While toilet seat covers give public toilet users a sense of security, studies have shown they do not really protect a toilet user from disease Nevertheless, the likelihood of catching a serious illness when using a toilet without one is low.

It is doubtful if toilet seat covers are really needed in order to protect a public toilet's user from disease. The cover is useless if the seat is wet, as the liquid on the seat will seep through the paper cover along with whatever germs it contains. But the part of the body that makes contact with the toilet seat is not an entry point for germs into the body unless the toilet's user has an open woundToilet seat covers are used in women's rooms more often than in men's rooms because men generally urinate while standing, while women usually prefer to sitMade from recycled paper - environment friendly Toilet seat covers are a far more comfortable and hygienic solution.

Toilet paper seat covers - a hygienic answer whenever you travel or work away from home. Toilet paper seat covers are specially developed for people who are concerned with hygiene in public restrooms and want to protect themselves.

An unfortunate but recurrent problem for many is being faced with empty toilet seat cover dispensers. This problem occurs a lot in the U.S., where the provision of toilet seat cover dispensers are required by law in many States. Washroom personnel all too often "forget" to fill the dispensers. For those people on the move, Toly's handy toilet seat covers travel packs offer a great alternative.
In Europe, where seat cover dispensers are not as common as in the U.S., travel packs are a must have for anyone on a day out.


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